I am so overjoyed to finally be able to share my February Golden Tote with all of you. This whole month have been so exciting as I have been able to connect with many Golden Tote fans here, my Facebook, and Instagram and it has been such a pleasure chatting with you ladies and sharing our love for our beloved monthly gift to ourselves. If you are new to my Golden Tote posts, first welcome and you can read all about my initial January mystery Golden Tote here.

February sale had to start a couple days late due to the overwhelming response they had. I was on the go the day the sale ended up starting, and by the time I was able to get in front of their online store to choose my items, my favorites in the big tote were already gone. Thankfully one of the dresses that caught my eye was in the smaller tote so I went with that. Golden Tote choice items fly off the virtual shelves so quickly – because hello they have the best value around- that I highly recommend signing up for their monthly newsletter simply with your e-mail so you never miss a sale. They send all their sale announcements along with some occasional stylish news our way which is always fun.

As a quick recap two friends, and the creators of wildly successful brand Puella sold at Antropologie, Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney offered limited time grab bags years ago to clear out their inventory. These packages filled mostly with their Puella items sold out immediately and they decided to create Golden Tote, a monthly grab bag filled with boutique quality brands and surprise items chosen by the two ladies who have seriously impeccable taste. I have been a Golden Tote fanatic from the very beginning and I can assure these ladies find the most stylish, eclectic, on trend pieces that are most importantly also some of the most versatile pieces I own.

Now on to my pretty new things; I absolutely adore all three items I got this month. First off is the style card that came with my dress. Golden Tote sends these outfit options for the monthly choice items. They styled my choice item print dress for a casual day out at the movies. I know I will use the dress casually like shown many times in the future. Just this dress ( found in different colors) is sold for $48; basically the price of my whole tote; such an impressive deal that I don’t know how the ladies of Golden Tote do it!

Golden Tote February 2014

Golden Tote usually have some detail info next to their choices and they warned us this dress runs on the shorter side. I went up one size as I really wanted to use it as a dress and have the option of styling it as a tunic if I want to. Great decision; the size still fits me perfectly but the dress is long enough that I am not uncomfortable wearing it on its own. Thanks so much Golden Tote for this important  info!

Theboxqueen’s Styling

Golden Tote February 2014As Golden Tote has already shown the Hour Glass Lilly dress in a pretty cute casual outfit; I went for something a little bit more fancy. The dress has a super soft material with some stretch and has an eye-catching print in the most flattering coral color possible. I usually need to belt this kind of dresses so was pleasantly surprised that this Golden Tote version looked good on it’s own.  I’ve worn it styled exactly like this to a dinner party and the dress made quite an impact; I had three strangers ask me where I got it ( and of course I happily obliged the info) 🙂

Golden Tote February 2014

A mini arm party of colorful stretch bracelets and a folded brown clutch added some more depth to dress. The studs on the clutch has also helped to add some edge to the ladylike outfit. You know I love to mix it up.

Golden Tote February 2014

I added my orange long drop earrings for some color around the face. Usually I choose not to use necklaces with strong prints like this one ; I like to let the print shine on its own.

Style Tip: If you are wearing a really pretty print; you don’t necessarily need to add too much to it .Making intentional accessory choices with only a couple well picked jewelry pieces will save you from a too busy look and will give your print a better chance to dazzle.

The two surprise items Golden Tote  chose for me are the renee c. sweater and a beautiful abstract flower patterned, pastel colored scarf. Golden Tote February 2014The sweater is made from the most lightweight knit possible. It’s very original and you can layer it with different textured tanks/shirts inside and arrange the neck/wrap to control how the sweater lays. I wore a simple white tank under it here to highlight the sweater for you gals; I plan to layer it with various print shirts to multitask the sweater in multiple outfits.

Golden Tote February 2014I used my red jewelry roll from Gorjana as a clutch to give some color to the muted look and wore strappy shiny high heel sandals to make the destroyed jeans a little more glamorous. A big multi-color chain Jewelmint bangle adds some shine.

Golden Tote February 2014I thought something was still missing from the outfit and added the scarf included as my third surprise item in my Golden Tote. I think it completed my look perfectly. 🙂

This month’s Golden Tote is an incredible value for the nicest brands as always and I am super happy with the fit and versatility of all three pieces. As I mentioned in my initial post  one of the reasons that keeps me coming back – other than the cute clothes – is the as nice women that own this company. They are so warm, personable and communicative that I feel I am part of a community and appreciate their friendly approach to business.

The GT March sale is coming very soon; don’t forget to sign-up to receive updates on all things Golden Tote here.

Have you ever tried Golden Tote ? Have you purchased the February tote and what did you get?  I can’t wait to hear all about your Golden Tote experiences and I can’t be happier that you found me here! 🙂 Drop me a note in the comments, e-mail me or reach me via my social media I love to meet you all. If you would like updates from theboxqueen you can join theboxqueen family below via all my social media. XOXO,


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PS: I purchased the tote myself; this post have some affiliate links and thanks so much if you use them! <3


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  • Brittany

    Ooo, very pretty. The sweater looks comfy and chic, and the dress is very elegant. Very well put together!

    • Thx Brittany <3 The sweater is really great for layering and I already wore the dress a couple different ways 🙂 You are so sweet! XOXO, Elif

  • I.LOVE.that.sweater!! SO cute!! My coworker recently told me about Golden Tote. She had turned me on to Stitch Fix, so I jokingly got after her and told her to stop telling me about all these clothing products/services. I didn’t given much thought to GT until seeing the items you got here. Now I am considering it! If/when I do it, I’ll sign up through your referral link and let you know I decided to check it out.

    • Alana isn’t it a different piece? I love it too; you can also arrange the neckline various ways 🙂 Golden Tote and SF are both my monthly indulgences; I can’t stop haha.
      The links I have up is actually for GT website/newsletter sign up just to get their news. It’s great to not miss a sale. If you decide to try GT and want to do it through me ( thx so much for considering that btw <3 ) just drop me a note and I can e-mail you my tote link. XOXO, Elif

  • Oh Elif, what a wonderful tote! Everything looks amazing on you. I particularly like that cozy sweater. It has such a pretty drape. Very sophisticated. It’s nice to get warm items in a box too.

    • Karen yes getting warm items is great! It’s still cold and even though spring is around the corner we have a long and chilly spring here in the NW. This sweater will come handy! Isn’t the drape cool? I really liked how classy the sweater was. 🙂 Thx so much for the niceness as always <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Elif,

    First, sorry I’ve fallen off the face of the planet! With grad school application deadlines and a MUCH NEEDED vacation/escape from the snow… I’ve grown rather… complacent? I just needed a moment away from the computer.

    But I’m happy to see you’re looking fabulous as always! I wish I would have gotten a February tote, but I was on flights all day when the shop finally opened up and everything in XS that I wanted sold out. ): I totally envy how daring you are, I would never have thought to pair purple tights with that dress!

    Love, M.

    • PS. How excited are you for March?! The boutique looks AMAZING. I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t planning my lunch break around the shop opening tomorrow!

      • Michelle yayyy you are back 🙂 I already bought March and got the elephant, and the eyelet dresses 🙂 Did you get March; what did you get? I love the lunch break planning comment haha; I totally arranged my day around it! Welcome back and thx for all the sweetness <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    Beautiful sweater! So my style. Perfect pairing yet again Elif. I love the dress and how you present it.

    • Thx Tban 🙂 The sweater is really unique and I loved styling both pieces. <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • I love the print of the dress! it goes perfectly with your tights and shoes.


    • Isn’t it a fun print; I love the bright blue/navy:) Thx for stopping by <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Rachel G

    That dress has a gorgeous print!! You definitely got a good package, there!

  • I tried to look at the golden tote site but it gave me a pop up saying I had to subscribed to their newsletter and I couldn’t view the site without entering. I just gave up because I really hate popups, haha. It’s like a large ugly man coming up to you in the street when you are minding your own business and screaming in your face.

    I love the dress! I tried to order a similar patterned one but it was sold out, boo.

    Corinne x

    • It was sold out :(( Such an easy to wear piece too; they always have cute dresses though; maybe next time! XOXO, Elif

  • Okay! I signed up for a $49.00 tote! I used your link, so hopefully you get a referral bonus for it. I just loved the sweater you show here so much, I figured I would try and see what comes along! 🙂 The item I picked in the March sale is the plaid button down shirt in blue/green. Thanks for sharing your items here!

    • Alana after SF it will be great to share/compare our GT pieces with each other yayyy. I LOVE that green button down and almost added it on to my tote. I have so many plaids and did not end up doing it but I think you will enjoy that shirt. We have to chat when we get our totes:)) XOXO, Elif

  • That dress is adorable!

  • That dress is gorgeous on you! And as much as I am sick of winter – I adore that sweater!! It’s perfect and looks so comfy!!

    • CaryleeI can’t wait for spring too; luckily the sweater is such a light knit that it will lend itself to spring. Thx so much for stopping by! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • This is so cool, you are getting some really great pieces and I love seeing their style card vs. how you chose to style it. You obviously have your own strong style sense and know what works for you beautifully! Thanks for sharing your reviews and great outfits with Manic Monday! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

    • Gina; thx for being such amazing co-hosts; your link-up is one I enjoy so much :)Thanks for all the sweet words; I love the style cards myself. XOXO, Elif

  • Oh-eM-Gee! That dress is absolutely amazing! What fun! I love the way you styled it!
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    • @thedailysavant thx <3 Isn't it such a bright, happy print? XOXO, Elif