It was more than a couple of years ago and my mom and I were trying to enjoy a much needed and anticipated mom and daughter day in my hometown. I have not seen her for over a rather tough year and desperately needed that physical closeness. Feeling nostalgic the plan included strolling around our favorite places , window shopping, and stopping by “our place”, a small coffee shop.1militarycoat

There was a major problem though, it was cold; no not the regular kind, mind-numbingly freezing. It was so unusual for the season that I was not prepared at all with my leather jackets and sweater coats. There are maybe more than hundred Zaras on the other end of the ocean and we sped walked into one of those. That’s when I saw him, my coat crush; this black military long coat that was supposed to be tough but so super feminine with its cinched waist( so flattering for everyone) and adorable back detail. By now I think you know that I like things that have a mix of different attitudes and this coat definitely had the it factor. I grabbed it, spent the rest of the day warm, and brought him back home with me. Now he will forever live in my closet 🙂

What are your forever together pieces? Things you would never give up even if they were in shreds? As always would love to hear your thoughts& thx for your comments. I LOVE getting to know you!






White lace detail sweater- Golden Tote ( one of my favorite subscriptions, review coming up soon) I matched my coat crush with some feminine pieces. A lace detail sweater, leather skirt, pumps and a touch of color with my orange MK Hamilton satchel. I really recommend having a structured colorful satchel like this for all monochromatic & black/white  looks for some pop!

1walkingOrange Michael Kors Hamilton–  similar here @ Macy’s

I am so excited to linking up to some link parties! Linking up to Trend Spin Link Up, Style Sessions, Sunday FUNday.  I can’t wait to meet fellow bloggers so please drop me a note if you come by; it will mean a lot 🙂 Xo, Elif

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  • Tban

    Love the military style coat and how the MK bag looks with the overall outfit. Bold color but creates a great contrast. Great job Elif, as always. Looking forward to hearing more about the lace detail shirt. Love it❤️

    • Thx so much Tulay:) I am glad you liked it! Lace detail sweater review is coming very soon!

  • love the outfit!!..:)

  • Fashionguru

    I love all the pictures! You do have a good photographer. The ear ring detail is stunning.
    My never give up pieces would be my Black Naf Naf shirt that’s probably 15 years old.It says “hey, pay attention, people are looking at you” in French on the front and it still fits perfect!

    • I will definitely let my photographer know ( a.k.a hubby :)). I am sure he will enjoy the appreciation when I am asking for the hundredth pic next time LOL.
      Thx so much for sharing your never give up piece! I remember Naf Naf from my high school years and how much I loved it. I especially like the writing on it how cute! Never give up a piece that makes you feel happy,confident and also that fits well.

  • He is with it from the looks if it. What a great go-to coat. That orange bag has an It factor too.


    • Welcome to my blog Sharon; I am glad you liked my coat crush:) what I call my happy bag! Thx so muxh and hope you visit again:)

  • Love the blog! Great coat!

    • Thx so much Tina and welcome to my blog <3

  • So glamorous! Thanks for inspiring me today and linkin up to Sunday FUNday!

    • Thx so much for stopping bu Kristine and for hosting the link up. Xo, Elif