On Sunday morning we were having a nice family breakfast at one of our favorite spots in town that my nine year old asked ” Why have you guys not have a special day together for so long” ?

I thought it was cute that she was so thoughtful but a bit embarrassed that we didn’t make it happen for a while. The long answer to Misa’s question is both sets of grandparents and close family members live very far away and we love to spend time with the kiddos while they are still young and think we are super cool. ( how will I take the blow when they will figure out that I am not in a few years) 🙂 Also we can rarely trust babysitters, lots of friends offer but come on the whole clan at once can be overwhelming, and there are a lot of other very important reasons that seem insignificant but holds true for us. Luckily our fitness club holds really nice parents night outs every month. We missed last month’s but plan to hop on that train this month.

Now on to the fashion connection; lace is HUGE this spring and summer. This is one trend I can always get behind as lace with its femininity, absolute girlies, and its strange ability to partner up easily with other styles ( leather jacket, lace dress, flat booties anyone?) makes my heart happy every time I lay my eyes on it. I plan to take my hubby on the town in a couple weeks and I intend to wear this super romantic dress exactly like how I styled here. Hope he likes it! 🙂

Here are some great lace lovelies I have found including my Free people dress with links below followed by my own version from my closet.

Spring Trends 2014 Lace


 From Theboxqueen’s Closet

Lace dress

The moment I saw this peach colored dress online I had to have it! It comes in really cute colors (check out the pink) and has the prettiest lace detailing. I like how the hemline is original and not straight and thought the dress would be a great multitasking piece for my closet as I will surely use it like I suggested above too; with my moto jackets, and flat booties. The peach color (sold out) is so romantic that I wanted to keep everything else neutral to highlight the pastel color.

Spring Trends Lace

By now most of you know my love for statement pieces and in all this neutral, romantic innocence I needed a little bit of naughtiness; enter my leopard clutch 🙂 In one of my Jewelmint mystery boxes I received the above rose bangle and I love it with this dress.

Spring Trends Lace

This gorgeous drop earrings are one of my most prized purchases from Baublebar as I was put on waiting list for it and waited about two months until I can order. I adore the mix of colors and shine on it.

Spring Trends Lace

Style Tip: HAVING your hair parted away from your face on one side will help highlight the beauty of your drop earrings.

High Heel SandalsThese high heels from Pour La Victoire ( this years fave here ) will be the finishing touch to my romantic date night outfit.

What do you think of the lace trend? What is your go to outfit for a romantic night? I can’t wait to hear what you think. I love hearing from all of you; it makes my day better and blogging more meaningful. Drop me a note if you stop by or reach me via my e-mail or social media to chat. 🙂 If you haven’t already don’t forget to join theboxqueen family below; I would love to meet you! XOXO,


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PS: All products in this post are purchased by me. There are some affiliate links and thanks so much if you used them!

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  • Sophia

    I have always liked lace, too. Love the shape of your dress; I may get the pink for myself. Have fun with the hubby on that date night. I am sure he’ll like the outfit 😉

    • Thx Sophia; we definitely need a night out:) The pink one is gorgeous too, XOXO, Elif

  • I love lace at any time of the year in any shape and form… But your dress looks absolutely amazing! It’s such a feminine flattering shape and colour 🙂 Love your heels as well. Amazing!


    • Lu isn’t lace always the best?:) Thx for all the sweetness <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Your dress is gorgeous!! Absolutely love lace!

    • Thx so much @Love.Style.Transform 🙂 Lace is the best! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    I was looking for a dress like this for a sprint event; this is perfect and I can wear it later too . It looks perfect on you; I think your husband will really appreciate it on the date night! Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree the dress would be perfect for any spring event and it’s easy to accessorize with neutrals or color. Thx for the kind words, you are so sweet! I hope he’ll like it 😉 XOXO, Elif

  • Adorable lace dress!! Love how classy it is. 🙂 You look amazing!

    • Callie thx so much; so nice of you! XOXO, Elif

  • semazen

    Your lace dress looks very romantic! I should buy one in case i may have a romantic dinner one day 🙂

    • Semazen it really is romantic; especially in person! I recommend any kind of lace for all romantics dinners in your future <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    I am pretty sure your hubby will love it. It is cute yet very sexy at the same time. I checked out the cream one on the Nordstrom link. But yours is by far the best.

    • Tban thx so much cute and sexy was what I was going for; so happy to know that’s what you think too 🙂 I liked the pink one from that list as well for warm sunny days; maybe I need another lace dress this time in pink haha. Any excuse for new pretty dresses! Hope you are right and the hubby will like it <3 XOXO, Elif

  • So stylish 🙂

    Walking, Talking Style

  • Thx so much Justin 🙂

  • Love this lace dress and you look so gorgeous!


  • You and your husband deserve a nice night out! (every parent does) A stunning dress like that and he will be wow’d!

    • Totally agree all the parents need it once in a while <3 Thx for the thumbs up, I think I will wear it for sure! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I love the lace trend, although I don’t have a lot of it…just a piece or two. Love your options here, though, especially those Ivanka Trump booties. And you look so pretty and feminine in your romantic date night dress. Great choice. 🙂 Gina
    On the Daily Express

  • That is so sweet your nine year old noticed! Aww!
    Those shoes are great – Pour la Victoir is so great for both style and comfort!
    As far as lace – I love it! I think there was a time I felt like it was too old lady for me, but lately, I love anything and everything lace! I love pairing it with edgy pieces of casual pieces – something totally different than the ladylike feel that it has! It goes without saying that this dress is perfect on you! Enjoy your night out!