I discovered the personal styling service Stitch Fix a couple of months ago when I was looking to diversify my fall/winter wardrobe and it has quickly became one of my favorite subscriptions.

You go to Stitch Fix website and fill out a detailed style profile. They ask everything from your dress size to the body parts you like to focus on and show you some pictures of different style categories to get feedback on what you like and would like to stay away from. You can also add your social media networks so your stylist gets a better understanding of your fashion personality. The upfront cost is $20 which is applied to your final purchase when you checkout. You also get a %25 discount if you love everything and decide that you can’t part with any of the lovelies, which actually happened to me twice so far. You have the option of scheduling a “fix” whenever you feel like it or you can subscribe to their monthly service.

And ta-da after a while of waiting, a box like this appears on your doorstep which is quite thrilling for a mystery novel enthusiast like me; this feels like the fashion version:)

Stitch Fix December

Stitch Fix also sends accessories like jewelery and bags if you opt in for those; I rather get clothes so I received 5 clothing items.

The first is the Loveappella Claudia Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top ($58) I liked this top but I was looking for a tunic top like this to wear over leggings and this was an inch too short for my taste. SENT BACK.


My second surprise is the adorable 41 Hawthorn (their house brand) Reyn Mini Scalloped Detail Skirt ($58). I absolutely loved this skirt, it is a great piece to add to my collection and just an easy piece. The fit was also quite perfect. KEPT


There is also the 41 Hawthorn Bixby Panel Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse ($48). The color was just right however I prefer a bit more fitted looks and this was not it. SENT BACK.


One of my favorite pieces of this fix was the Moises Color Block Sleeveless Dress from Pink Martini. ($68) I was crazy for the fit of this piece and it was very classic; just enough interesting details to make it different. Unfortunately the top was transparent and I don’t find  layering it with a camisole practical. VERY REGRETFULLY SENT BACK.


THML Zula Contrast Polka Dot Open Cardigan is the final item of the bunch. ($78) I am always on the lookout for original cardigans for layering and this one was original enough. However the fabric was a bit too thin for the chunky style intended which made me think the price was too high. SENT BACK.


Overall it was another fun experience with Stitch Fix and first of many I will share. If you also love receiving fashion surprises in the mail I would jump with joy if you used my link.

Stitch Fix Reviews-December

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  • Brittany

    Pity about the red dress; that looked lovely. I like the one you kept too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thx Brittany:) The skirt is really nice material too. Will keep on sharing!

  • Fashionguru

    The red dress looked awesome, sorry that you had to return it. I also liked the Hawthorn Bixby Panel Sleeve Blouse. Keep on sharing, I will see if I like the idea of surprise boxes in my door steps. 🙂

  • @Fashionguru having to return the dress was not fun but that’s kinda half the excitement too; not knowing what to expect. I may be transferring my love of mystery novels to these boxes LOL. Thx for chiming in:) I will keep the reviews coming!