I can’t believe it is almost mid-March. In the usually rainy NW slowly but surely spring has started to show itself in blossoming flowers and a couple sunny days here and there. My March Stitch Fix has definitely been a welcome addition to the new season with all the beautiful colors, lively patterns, and pieces with flowy fabrics.You will see how much of a happy “fix” this one is; just like the happiness spring brings me. If you are new to theboxqueen and are not yet aware of how much of a Stitchfix crazy fan I am;you can read all about my previous boxes with a lot of Stitch Fix info from February, January, and December. 

In summary Stitch Fix is a wonderful concept that brings you the convenience of having your own personal stylist and home delivery service all wrapped up in a beautiful box. They have a brilliantly detailed style profile on the Stitch Fix website which essentially collects all your measurements, and preferences of garments, and accessories. You pay an upfront fee of $20 that is also a full credit towards your final purchase. Stitch Fix gives you generous three days to decide which pieces to keep and mix and match with your own wardrobe. In the event that you love the whole box ( which of course has happened to me) you get to have a %25 discount. Otherwise you can keep whichever piece(s) you like and send back the rest in the included prepaid USPS envelope; so easy!

After my February review, a lot of you told me how much you enjoyed playing the Stitchfix mystery game of “Which item did I keep”? 🙂 I am so happy you joined in our conversations here ,and in theboxqueen social media. Let’s play again this time; please let me know your guesses after you are done reading. It’s so much fun to hear your thoughts and favorites! I know how much you want to see the Stitch Fix pretties so without keeping you waiting too much longer here is my March box.

stitchfix9921 Everything comes in a white box with mint green Stitch Fix logo. Depending on your preferences the boxes have five clothing, jewelry, or handbag pieces. I almost always ask for just clothing pieces but I am getting more and more intrigued with their handbag collections, seeing cute bag pictures on their Instagram roll. Also included in these boxes are the super useful style cards with a note from your stylist, a receipt explaining the names, and prices of each item, and a USPS return envelope.

This month I received a tie-waist dress, two skirts – one maxi, one shorter style -, and two adorable tops with lots of fun detailing. First I will show you the Stitch Fix style cards, and follow with how I created a look from the piece.

stitchfix0065 Collective Concepts Cathleen Dot Print Lace Detailed Blouse ($68) On the top of all the pieces in the box, was this charming top with the cutest details ever. Polka dots, slightly puffed up sleeves, and lace detailing on the back anyone?; some of the most darling touches you can think of. I loved how super casually they styled the top along with an evening version.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

stitchfix9976 As the styling cards showed a preppier, and a business event type styling already, I wanted to create a more whimsical, fun look with the top. I enjoy myself some pattern mixing, and here I matched the top with my flower skirt. ( hello spring trend ) I believe similar hues and complimenting patterns make this work and also creates a look that uniquely expresses me. I encourage you to try out mixing patterns to come up with outfits that are originally you. The navy band of the skirt anchors the look and also blends in with the navy dots of the top.

Style Tip: I think it is a good idea to have an anchor point like this in your all patterned outfits to make it easier on the eye.

stitchfix9985 A couple gold tones bangles, and my all time favorite MK orange bag (similar here) are my accessory choices.

stitchfix9984 Here is a closer look at the lace in the back of the blouse.

stitchfix9973 I completed my outfit with mustard/yellow mid heel shoes; notice the yellowish coloring in the skirt; my shoe inspiration came from that beautiful color.

stitchfix0070 Collective Concepts Delora Tie-Waist Abstract Chevron Print Dress: ($78) caught my eye immediately out of the box with it’s chevron print. ( Those of you that have seen my previous posts, and my Instagram know that I absolutely love chevron prints) The dress has a really cute side tie that helps with accentuating the curves and defining your waist ( which I always talk about, I think the most figure flattering outfits almost always define the waist ) and the neckline/back is very unique. If anything, I felt like this dress was maybe an inch too short for my taste.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

stitchfix9949 The Chevron pattern and the mix of colors are so pretty, all I needed to do was to add a peep toe heel and some baubles. I love dresses, as with a cute shoe and some sparkles, they are ready to go. They are so effortless but very stylish; and I say that’s a great combo right there for all us busy girls be it with work, kids, hobbies or just everyday living.

I also like the idea of this piece dressed down with flat sandals, a big bag, and maybe a cardigan for chilly days (like shown in the style cards). I think it would be cute; say for a morning brunch, a Sunday at friend’s or even farmers market.

stitchfix9955 Taking my cue from all the brightness in the dress, I added one of my favorite statement bracelets with similar hues to the outfit.

stitchfix9956 Drop earrings in coral red adds a bit of color around the face and also takes it’s hint from the red in the dress.

stitchfix9957 A side tie with an elastic belt is great for all body types; you can play with it and make it as tight or loose as you like to make the fit of the dress the most flattering for your own shape. For me finding pieces that work with my body type is so important as I genuinely believe any and every women can and does look amazing with the pieces that accentuates what she wants to accentuate. ( and in my case hides what she wants too ; for instance after three kids I don’t think I will be wearing crop tops anytime soon) 🙂

stitchfix0059 Lily Kye Box Print Swing Skirt ($78) The first thing that I noticed about this Stitch Fix skirt is of course the box print that looks like a mosaic painting, and also how much movement it would have because of how it’s crafted with sectioned parts in the front. I wasn’t wrong as I took some pretty fun spins with it making the skirt circle around me, remisniscing about my childhood, and how much I loved spinning with cute dresses. The skirt has some neutral colors in it too, so it would be easy to mix and match with various colors.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

stitchfix0077 I loved the Stitch Fix style card styling on the left so much that I decided to create something similar. My sleeveless emerald green top with its interesting front detail was the perfect match with the skirt. I also wore a ankle strapped shoe similar to the one in the style card, just a closed toe one instead. The vegan leather jacket was from a previous Stitch Fix  ( the one where I kept the whole box) and I thought it modernized the outfit. stitchfix0110 I recently got a couple of these ring/bracelet combos. Have you ever tried this kind of jewelry? This gold one complements all the brownish neutrals in the outfit.

stitchfix0104 A close up of the pattern of the skirt and my grey suede shoes. ( I absolutely adore these shoes, the front looks like a heart <3. I had to share)  🙂

stitchfix0055 Pink Martini Olivia Leaf Print Front Pocket Tank ($48) I am in love with the color of this top. It’s so vibrant, incredibly happy, and the flower prints are so lovely in addition to being orange, and yellow which are two colors I use a lot. This top is a breeze to style with various bottoms, from skinny jeans, to capri pants, short skirts to maxi ones.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

stitchfix0317 I really like the Stitch Fix style card option with the pencil skirt and used that as my styling point. The combination with the orange skirt, I think, brought out the best in both colors and the neutral sandals are in the supporting role this time to add some sophistication to the whole look.

stitchfix0325 Other neutral accessories like a brown clutch and a leather lock cuff bracelet continue the trend of a fun but classy outfit.

stitchfix0068 Papermoon Geo Print Maxi Skirt ($58I love maxi skirts for summer and I put this skirt on my Pinterest board immediately when I saw it. (Btw have you guys found me on Pinterest yet? I love pinning a lot of SF looks) It has a really pretty green color and unique geometric print.

One thing to note is that when I wear maxi skirts they are generally the long, flowy types; and this particular skirt is more long and straight. I am debating whether it would be comfortable to wear frequently; however had an amazing time styling it.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

stitchfix0031I thought my lace front short sleeve top would be just perfect with this skirt as the skirt has white in it among the brighter colors. The boho chic vibe was continued with a side braid in my hair and some fun bracelets.

stitchfix0035Remember that I mentioned I like infinity signs on jewelry before. Here is one bracelet with it among with a cute fish bracelet that has traveled from overseas and is gift from a dear friend, along with another beaded one with my all time favorite word “Dream”.

stitchfix0038A tiered leaf earring adds to the boho look; what’s more boho than nature inspired pieces?

stitchfix0007 A closer look to the patterns and detailing on the pieces.

Overall impressions: This was again one of the best fixes of the 11 Stitch Fix boxes I got so far, ( I know, I know crazy right? I said I am a mega fan) 🙂  in terms of a perfect match with my sense of style. I think by now my stylist Ishara and I are style, and fashion soul mates. She gets exactly what I like in my outfits. Even my hubby is impressed by how my pieces are so, well, me!

For different reasons I ended up keeping only one of these beauties and I will wear it all over this summer. Now let’s play our Stitch Fix mystery game! Which one item do you think I kept ?( I know a bit tricky this time but I think the clues are there) 🙂 Which pieces are your favorites? After hearing from you, in a couple days I will update with the kept piece along with my reasoning. I seriously can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Update:stitchfixkeeper Drumrollll and here is my March keeper! The Pink Martini Olive Leaf Front Pocket Tank is a great choice for me as I LOVE making my clothing items multitask in my wardrobe. ( Have you seen my Triple Threat Series? You can find them here, and here) This piece is so versatile that I can wear it all summer long with pencil skirts, jeans, maxi’s, and shorts. Come fall/winter I can use it inside open neck sweaters and shirts for a bit of color and pattern. Great find it sure is!

Let me also share with you a bit of background info on why I sent back the other four beautiful pieces. I seriously could have kept the whole box; it was perfect in terms of color, and print. It came down to minor fit issues and what I have already bought very recently. For instance I recently purchased a lot of lace tops and polka dots and the maxi skirt was a slim fit and I prefer flowy styles on maxi’s in general.

A little tip, don’t forget to let Stitch Fix know why you didn’t keep a certain piece in detail. In my experience they always use this info to better your next fix and to make sure you don’t receive pieces that don’t really work for you.

You can reach me here, or for private chats/questions you can always e-mail. If you haven’t already joined theboxqueen family makes sure to either subscribe with your e-mail here on the blog, or look at my social media below for all kinds of updates.

I love to meet and chat with all of you! <3 Have a wonderful rest of the week, and the best weekend full of lovely outfits! XOXO,


PS: I purchased this box myself. This post has my Stitch Fix referral link in it and if you decide to try SF for yourself, and use it I will jump with joy.

I am linking up with a fab link-up party at Friday’s Fab favorites. 

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  • Love everything! Especially that Chevron dress! I don’t know how you only picked one!

    • Thanks so much Andrea, and welcome to theboxqueen! It wasn’t easy to pick one and I will update with the keeper in a couple days! The Chevron dress has some of the best mix of colors. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Mary Alice Stanford

    I loved everything in your March box, and I think you styled them all fabulously. I liked the Kye Box Print Swing Skirt best, and hope you kept it. I just started with Stitch Fix, and have received only 1 box so far. It is so much fun!

    • Hi Mary welcome to theboxqueen and thx so much for playing along! 🙂 The box print skirt was seriously fun with all the spinning potential it had <3 Isn't SF so exciting to get? I can't wait to talk more with you and hear about your boxes and favorites! I will update with my keeper soon! XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    Oh noooo! I thought you would keep everything except the maxi skirt. Love love love all.

    • Aren’t they all so pretty?! Which one do you think I kept? I think it may come as a surprise. Thx so much for stopping by! XOXO, Elif

  • I knew the Collective Concepts top would be fabulous just from your sneak peak! You got an amazing box! I love the skirts too. Beautiful and colorful patterns just in time for spring! And as always, you’re sense of style and piecing together your outfits is perfect, Elif!


    • Michelle you are the sweetest! I am so happy you liked the outfits <3<3 The box was crazy good; everywhere I looked it was another fun, colorful piece. When I was choosing it came down to a few small things related to fit and how much I would wear it and my keeper may be surprising! I will update in a couple days. Thx for playing along, XOXO, Elif

  • I am stopping by from Lauren’s blog hop! Your stylist knocked it out of the park with this one!! Love the chevron dress! Susan

    • Thx so much for stopping by Susan and welcome to theboxqueen! 🙂 Ishara did an amazing job totally agree ; the chevron dress had one the nicest color combos ever. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Rachel G

    Oh man, I don’t know! I LOVE that first top on you, and there seemed to be clues that you loved it too…but I can tell that the stitchfix tag was still on when you tried it on so maybe you’re hinting otherwise… 🙂

    • Rachel love how you noticed the tag 🙂 Great eye! <3 I really did like that first top but clues are clues right haha? Thx so much for playing along! I will update in a couple days. XOXO, Elif

  • You do such an amazing, thorough and detailed job with these posts. (I’m sure I don’t even want to know how long each one takes you!) I enjoy seeing the pieces you get each month, their styling suggestions and then how you styled them. So many great ideas and lots of cute pieces. I love the Chevron dress and the first top in particular with the lace detail on the back. Maybe you kept the chevron dress? Can’t wait to find out and also can’t wait to see what goodies you got from Express!!

    • Gina I am so happy to know you like the reviews. These take a lot of time (even I don’t want to know how long they take seems crazy haha) but I throughly enjoy them and coming up with each outfit. My Express stuff is really cute; I can’t wait to share, just need to find the right post for them. 🙂 I will update in a couple days with my keeper. Thx so much for playing along! XOXO, Elif

  • I love the chevron dress and the box print short skirt. So cute! I don’t think I could pick just one! haha

    • Julie those two had amazing color and print 🙂 Picking one was so hard; I will update with my reasoning but could have kept the whole box for sure! Thx for playing along, XOXO, Elif

  • You got them ALL! Because they all look seriously amazing on you. Such a great fix and you are stunning. Love your adventurous sense of style.

    • Karen thx so much dear <3; I love fashion as a way of self expression and trying new things is the most fun part. So happy you notice and appreciate it; very encouraging! XOXO, Elif

  • Wow! You did get an amazing fix. I can’t believe you didn’t keep it all. I have no clue which one you kept, but I’m anxious to find out!

    • Amy it was a pretty hard decision; all were so bright, shiny, happy pieces 🙂 I will update with the keeper in a day or so. Thx so much for leaving me a note <3 <3 XOXO, Elif

  • omg! Your post makes me want to absolutely be apart of stitch fix!!!! The skirts are soo beautiful and you styled them so well!!

    Thanks for linking up with Fab favorites!!!!!

    • Amber welcome to theboxqueen; so happy you stopped by and said hi! Stitch Fix surely is a great community; I became a fan with the first fix and couldn’t believe how many women were as passionate about the service as I was. Thanks so much for your sweetness! <3 Hope to talk again, XOXO, Elif

  • I’ve been meaning to try one of these subscription box companies. Love those last two looks!! Visiting from the link up 🙂


    • Hi Jessi and welcome to theboxqueen! <3 Thx so much for playing my little SF game and letting me know your faves! 🙂 I loved those looks too wink wink. This one is definitely such a fun sub to be a part of! XOXO, Elif

  • You’re styled all these items so well. I love the first skirt!

    Corinne x

    • Corinne thx so much for playing along <3 <3, will update soon! XOXO, Elif

  • This was such a great box this month!! I love everything you got, but the last top is my fave! It looks awesome with the orange skirt!!

    • Hi Shanna and Welcome to theboxqueen! I am delighted you stopped by and joined my little SF mystery game <3 <3 Thx SO much!!! Aren't the pieces fun this month!? The last top with the flowers spoke to me too; love that vibrant color( makes me remember a tropical vacation, I need one like now haha) ! Great guess ;)) XOXO, Elif

  • Sophia

    What a colorful box! Love it

    • Sophia thx sweetie! It was a box of big time color; they know me well by now at SF. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I’m not surprised that you go for the clothing boxes and you keep all the items – they are amazing! I love the way you style them up – totally out of the box and so prettily!
    I like it how you can play with colour palettes and prints! A master skill 🙂

    Lu ❤

    • Thx Lu for all the lovely words! I really love putting together these outfits and so happy to know you enjoy them! <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Such great choices! They all look fabulous on you, so I don’t know how you can pick. My two personal favorites are the leaf print tank and the maxi skirt. 😉

    • Hi Carly and welcome to theboxqueen! <3 Thx so much for the sweetness and for playing along! You have two amazing guesses! 😉 I am updating tomorrow so stay tuned! XOXO, Elif

  • Fashionguru

    The fun game is back again, I really enjoy making a guess and reading other’s comments,too. Since everything looks good on you and you manage to put everything clothing in a very fun outfit making a choice is hard. But I think you picked the first blouse with the lace detail.

    • Hi Fashionguru; isn’t the game fun 🙂 Everybody had great guesses too; happy you enjoyed reading through them! Update is coming up tomorrow! Thx for all the compliments too; made me start my Sunday with a huge smile! XOXO, Elif

  • I did stitch fix once or twice and loved how they sent such colorful items, I typically buy all black and grey! I love how you show their ideas plus your own styling, of course I love your styling even more than theirs!

  • Tori that’s so so nice to hear, such a wonderful compliment; thx a bunch!! <3<3 They do send a lot of color. Although I adore color and pattern, sometimes, SF pushes me out of my comfort zone as well and I love them for that! What type of items did you receive? XOXO, Elif

  • You got some gorgeous prints from Stitch Fix. I love how both you and your stylist think outside the box, because your reviews are so interesting to look at and see. I could take a lesson (or ten) from you on pattern mixing. Gorgeous photography as well! I just joined Stitch Fix and I hope that I eventually get to the same point you’re at. Keep up the fun reviews!

    • Alyssa thx so much for all the sweetness; made me so happy! 🙂 I think the more “fixes” I got from SF, the more my stylist really got to know me. The pieces I received from my first box to now have drastically improved as she got to learn what fits my body better and colors/prints I like. <3 I am SO delighted you are enjoying the styling and the reviews! For me, a HUGE part of this is connecting with other gals like you and chatting away, comparing pieces etc. Hope to talk again very soon! XOXO, Elif <3

  • Jody DesChenes

    how one person can be such a cute model is beyond me. i love your interesting choices/mixes. i love the top you kept and pinned it (: and i adore your big brown bag!

    • Theboxqueen

      Jody once again you are too sweet. Thanks for saying hi!!
      That top from last year is still one of my favorites. I’ve recently brought out my summer pieces and already started wearing this top right away. So happy to hear you are enjoying the reviews, and hope to chat again soon. XOXO, Elif