Valentine’s is coming and I still don’t know what I am getting for your dad, I said to my nine year old this morning. While she was looking at me probably thinking you so don’t have it together; I thought why don’t I ask for his help when making the list for this post. He obliged, rather willingly. Maybe he also knows I don’t have this Vday thing down. Well I have all my hints now; I guess I still have a chance. My eyes are on you Beats.


 I would love to hear your Valentines plans, gift ideas, and favorites! Say hi if you stop by, reading your comments make my day. If you want to keep updated join me via Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. XOXO, Elif

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  • Haha I’ve been eyeing that bag myself! As a guy, I really agree with your list!

    Walking, Talking Style

    • Justin, that’s great to hear that the list is guy approved:) And yes that bag is really cool! 🙂 Elif

  • Nice post! I’d spring for those headphones for myself!
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    • Thx Signe. I hope my hubby loves his new headphones, and like you I <3 them, may snatch his up from time to time 🙂 XO, Elif

  • Brittany

    Very timely, thanks for this! I am going with the tshirt. He is a very casual dresser (feels overdressed when wearing a polo tshirt) and loves to buy his electronics himself, so this should hit the spot.

    • Brittany glad that the list helped<3<3 I get how hard it is to buy tech stuff for guys; if my hubby did not contribute to the post I would have no idea. The tee is pretty cool and is a safe bet.
      XOXO, Elif