Wantable is a subscription service that sends out three different boxes including an accessories, make-up, and intimates box. Although you can subscribe monthly for the discounted price of $36, you can also choose to receive boxes just for a single time for $40.wantable_necklace

As you can tell from my fashion posts I really like all kinds of jewelery and I subscribe to the monthly accessories box.  You can see more of my Wantable pieces here and here. The nicest thing about Wantable is that they have a very extensive survey for you to specify what you would like to be included in the boxes. For instance you can choose never to receive rings, always to receive gold tone pieces or you can specify that you want the options of scarves, watches and other non-jewelery accessories to be included. They also have a very good refund policy which is super important for me. It is comforting to know I can return the whole box and get my $ refunded if I don’t like the pieces at all. I did return a box once and got my refund so this policy is boxqueen tried and tested!

Here is what I got in my January accessories box: First piece is the above pictured necklace. I was not very sure of it out of the box but combined with a white shirt it gave the outfit some shine and worked out well.

wantable_earring2The second piece is this earring that made me scream when I saw it sparkling in the box. These were exclusively made for Wantable’s holiday boxes. I saw them advertised during the holidays. Wantable must have some leftovers to my delight, as I absolutely LOVE this piece. It makes any outfit oh so glamorous.

wantable_arrowringThis ring is my third piece. It’s right up my alley as I love rings that make a statement ( check out my other favorite rings here and here) and I definitely have a place for it in my jewelery box. My nine year old absolutely hated it though. ( I think her exact words were “Who would want arrows to look like they pierce through her fingers” ?:)  Well I guess her silly mother LOL.

wantable_earringThis is the fourth and last item from my January box. It’s a good thing I use earrings a lot and like the color green; this is the second ear piece in the box and both of those are green. I’ve got love for these. For one they are stud size but still hang a bit from my ear, and they have shine and color on them.

Ladies, which of my January box accessories have you liked the most? Would LOVE to hear!

Overall impressions: This is probably my fifth or six accessories box from Wantable including the one I sent back. I have a rather interesting relationship with this subscription. Sometimes when I first open the box I am not super inspired but then I realize that in daily life I get a TON of use out of their jewelery. ( in the past ten days I’ve been blogging I have already used many of their stuff).

In the January box the only piece I am not so sure of is the necklace. Some of the girls publish really colorful and eye-catching statement necklaces at Wantable instagram page, and that’s more my thing. I may tweak my style profile to see if I can encourage them to send me more bigger, colorful, bolder necklaces.If you decide to try them out don’t forget to let me know how it turned out!
This box have been purchased by me!

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  • semazen


  • @semazen; thought it was your style <3

  • Love the necklace and statement earrings! Definitely looking into subscribing to Wantables. Great post! 🙂



    • Hi Fizza; welcome to my blog:) Happy to hear you like the necklace and the earrings; I am actually wearing the other earrings (studs) right now! Thx so much for your comment; come back soon <3 Xo, Elif

  • Aylin

    I like the necklace. I probably wouldn’t buy it, if I saw it in a store, but as you said it looks pretty chic with a white blouse. Thanks for the idea!

    • @ Aylin, exactly my thoughts! I am glad the idea was useful 🙂 Thx so much for stopping by! Xo

  • Abby

    I love the drop earrings and the ring is fabulous! I’ve been seeing reviews of Wantable a lot lately and it looks quite nice. 🙂

    xo Always, Abby

    • Welcome back Abby 🙂 I feel validated about the ring LOL so happy you like it too! Wantable is nice for a surprise gift to self:) Talk again soon, XO, Elif

  • Fashionguru

    I like the arrow ring, it is very unique. I guess I am one of those who would want arrows to look like they pierce through her fingers!
    I have also liked the other Wantable items on your previous post. My jewelry seems so plain after I have seen what is out there. I think I want some of those Wantable. 🙂

    • @Fashionguru you must be like me then; interesting rings that look original, yes please 🙂 I am glad you saw some new things you liked. Xo, Elif

  • Sibel

    Haha. I love Melissa’s comment, I guess I am one of those people to wear that! When I was in collage I had arrow earrings just like that.