I was called on my mom duty first thing in the morning after New Year’s Eve. We celebrated with close friends, ate a lovely Parisian theme dinner cooked by the host and stayed up quite late. The time flew by drinking wine, having great conversation and watching the kids turn the house into a playground. In fact this year marks the first that my kids stayed awake until midnight ( and completely crashed ten minutes after).

Usually we start the party early, do a pretend countdown around ten and tuck the little monsters in. It did not help though that next day to everyone’s surprise my life went back to normal immediately. When pretty much the whole town was sleeping and revelling in their cozy beds I was driving my oldest to the barn for her riding lesson. This was the first day of a sparkling new year, shiny and untouched so I had to meet it with an outfit that was not my pajamas. I reached out to my comfort outfit, a legging and a chunky long sweater.



Personalized ring: Cameo Nouveau | Necklace: PopsugarMustHave anniversary necklace


What do you reach for when you are tired, sleepy but want to feel casually stylish? Would love to read your comments:)

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  • Tban

    First and foremost coffee, coffee and coffee! As the fashion goes for me the comfort means a pair of jeans paired with a comfy and casual top.

  • @Tban totally get the coffee lol; for me its tea. If I dont start my day with it I cant possibly wake up. Jeans are always so great for every occasion right? So glad they were created! Thx for the share:)

  • Aylin

    Coffee or tea, they are both my go to drinks when I need to be alert for the day. I like the idea of long chunky sweater over leggings for a quick fashionable look. I will definitely shop for a chunky sweater:)) Yours look really stylish.

    • Thx Aylin! I usually buy a couple different long chunky sweaters to wear over a variety of leggings. They are great for in-a rush style and keeps you warm too 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your shopping finds.

  • I prefer a boy friend jean and a casual printed top with sneakers.. I love this look.. So stylish and comfy..

    • @jeweljewelyesim sneakers and boyfriend jeans sound great.I am imagining a faded, graphic, light cotton T-shirt. Thx for sharing, Xo

  • Fashionguru

    I used to wear a comfortable and stylish light cotton dresses with open toe sandals in Florida to be casually stylish. Now I do live in North West I am going for leggings and sweatshirts instead. 🙂
    I do like the leggings which are out of the ordinary and the cut on the shoulder for the cunky sweater makes it a lot more intresting.

    • I missed summer so much; I cant wait for dresses and sandals 🙂