As part of my new year resolution I will try to incorporate fitness in my life as much as possible and start a fitness fashion series to keep myself accountable. These series will be a reminder for myself that I should stay committed to my exercise routine. (I know how hard this can be for all of us, at least it is for me). My hope is maybe the series will also inspire you to get back into or stay on course with yours. <3

morning-jogNike dri-fit half zip in metallic grey | Nike extra long tank | Lululemon reversible yoga pants | Nike Free 4.0 running shoes

Running has always had a special place in my heart. I ran track for school in my teenage  years, became really competitive in team races, and used running as a warm up for various athletic endeavors. After college though my interests shifted to fitness and exercise classes as the main motivation was being social with friends; and I got disconnected from running.


I reunited with it a couple years ago. After my youngest two were born I was so happy but super exhausted. I also had this feeling of feeling distant from a lot of things I used to really enjoy. At times like this, sometimes it is best to go back to what you loved as a child to bring back that joy into your life, and that’s exactly what I did.

nike-free4Running makes me feel free, and independent. I like being out in the trails when I only hear my own footsteps and clear my head from all the little stresses of the daily life.

I am huge believer that exercise a couple of days a week is the best stress reliever, and of course all the health & physical benefits are a huge bonus. I try to choose my exercise clothes keeping their practical use in mind, be it comfort, staying dry, or ease of movement, as well as the style.

Do you exercise? What’s your go to fitness routine that makes you feel great?

Below are some pic links to products similar to my look and some more of my choices for running apparel. What are some of the brands you like? I would LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a note here, join me at my Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages; or e-mail me with questions, and comments. Can’t wait to talk more, Xo, Elif.

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  • Fashionguru

    Hi Elif,
    I like exercise my self and it is part of my lifestyle as many of the moms nowadays. I am really curious about the yoga pants, do they have a different pattern on the other side? Thanks for introducing lululemon to me.

    • You actually made a great point @Fashionguru; next time I do a Fashion Fitness post I will make sure to include more details. 🙂 The reversible Lululemon yoga pants are two different colors instead of a pattern (though after your comment I wish one side was patterned). I wore the purple side and the other side is black making the pants super versatile. This is by far my favorite yoga pants just because it goes with so many of my tanks. Thx for stopping by again, xo, Elif

  • I am in love with the color of those leggings- the brighter the better for workout clothes! I own colorful Nike sneakers too, and I love them!

    xo Always, Abby

    • Hi Abby so good to see you 🙂 Isn’t that color fun! I agree with you; the brighter the workout outfit colors the more incentive I have to put them on and move :)) I have to hear about your Nike’s now; what color are they? Xo, Elif

  • Great that you’ve gotten back into running, very inspiring. You have started the year off right and with cute workout attire.

    • Hi Tiffy, so happy you like my outfit and find the post inspiring <3<3 I am definitely trying to keep myself committed 🙂 Thx so much for stopping by. Xo, Elif

  • Nurzat Baysak

    I need to stick with an exercise plan this year for sure. I will follow along with you. Btw love your pink running shoes; a good reason to get running

    • @Nurzat we can stay committed to our exercise plan together; anytime you need encouragement I am here! Thx about the shoes; I am much in love with them too 🙂 Xo, Elif

  • so so chic!

    • Glad you like it Khloe, thx for stopping by! Xo, Elif