One of the online boutiques that I adore is Modcloth. They offer clothing, accessories and home decoration pieces that are very unique. Most of their items have a retro and vintage feel and they carry a wide variety of brands.

UPDATE MARCH 2017: Shop the latest Stylish Surprises Here!!!

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review
Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review

While browsing their Website about six months ago, I discovered what they call a “Stylish Surprise”. This is when they offer a piece of clothing, accessory or decoration for an amazing price. I was not aware of these offers before this first encounter so unfortunately missed that round of the surprise. ( Here is my April Modcloth Stylish Surprise review)

Now let me tell you these usually sell out in about 24 hrs (sometimes less). Modcloth has some serious fans. A couple months ago though I finally caught the sale on time to order the apparel “Stylish Surprise”. It was $15 and they guaranteed to send any kind of clothing from tops to dresses and even coats; in the original price range of $29.99 to $299.99.

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review
Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review

I love a lot of their clothing so I jumped on this deal. Have I also said it’s a mystery ha ha. I think I have established enough evidence on what mystery deals mean to me. I can’t get enough of the suspense and feel like I am in an Agatha Christie book; doing serious detective work to uncover the big secret of the elusive dress.

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review
Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review

After about ten days of wait, I received an exquisite dress from the brand Darling adorned with a charming flower embellished peter pan collar and flower detailed waist. The original price of the dress was around $130 so this was an incredible deal and the fit of the dress is spot on. I guess with this purchase luck was on my side.

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review
Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review

I kept it simple with the accessories as the dress is enough of a statement.  The earrings are from Wantable and the bracelet is Jewelmint. My current obsession peep toe lace booties, also seen here, finished off the look.

Do you like Modcloth? Have you tried their Stylish Surprise? What did you get? I would LOVE to hear. I always appreciate your comments so much and feel so happy to welcome you to theboxqueen community. Much love, xo, Elif







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  • Hi Elif,
    I love this dress!! You paired it perfectly with those peep toe booties. I’m def. interested in checking out Modcloth now, seems like a fun way to shop! 🙂
    xx Grace

    • Hi Grace, thx so much for stopping by <3 I am so glad to hear you liked the outfit, and my recent obsession peep toes LOL. Modcloth is great for a unique find. Let me know if you find anything special there. XO, Elif

  • Beautiful outfit and those booties are to die for!!! Thank you for stopping by 🙂


    • You are very welcome Janise, I will say hi again soon! So happy you love my bootie crush too <3<3 Xo, Elif

  • lifeunrefined

    Wow what a deal! Lucky you. I don’t know that I would risk a mystery deal as you never know if retailers will send you something awful but clearly you won this one!


    • Jen, thx for saying hi, yes I for sure got lucky 🙂 I guess I like the challenge with mystery deals from time to time; making something work in fashion is exciting for me 🙂 This dress did not need any extra help. XOXO, Elif