I have shared with you how excited I am of spring finally showing itself in the rainy NW, a couple days ago, in one of my style posts. Although this winter I have enjoyed wearing my colorful jackets, drinking hot chocolate on a snowy day, and sitting by the fireplace with a book my puppy next to me; I am, body and mind, ready for warmer climates. Right this moment I rather stay outside most of the day, play in the park running after my kids & my Pug Daisy, and sip tea on the street side tables of my favorite coffee shops.

My March Popsugar Must Have Box appeared on my doorsteps on a glorious moment, when I was thinking all this, and was in a spring state of mind.

POPSUGAR MUST HAVE MARCH 2014 Lisa Sugar, Popsugar Founder and Editor In Chief, must have shared similar feelings with me of the season change that her monthly note was all about welcoming spring. March box products were chosen to get us ready for the upcoming months.

If you are new to theboxqueen Popsugar Must Have party, you may want to start with  my February and January boxes. In a quick summary, Popsugar is one of those subscriptions you anticipate all month long, as each box is filled with fashion, beauty, home, fitness, and food items that are mostly high end brands ( sometimes a few mainstream ones too) and for me almost always exciting.

For one, a lot of my readers know how much I enjoy mysteries and surprises that end with pretty discoveries. I also love that I became aware of so many small shops and some wonderful cool brands through Popsugar . For $39.95 a month, you get well over $100 worth of lovelies; and there are longer subscription options with some sliding discount.

Great news for all of you that are new to Popsugar, right now there is a $10 off your first box promo code which is rare for Popsugar. You can use MARCH10 when you subscribe and get your first box to try at such an amazing deal.


Let’s take a closer look to my March box. This month, Popsugar Must Have blew it out of the water for me, as every one of the items are so my taste; things I would buy myself and will use so much in my daily life.This is my first look inside the March Popsugar box. Here are the details on each exciting item.


Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf ($72) This was the only item that wasn’t a total surprise for me. Well I guess I don’t live under a rock; and they sent out an email with a spoiler. 🙂 This scarf is so stunning in person. It feels almost like silk with it’s soft fabric that I am officially in scarf love with it. It’s blue vibrant color is perfect for warm weather ahead, and the lightweight fabric will ensure we won’t be sweating when wrapping it around our tops. Here I used it over a simple white tank to show how much life it brings to a plain outfit. <3

popsugar0410Another way I tied my scarf! These big scarves are so versatile.


Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree ($12) My nine year old exclaimed “Mommy this is soooo cute and your favorite animal too” when she got this elephant ring tree  out of my box. It is true too! I don’t know where this comes from, but I believe elephants bring good luck. ( among many other good luck charms which I am sure I will share with you in time)

This Baublebar ring holder has already found it’s place on my dresser; next to the little apple plate which came in a previous Popsugar box and is now holding my stud earrings. I checked the Baublebar website and have found other whimsical ring tree’s. I have my eye on the bunny one to keep my elephant company.


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum 0.5 oz ($27) I am really intrigued by the Jurlique serum as it is made of organic ingredients (always a big plus in my book) and it promises to diminish dulness, reduce fine lines, and protect the skin from harsh environmental factors. (yay, yay, and another yay) I found the 1 oz version at Sephora and it has gotten great reviews. I can’t wait to use it myself and update here reporting back to you.


Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make a Wish Necklace ($30) How did they ever know that in my household we love horseshoes, mostly because we love horses. Not only that, but this one is a gold dipped wish necklace with a promise that it will attract good fortune and they even say your wish will come true when the necklace wears off. I love charming things like that, and I am a dreamer so would enjoy this so much. I would, if my daughter who rides, did not claim the necklace hers. I grumpily  happily handed the necklace over. 🙂


Activeforever Fusion Exercise Ball ($9.95) I use various sized exercise balls for my home exercises ( have you seen my Fitness series ? ) when I don’t get to the gym. I had one bigger size of this type of an exercise ball and I love that this one is pink, smaller and perfect for a lot of strength/balance exercises. Here are some exercise suggestions from the Popsugar blog.


Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps ($2) and bonus Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar When I first saw the green pea snack I was not overly enthusiastic. I can’t say I am particularly a fan of green peas in general though I think they are an okay food. Talk about a total preconception; this healthy snack tastes SO delicious even my super picky eater 4 year old loved it. The Fig Bar was an instant hit as well and was consumed in mere seconds. I will be on the lookout for these tasty snacks at my local grocery store.


This box also included a couple discount codes ( that are not calculated in the total value of the box) from Baublebar, Jurlique, and Dogeared; cute little bonuses.

Overall impressions: The March Popsugar Must Have box is high on the list of my top five Popsugar sub boxes so far. I love and will use each one of the contents. The total value of the box comes to $152.95 excluding the bonus discount cards, which is pretty unbelievable for the $39.95 purchase price. Right now the first box would be even a sweeter deal with the $10 off with code MARCH10.

Are you subscribed to Popsugar? Did you receive the March box? What are your favorite items from this box? I would love to learn what you think so don’t forget to say hi to me.

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You can always e-mail me to chat or with any question you may have at info@theboxqueen.com. Connecting with you here or via my social media makes blogging meaningful and fun! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! XOXO,


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PS: This box was purchased by me! This post includes my Popsugar referral link and if you want to subscribe and use my link I would jump with joy. Thank you!

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  • I LOVE that scarf!! I saw the spoiler last month and almost bought the box just for that! I also really love the little elephant. I collect elephants and I actually have a porcelain one much like that for my rings. (:


    • Michelle the scarf is definitely worth a sub; I was so so excited when I saw that spoiler haha and the scarf did not disappoint in person. <3 You collect elephants too; loved to learn that; smt. else we have in common. Actually right now, along with this ring holder, I have six elephants on top of my dresser. 🙂 Thx for stopping by girl! XOXO, Elif

  • What a great monthly box. The exercise ball is definitely a must-have in the Spring, in order to be ready for the summer :))


    • Lu, I will surely put that exercise ball to good use. It is my favorite color pink, that itself was exciting for me 🙂 ( it’s the little things right? <3) and the size of it is perfect for behind the knee exercises. Thx for saying hi! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Blush and Blonde

    I LOVE that elephant ring tree! I just adore elephants! I have so many clothes with elephant prints on them 🙂

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

    • Aren’t they the cutest Jessie! I just ordered a strapless elephant print dress originally sold at Antropologie and can’t wait for it! 🙂 The ring tree holds about six of my rings too, functional and adorable! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Abby

    I’m a PS subscriber too and I totally loved this box! It might have been my favorite one yet. The scarf is just so soft and pretty. I’ve worn it at least five times already. 🙂

    xo Always, Abby

    • Totally agree. It is for sure one of the top five, even top tree of PSMH boxes for me too! I got the box a couple days ago and can’t leave the scarf alone haha. I either have it wrapped around as a scarf or used as a shawl over my shoulders. 🙂 Thx so much for stopping by Abby! XOXO, Elif

  • I love snap peas so I really want to try those!! Love the cute elephant ring holder too 🙂


    • The snap peas were the sleeper item of this box. I thought they would be just average and they turn out to be these super crunchy, healthy, and yummy treats. 🙂 The elephant ring holder has a soft spot in my heart too. <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I am also a PS subscriber and I loved this month’s box! Every single item was perfect. Love love love the scarf- the colors, the fabric, everything about it is amazing. I really like how you tied your scarf in the first picture, I’ll have to try it!

    • Cheryl when tying the scarf I doubled it, pulled it through the loop then tucked the two parts on each side! I hope you try it and love it! <3 Seriously though every single item this month is super cool! Even my hubby said it is a great box and in our home with my subscription box craze that means a lot haha! I always love chatting with you! XOXO, Elif

  • This seems like it was a REALLY awesome box to receive!! I’m a littttle jealous 😉

    • Bailey welcome to theboxqueen! It was really an awesome box! Thanks so much for stopping by! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Oh, how I wish they shipped to Canada! I always love the reviews I see. That scarf is gorgeous! 🙂

    • From what I see more and more boxes started shipping to Canada; it’s a shame this one is not on that list! They usually send such great brands including the pretty scarf from this review. Thx so much for stopping by, XOXO, Elif

      • Yeah, there are a lot of companies that now ship here and have really reasonable shipping costs too which is great. I’m hoping popsugar will hear my cries and start shipping up here 😉 haha. I love your blog! Thanks for checking out mine too.

        • I hope they do; no one should miss this fun; seriously! haha <3 I am so happy to know you are enjoying theboxqueen. So nice to meet you here! XOXO, Elif

  • I almost subscribed just to get that scarf ha ha. It’s so cute!

    • That would have made so much sense actually haha- the scarf is that good 🙂 It happens to me all the time too; I see a sub with an amazing spoiler and the wheels in my head start turning 🙂 Thx so much for stopping by, XOXO, Elif

  • Awww. It’s so sweet that you shared your necklace with her – even though you may not have had much of a choice! Love it!

    • 🙂 sharing the boxes with the kiddos make everything so much more fun- sometimes they are too quick to claim things though- I am like, but but but I really liked it, and no it’s already gone :-))) kidding aside love sharing my goodies with them <3<3 so sweet of you to notice Karen, XOXO, Elif