I have been with the Blush Mystery Beauty Box since February 2013 when they launched. It is a monthly beauty subscription put together by the beauty experts at Blush. The sub delivers mostly full & some travel sized beauty products and tools monthly, with a box value of at least $100. These products include skincare brands from sister company Dermstore, hair products, make-up, and beauty gadgets.

There are two purchase options. You can either get a one time box and try the sub for $34.95 or sign up for monthly deliveries at the better value of $24.95. Once the particular month’s box is sold out it is gone until the new box next month. As I love a good deal, I went with the second option.


The box has had minor transformations since the launch. For one they added a product card to the box with the explanation of each beauty item. Also all the boxes sent are uniform now with the exception of color variations and sometimes similar product variations of the same brand. ( for instance in this January box there were two possible items from Klorane) The products come in a good size velvety black bag that I use to store my flip flops, and jewelery during my travels.

I have waited a while after receiving the box for a review so I could personally try at least some of the products. These will be under theboxqueen experience.

Let’s take a look into the January box in more detail:

blushcardfThis is how the back of the card looks with the list of all the individual products.

blushcardfbEvery month Blush has a featured product that is shown on the front of the info card. This month it is the Pink Le Edge chosen by cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michelle Spring. This a an exfoliation tool for the whole body.  You put it in your shower and use it on wet body; its’ surgical grade stainless steel edge removes all the gunk from your pores without the need for an exfoliation cream. ($26)


THEBOXQUEEN experience: I have been using Le edge in my shower since I received it about two weeks ago. I have mainly used it on my legs, and arms. The results so far have been promising. My skin is left very smooth and fresh and I did not feel the need to use any extra exfoliating cream. I am happy to have received this product.

   klorane Klorane lab Hair Mask made with desert date (from Africa’s desert date palm tree) has fatty acids and proteins, all good for you nutrients. It’s full size and is a treatment for dry, damaged hair. Hello my hair; after all the heat styling I do with it not to mention the pregnancies and the toll they take on hair. The instructions say to put it on section by section and leave it for 5 minutes in everyday use or 20 minutes for deep treatment days. ($24)

THEBOXQUEEN experience: I have used this mask on my hair every other day the last two weeks. As I use it frequently the application time I go by is the 5 min. suggested on the box. I must say I LOVE LOVE this product. It leaves my hair feeling moisturized, and easy to style after. One thing to note is you have to rinse it well. ( as with most hair masks) I know scents are such a personal choice. For me it’s not overpowering and smells natural.

tokyoJane Iradele Just Kissed Lip Plumper in color Tokyo is the token make-up product of the January beauty box. This tinted lip plumper is travel/sample sized and has peptides, spearmint, peppermint oils that increase hydration, stimulate circulation that makes lips appear fuller. Original price: $25  Estimated sample price: $5

THEBOXQUEEN experience: The color of the tinted lip plumper is difficult to explain as it is light berryish pink on a tissue but on my naturally darker pink lips look closer to a true pink. I think because it is more a tinted balm than a highly pigmented lipstick, color will vary for each person. My lips do look and feel plumped up slightly. I would personally use this tint over my regular lipstick to make my lips appear fuller and also for some shine.

gytoneThe Glytone hydrate eye cream is a full size product that promises to give you a brighter, more-rested appearance as well as diminished lines and wrinkles. It is listed as medical grade and Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Dimethicone are shown as main ingredients. ($38)

THEBOXQUEEN experience: I have used this product since the day I received. For now I am happy with it and feel like it helps with brightening the dark circles around my eyes. Especially when I use it in the morning and put a concealer over it about an hour later; my eye area seems brighter. So far I did not see any improvement in the fine lines; I think I need at least a month to make a verdict about wrinkles. Will update here with the results.
A safety tip: Eye area is super sensitive so I would always try ANY eye product in a small area first for a possible negative reaction.

creamGOLDFADEN MD Wake UP CALL  a 5 ml sample is an overnight moisturizer. It’s promise is to rejuvenate and firm the skin  with some powerful ingredients such as Retinol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Organic Red Tea, as well as oils like Avacado and Grapeseed. It is supposed to help with reducing the fine lines while seriously hydrating the skin.  Full size 1.7 oz: $85 Estimated sample price 0.16 0z: $8.50

THEBOXQUEEN experience: I have been able to use the bottle for a week. I don’t shy away from putting a generous amount of product on my face. This cream felt heavier than my regular nighttime routine. My face in the morning looked bright. I don’t think I have the whole scope of what the product can do in this short amount of time. Right now I am debating whether to splurge on a big bottle. I will update this review if I purchase the full size.

 osmosisHarmonized H2O Digestive Health is an interesting product included in this months mystery box. I was a bit confused with the fancy explanation on the bottle. I think in layman’s terms it is a specifically formulated water supplement that you add to your water twice daily. It helps with the digestive system, bloating and internal health.  ($30)

THEBOXQUEEN experience: Let me say this; I was impressed that this beauty box included a product that helps with healthy living. As you may have noticed from my first fitness post, I am committed to exercise and clean eating as much as I can. I have never tried a product like this before; though I heard of a similar product from my mom that she uses.
I have been adding the special formula to my and my husband’s water. I am not sure how to measure the effectiveness as we are big on nutrition to start with. I can say that it makes me feel good mentally knowing my water now is super powered. ( I know I can be silly) 🙂

THEBOXQUEEN Value:  I find this box to be an INCREDIBLE deal! Not only do I get a lot of full size products, but also I have discovered some boutique labs with extremely effective products via Blush.

As with any sub, there are some items that don’t work for me or I don’t end up liking. I think the price/value equation bring me back to Blush sub every time. The total individual purchase price of the box is about $131.5 for the 24.95 that I paid. I discovered a great hair mask, a unique health product, and an exfoliation gadget as my three favorites. Not bad at all!

I wish there were more make-up products in Blush mystery boxes in general but I satisfy that craving with IPSY that I will be reviewing soon.

Are you a Blush Mystery Beauty Box subscriber? Have you been liking your products?
What are your favorites? I would LOVE to hear from you, learn your experiences with this sub, and chat! You can leave me note here or reach me via email with any questions! Also please join me in my social media @ Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram, or  Facebook.
Thanks so much for stopping by. XOXO, Elif

This box was purchased by me. As always the opinions are my personal and honest thoughts. The post may contain affiliate links.

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  • sibel

    Skins are like an outfit. They reflect so many things such as health, age, beauty etc. I really love all of the above products. Unfortunately, I do not use mine regularly. I wish I could…..I believe after using these products one looks like Cleopatra! My favorites are exfoliation tool and Goldfaden MD. wake up call.

    • It’s so true, skincare is so important for keeping skin healthy and refreshed. I sometimes let it slip too but know I shouldn’t. I try my best at least to clean my make-up everyday 🙂 The body exfoliation tool is great, I use that everyday. XO, Elif

  • the lipstick! wonderful!

    Eva e Valentina

    Walk on Facebook

    • Eva and Valentina thx for saying hi:) I LOVE that lip tint over my regular lip color. XO, Elif

  • Great review!!!
    The Indian Savage diary

    • Thx so much@The Indian Savage diary 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Aylin

    I could use every single item in this box. I think I will go ahead and subscribe to monthly boxes. Should I use the link above or do you prefer to send an invite?

    • Aylin, I know right? I find it to be a great deal. I can definitely send you an invite! XO, Elif

  • Fashionguru

    This is pretty good deal for 24.95, I think I will sign up for this site since I have a lot of skin problems. It would be fun to try different products. Thanks!!

    • It really is @Fashionguru; I get most of my skincare/creams/hair stuff via this sub now 🙂 I sent you an invite. XO, Elif