Wantable has been my go to subscription box for accessories since way back when they first started. If you are new to theboxqueen make sure to read all about my December and January boxes for more in-depth information.

In a quick summary Wantable personalizes an accessory box for you after a detailed personal style quiz where you tell them all your accessory preferences.( i.e. you may choose to receive jewelry, scarves, watches, headbands and like /dislike dainty or statement pieces. You can also skip any type of jewelry altogether. For instance if you dislike bracelets or rings you should never receive those) They send you a pretty box all customized for you in a very short time from my experience.

The nice thing about Wantable is that if you don’t want to get tied to a monthly subscription, for $40 you can choose to receive a one time box; or if you are a monthly lovelies in the mail kinda girl you can get a slight discount at $36. I also love that Wantable lets us return our boxes if we don’t like the contents. I exercised this return policy a couple times between their accessory and make-up subs so I can assure you they stand by it.  For me it feels good to know the boxes are fully returnable in case the pieces don’t speak to me.

Here we go with my February box. This month I received two necklaces and two earrings.

Wantable Lucette necklace

Lucette Necklace (Original Price $30)

This amazing layered statement necklace with marbled light green stones and gold colored chains in between was the va-va-voom piece of the February Wantable box. Most of  you ladies know by now how much I like the layered necklace look and this stunner does all the work for me with its three rows of beauty. I plan to use this piece over shirt collars (makes the classic look more feminine), dresses, all kinds of tees and blouses. The neutral green hue goes with so many other colors and the texture and style adds instant interest. LOVE

Wantable review

Vesta Earrings ($12)

In my daily life I wear a lot of stud earrings. For one they are practical; sometimes you even forget they are there 🙂 , they make your ears pretty and your look pulled together. I also adore and use a lot of drop earrings, but as someone who doesn’t like the over-accessorized look, studs are great if I am wearing a statement necklace and/or a bracelet but don’t want undressed ears. This Wantable version is simple and cute however I think I will twitch my quiz so that I receive more statement earrings. Between this sub, Jewelmint mystery boxes and my jewelry purchases from real time shopping sprees, I have accumulated a big collection of studs. These will be used for sure, they are just not super exciting.

Wantable Accessory Box February 2014

Lizzie Necklace ($18)

I didn’t receive this necklace with the biggest enthusiasm I gotta tell you. My kids love my boxes and we open them together most of the time. ( Have you read how I chose my blog name) When this necklace was out of the bag my nine year old, who is an artist and so very crafty unlike me, blurted out that she could make another one of this in bright colors and we could wear them together. Well I seriously think she easily can. I did get warmed up to the necklace a bit more when I matched it with this white sleeveless tee and it livened up the plain top; still I wouldn’t buy it from a shop myself.

After seeing this necklace I e-mailed Wantable customer service hoping to swap this piece with another necklace. They were quick to reply as always but told me that they don’t do exchanges unless the product is damaged or doesn’t fit. ( I can attest to this; I’ve had a ring break once and too big bracelets and they have exchanged those with other pieces)

Update: I have corresponded with Kayla ( Wantable’s customer service lead) and she e-mailed me very detailed info on Wantable’s policies. I really appreciated how transparent the company is with this information. As a result of reading her e-mail, I learned that, as some of the dear readers commented below, Wantable does allow partial returns on some conditions. Here is what Kayla wrote regarding their partial return policies:

“If the total retail value of the items a customer wants to keep exceeds the amount they paid for the box, their partial return will not be approved for refund. If the total retail value of the items a customer wants to keep is less than the amount they paid for the box, they will receive the difference back. ”

Hope this clears up any confusion you may have had just like I did. 🙂 Learning this policy makes me even more eager to purchase from them.

Wantable accessory review

Eternity Earring ($18)

Last out of the box was this silver colored infinity drop earring. I adore infinity signs and I don’t think Wantable  had this sign specified anywhere in their quiz so I must just be lucky. I wear infinity sign jewelry all the time (in fact you may see them in my fashion posts soon) so this was a total win. This particular earring has a very modern shape and texture too; it will be easy to use with various styles of clothing from all my destroyed skinnies, legging/tunic looks, to even more structured outfits like pencil skirts.

Which pieces I got do you fancy the most?

Overall thoughts: I liked three products out of four in this Wantable box and completely adored two of those. The total value of the box was $78 for the $36 of the cost of the box which is a pretty good deal. I always have the option of returning the box but I don’t think I will as I’ll get a lot of use from the layered necklace and the two earrings. Overall I really love Wantable and will play around with my style quiz to see what different pieces I’ll get next time. It is so much fun to receive a mystery box full of jewelry every month.

Have you ever tried Wantable? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear what you think.You can drop me a note here or via my social media. Also don’t ever hesitate to reach me via my e-mail if you have questions or just want to chat privately. If you haven’t joined theboxqueen family yet don’t forget to check out the social media below for all kinds of updates or you can always subscribe by e-mail. I hope you all had an amazing weekend! XOXO,


I am linking up with a fab sub party at Unpack the Box and Mommy Splurge! 

PS: I purchased this box myself however this post has my referral link to Wantable. I would of course jump with joy if you used it.

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  • Tban

    I loved the green necklace as well. It is very classy. Loved the stud earring although i prefer longer and more pronounced ones because of how i wear my hair. I tried the wantable link but still did not understand the concept behind it. Do you pick one of the pieces and the rest is picked by them or do all the pieces come as a surprise?

    • Tulay, Wantable is a total surprise box. You have control over what you prefer and dislike. For instance if you say you dislike rings they don’t send those to you or if you specify you don’t want statement necklaces you don’t get that type. Their style profile is very detailed and you can just go over and take the quiz; there is no commitment in taking it. The box that you would receive is a complete mystery box customized depending on your answers! Hope this helps! XOXO, Elif

      • Tban

        Thank you for the clarification Elif. On their website they state that you pick one of the pieces. They even had a discount for the first time subscribers.

        • I couldn’t find the pick your own piece Tulay ( could it be that you were looking at Golden Tote) but they sometimes have promos! Thx for letting me know. <3 XOXO, Elif

        • tarynkay

          If you email them with your request, they’ll do your best to include that item in your box 🙂

  • Aylin

    I like the layered necklace as well. I also like the simplicity of the stud earrings and I feel I am short in that department. Somehow I don’t seem to bring myself buying stud earrings:) I think it is time for me to shop for some! As you said, they are great for a pulled together look when you don’t want to dress up. I also find myself not wanting to wear drop earrings if I wear a statement necklace, especially to work. Somehow it feels too much for work.

    Even though Wantable doesn’t do partial returns, as you know, I received two pieces that I wasn’t so excited about and one was too big. I think since it was my first order, they let me keep those two unwanted items (they told me to gift them to someone else) and sent me two more items.

    • I know right? if the necklace is pretty sometimes another statement piece too close to it takes away from its beauty and can be too much. I like it when accessories compliment the outfit. You need to get more studs; I think you would use them a lot. 🙂 Now that you reminded me Wantable was quite helpful to you and they correct their mistakes; that and the generous return policy makes me stay with them. XOXO, Elif

  • I’m usually a bit suspicious regarding such monthy suscriptions, because I prefer choosing my own purchases, but it seems like this one is not a bad one at all. If you can return the monthly box so easily, while their items actually looks so pretty – it’s a very tempting service 🙂


    • Exactly! For me the return policy makes all the difference too Lu when it comes to accessories 🙂 I love receiving the surprise packages with no mandatory commitment haha. Thx so much <3 XOXO, Elif

  • The jewelry is amazing especially the first necklace! It´s the first time that I´ve heard of this kind of jewelry subscription, I´m piqued. 😉

    • That necklace goes with everything too; I got really lucky with it 🙂 Thx so much for stopping by <3 XOXO, Elif

  • JoulesDellinger

    Hey Elif – Wantable DOES actually do partial returns. I did it with my first Wantable box and they refunded me part of my box amount. If you go into your account and start as if you are returning the whole box, just choose the necklace you didn’t like and it should show you the ‘value’ of the return. It probably won’t be much, but the money can go towards your next box. =)

    • That’s what I initially thought as they have made some exchanges (never tried partial return though) for me in the past ( for things broken or too big to be fair)
      I wanted to exchange the necklace with another piece but their lead customer service lady emailed me saying they don’t do that. (maybe not anymore?) I actually emailed them again this morning to learn their exact policies so I can post them as lately I have been getting some contradicting info from lovely readers like you.
      I will definitely check on their site; the partial return sounds amazing. I will update when I hear from their customer service and I so appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, you are so sweet! <3<3 XOXO, Elif

      • tarynkay

        I’m pretty sure the policy is that you can do partial returns as long as the items you’re keeping don’t exceed the price of the box 🙂

        • @tarynkay thx for stopping by and the clarification. I actually got an e-mail this morning and I am more clear on the policies now! I appreciate your info! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • The stone statement necklace has got to be the most beautiful necklace I’ve seen in a Wantable box – I’m so glad you got it! It looks fabulous! And those studs – I know you said you have too many, but they’re gorgeous and so sophisticated. What a winning box.

    • Karen you are right about the studs; I have not taken them off of my ears for day wear since I got the box; they go with everything! Didn’t I get lucky with that necklace; such a statement piece! 🙂 Thx so much for saying hi! XOXO, Elif

  • I’m pretty sure we don’t have any boxes like this in the UK, but I would love to try one! The box seems fab and I love that first statement necklace. It’s a bit on the pricey side though so I’m not sure if I would get it.

    Corinne x

    • From what I hear from friends/family not many sub boxes in Europe still I guess. They became so huge over the last couple years here. This definitely is a good one and much fun! XOXO, Elif

  • Oooooh, the Lucette necklace is a fun piece! Great details and I love the natural, yet fancy feeling to it!
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    • That is exactly why I like it too Signe <3 It's stunning but also have such a cool, natural feel to it. XOXO, Elif

  • I had no idea you could return the boxes! That is really a great policy! Hope you have a great day – visiting from the Share Your Subscription link party!


    • I know right! I have exercised the return policy a couple times and it helps knowing you are not stuck with smt. you don’t like as we all know with subs it may happen. Thx so much for stopping by! XOXO, Elif