February’s Popsugar Must Have came yesterday just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s fitting too with most of its lovely contents. If you just joined Theboxqueen party, here is the January box review. ( If you have already read the Jan. review be sure to go there again and see my updates on the face mask) In a quick recap Popsugar Must Have is, for me, just the coolest monthly lifestyle subscription out there delivering lots of high quality brands ( and some mainstream ones) that I know & love and some I have never heard of and is delighted to learn about. It’s $39.95/month for at least a $100 value, but prepaid longer subscriptions are discounted and there is a $5 off discount code available for your first box. (check the end of my post for details) Here is a first look at the February box:popsugar-feb-boxThis months Popsugar Must Have has five main items ( three of those Must Have Beauty), one special extra, a $25 off card from Gorjana,( which I am excited about, I love their jewelry) and a %20 off coupon from Sugarwish. Let’s take a closer look at the individual products: popsugar-bagHow absolutely lovely is Gorjana’s Brooks Jewelery Roll? ($45- it’s so popular for Vday that the red one is out of stock) There is other cute colors and there is a %35 off coupon code right now- Sweetheart – for all Valentine’s day items including this piece. It maybe worth to look if you like the roll but don’t receive the Popsugar box.

This Must Have Fashion item is a super stylish piece perfect for taking your prized necklaces, bracelets, rings with you on the go. Popsugar is after my own heart, that’s for sure.Gorjana’s roll is a dream for a jewelry collector like me. I always have a hard time with my pieces getting tangled up in boxes, or little bags during my travels so Popsugar I give you big props for choosing this one.

Here is Popsugar’s second nod to Valentine’s day. The Sugarwish mini red cinnamon hearts ($9) is this month’s Must Have Food. This is the first time I heard of Sugarwish -how is that even possible for someone with three young kids, and so many birthday parties I won’t even begin to wonder- an online candy gift shop where the gift recipient chooses the candies to be included. (The candies came in the pretty blue box pictured above.)

popsugar-candyI am such a fool for beautiful packaging so can we take a moment and notice the inside of the actual box. I really appreciate attention to detail and you can’t miss those red stripes. Now that is out of my system, we can finally see the little heart candy. My preoccupation with the box could have another reason too; cinnamon flavor in candy is not my favorite at all ( or maybe it’s not even in my OK list) . My kids thought it was strawberry and poor guys were so disappointed after that much excitement. Note to self: Find a friend who loves cinnamon hearts and gift this ASAP. I may keep the box :) The nice thing is that I have a discount coupon so I will purchase another flavor my kids will like.

popsugar-nourishI am looking forward to try the Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum.  ($23.99) For one I love natural, organic products in general, and more importantly I am using Argan oil for my hair regularly and know for a fact that it works wonders. I hope to duplicate the same success for my face. Besides Moroccan Argan Oil, this particular serum also has Apricot, and Rosehip to moisturize and brighten the face. The smell, have I mentioned the smell? This serum has the most pleasant, mildest scent; it must be the apricot. It’s a daily product used alone or under your own moisturizer. I will include this serum in my skincare rotation and report back to let you guys know if it gets theboxqueen approval.

popsugar-feb-makeupThe remaining three main items from the February Popsugar box are the NCLA in Rodeo Drive Royalty, K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle, and Modelco Lip Duo Lipstick and Lip gloss.

Khall Designs Peony candle($11) is travel size, smells well just like peonies pretty amazing, and will be useful for when we travel. I love to take something familiar from home with me and this candle will work just great.

The Modelco Lipstick/gloss duo ( around$16) is a neutral, light brownish color. It’s a daily staple kind of product the color is so easy to use and the lip gloss would be perfect if you just want some shine. This is going into my makeup bag to be carried with me in my totes. I could not find the exact product on their Website, the closest product was a different package.

popsugar-nailNCLA Rodeo Drive royalty ($16) is listed as a dark- cranberry apple color on the NCLA online shop and on my nails with two layers it’s more cranberry with a touch of redness. I adore this color, it’s one of those colors that I will use constantly.

popsugar-dialDial Vitamin Boost Body Wash (approx. $3-4) is this month’s special extra. It’s a mainstream brand, not that exciting, however I am known to love taking frequent bubble baths –  in my household you need a good excuse like this to have 15 min. mom time – and I bet I could use this body wash both in the bath and shower.

Not counting the Gorjana $25 off card the total value of this month’s box come to: $124

What do you all think? Do you like February Popsugar box? Which is your favorite item?

If you would like a Popsugar Must Have box of your own, there is a first timer code – REFER5- for $5 off your first box.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. If you would like updates from theboxqueen be sure to leave your email, or join my social media below. I love getting to know and chatting with all of you. Have an amazing weekend and Valentine’s day! XOXO,


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PS: This sub was purchased by me as all my other subscriptions (unless noted otherwise) It includes my referral link to Popsugar.


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  • Tban

    I have been eyeing the argon face serum/oil for same time now. Not sure whether it will leave an oily residue and will actually work. I am very curious about your experience with it. Please share any changes you feel on your face. Thank you Elif!

  • @Tban I used it yesterday by itself and it felt pretty good, not too oily. I think the key is to use a small amount as too much of it may leave that oily residue I think. I will report back with an update once I use it for a while. You let me know too if you end up using smt. similar 🙂 XO, Elif

  • Great post!! I’ve been wanting to sign up for the PopSugar box for so long!!

    • Allison thx <3<3 It's a super fun lifestyle box for sure 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • This was my first Popsugar box and I was pretty happy with it, but some of the items don’t seem to be worth what they claim to be…..I would never pay full price for that jewelry roll. But overall it was fun!

    • @PolishedPortland I do see your point! Exactly why I love Popsugar 🙂 I thought the jewelry roll was so pretty when I saw it at Gorjana before but I also did not/would not pay full price and was delighted to receive it as a part of a higher value box. Thx so much for stopping by; talk soon, XOXO, Elif

  • The argan face serum looks amazing! I love how you describe the scent.

    • Karen the more I use that serum the more I like it. It’s a great pairing with my moisturizer. The scent is amazing too. So happy to know you like it. XOXO, Elif