I am so very excited to share with you Popbasic today; an amazing company that designs high quality basics and offers them in micro collections. These collections usually have a staple clothing item, some accessories and are limited edition so once sold they are gone.( unless Popbasic decides to bring them back, which I hope for a couple earlier collections, hint hint) 🙂 The nice thing is that Popbasic is not subscription based so there is no commitment at all; whenever a collection is released if you like it you purchase it; that simple.

For a long time, I have been admiring not only the beautiful micro collections that I heard were amazing quality, but also the community co-founder Madeline Veenstra ( the CTO and the other half of the team is Coen Hyde) has been creating. ( There is even a cute pen pal program she started with Popbasic fans; how lovely).

Today I’ll be showing you how I styled their latest collection, Sunday, which includes a 100% silk shirt, and gold-plated wishbone bracelet &ring duo. They also include a card that shows the contents and some style suggestions. I have been so blown away with how well-made the collection is and I can’t wait to show you how versatile the silk shirt is. Also, Popbasic makes the most charming videos to introduce their micro collections; you gotta see for yourself.


First things first though. I always love to chat with people who are as nice as they are successful and Madeline is exactly that! She has graciously agreed to have a mini Q&A with me, and answered all things Popbasic that peaked my curiosity. Let’s hear from the girl herself:

Q&A with Madeline Veenstra Co-founder and Community Manager of Popbasic

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BQ:  How did you decide to start up Popbasic in US and what was your inspiration in creating your brand? 

MV: I’m originally from Australia, but I was always a little envious of the awesome beauty subscription services, and online shopping that US girls had available to them. In Australia, it’s quite difficult to access a lot of the brands that we’re lucky enough to have in the US. That was one of the main reasons I started Popbasic, to create a fun brand that makes beautiful basics, that is also available worldwide.

BQ: How do you choose what to offer in monthly collections ; is it customer input or trends?

MV: I always start with our community! It’s important to me that they have the biggest say with what goes into each collection. I try not to be influenced heavily by trends, as our main pieces are good quality staples.

BQ: I admire your personalized communication with Popbasic fans; what’s your secret at multi-tasking? ( really, you are amazing!!! :), Penpals program so so adorable 🙂

MV: Thank you! I love the community we’ve built around Popbasic, they are the sweetest people (the pen pal program is one of my favorite hobbies!). To tell you the truth, I really really enjoy what I do. As my company is quite new, it’s rare for me to have more than a day off each week. I work a lot, but I adore it. 

BQ: What is your vision for the future of Popbasic and where do you see the collections in a couple years?

MV: My dream is to create a lovely brand that people adore, and one that brings enjoyment to a community all over the world.

BQ: Tell us a fun little fact about yourself!

MV: I’ve moved to San Francisco from Australia a year ago. This is the first time I am living outside of my home town! 

Thanks so much Madeline for sharing. I am glad you moved over to this part of the world and created this beautiful brand and community!

Now onto have some fun with my new pretties.

Theboxqueen Sunday Collection Styling

I styled the 100% silk, dark blue shirt from the collection for a day and night look. First of all, this shirt is a beautiful, super soft silk; the quality is off the charts. I discovered, it is also very versatile, easily transformed from a casual look to a fancier one. You gals know how I love multitasking items. ( Have you seen my Triple Threat series? )

Let’s start with the day outfit:


I styled the silk shirt with my bright blue skinny jeans, cream boots and my beloved red bag. (All outfit details at the end)

Style Tip: Tucking the shirt only in the front and letting it stay untucked on the sides and back lent a laid back coolness to the glam silk and made it much more appropriate for daytime.


How modern are these wishbone bracelet and ring? They both are gold plated and feel very substantial; I am so happy to have these pieces join my collection. Wishbones are also very nostalgic for me as they remind me the wishbone game we played with my grandpa.


My cream boots have such a unique shape and I think they compliment the casual coolness of the outfit.


Outfit details –  Silk Shirt, Ring &Bracelet: Popbasic | Bright blue skinny jeans: Stitch Fix |  Boots: Mea Shadow (sold out)  | Bag: Foley+Corinna |   Belt: Fossil (similar here)

Here is the silk shirt glammed up for a night out: 

popbasic0212I thought a pastel, thinly pleated skirt would add a girliness to the more classic shirt. I added some sparkles to the neckline, added a sequined clutch and high heel nude pumps.

Style Tip: Try mixing and matching very feminine pieces with classics like this shirt. Adding a shorter necklace around the collar embellishes the shirt and totally changes its vibe.


I intentionally paired this look with nude heels so they blend in and let the shirt and pastel skirt shine.

popbasic0262A statement necklace elavates the look.


Outfit Details – Shirt: Popbasic  | Skirt: Ann Taylor ( love this version) | Shoes: DSW ( Love this option)

Just to give you an idea the regular retail pricing of all three items is $220 (just the silk shirt’s RRP is $145) and the collection is offered at $85. Pretty cool!

I loved my Sunday Collection and know all three pieces will be worn and multi-tasked in my various outfits. I can’t wait to see what Popbasic  offers next; I have a feeling it will be delightful!

Update: Popbasic recently started a referral program. If you use my invitation link  (thx so much if you do 🙂  Popbasic  gifts each of us $15 credit for shopping their collections.This discount is good even if you already have an account with them. I have confirmed with Maddy that the credit is good to use on your immediate purchase ( for both new and current Popbasic lovers) so if you would like a discount on their beautiful collections you can use it as such.

Have you ever tried Popbasic? Which collections do you have? As always I would love to hear what you all think and you know how much I love to connect with you so please feel free to leave me a note here, via my social media. You can also  e-mail me with questions or just to chat; makes my day!

If you haven’t already joined theboxqueen family don’t forget to subscribe here or find my social media below for all kinds of news and updates! I would love to meet you! XOXO,


I am linking up with a fab party at Style Sessions. 

PS:  Popbasic kindly sent me their collection to try as I have been admiring it for a while and I provided my genuine impressions as always. It is not a sponsored post.

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  • Tban

    As always you put a smile on my face Elif.

  • Madeline is an amazing person – so sweet!
    I love the shirt. Even on the photos the fabric already looks great. I love the booties too!! 🙂


    • I agree she is as sweet as can be. It’s always great to meet nice people doing wonderful things!. 🙂 The shirt really is very pretty; thx so much Lu! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    I love that silk shirt and how you styled it for day and night! All the accessories are beautiful and I loved reading the Q&A about the micro collections. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the mini Q&A and the day/night styling; hope it gave you some ideas. Thx so much for all the sweet words! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • This was great! I had never heard of Popbasic before, but this Q&A compels me to check it out. It’s great when people love what they do, makes you want to love what they love! And those booties and that pleated skirt are just perfect! Oooh, possibly even together!

    • So happy you enjoyed the Q&A. I have been meaning to try their clothes for a while so I had a lot of fun with it! I love people who love what they do and also who are personable and warm. 🙂 Btw great idea for that skirt with the boots; I gotta try that! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • That shirt is really nice, I like it with the jeans! 🙂 The wishbone bracelet and ring are so cute too 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Welcome to theboxqueen Mica! <3 I am so glad you enjoyed the shirt and the accessories; they really are adorable!!! XOXO, Elif

  • I love Popbasic, too! I purchased the Sunday collection and LOVE it! I also own quite a few other collections. The gray dress from the Rubi collection is my favorite and that necklace from the same collection (I find myself wearing it so often)!!!

    I agree with everyone else that Madeline is the sweetest! I love following Popbasic to see what they come up with next. I think she is inspirational as a business owner and her ideas are very unique, like the penpal program!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

    • Kristie, it’s so exciting that you own other collections from Popbasic along with the Sunday collection. I remember really liking the Rubi collection, and that necklace. I totally agree that Madeline is such a sweet person, and it’s always great to see successful and nice women in business. XOXO, Elif

  • I’ve always looked at PopBasic – I think it was the Ruby Collection (darling ruby necklace) that had my name all over it, but I’ve never pulled the trigger on buying one. Thanks for all this great information, Elif!

    • Karen, the Ruby collection has caught my eye as well but it was sold out before I made a decision I think. You are very welcome <3 <3 I loved writing about them; such a nice company. XOXO, Elif

  • Fashionguru

    The shirt is amazingly beautiful and will never go out off style. I loved both the day and the night outfit. I am not sure if it will look on me as good as it does on you but I really loved it. Which size did you order? I might try one size bigger.

    • It really is a very versatile piece. Mine was an xs and it is rather form fitting if that helps. Thx so much for the compliments Fashionguru; I believe every women can and will look beautiful with styles she loves, and can make pieces work for her body. I bet you can make anything work as well! <3<3 Let me know if you ever need help with styling of a specific piece and I will help any way I can <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Karen

    I really loved the rubi collection too but they were sold out before I could buy it – i do wish they would re-launch that one! Boxqueen, if you have any influence on that collection being reissued that wold be fantastic!! Love that your son called you the boxqueen btw, my daughter always calls it presents when the postman brings me packages! I suppose in a way they are…

    • Karen just saw this comment; don’t know how I missed it before. Although a bit late (my apologies) welcome to theboxqueen and thx for saying hi! <3 I really liked the Rubi collection too and would LOVE it if they brought it back. Also can't wait for that red Le Breton they have just sneak peaked 🙂 Love how you daughter calls your packages presents; they totally are our little treats to ourselves <3 My kids love my boxes as much as I do now! XOXO, Elif