Last week Modcloth reached out to me, and invited me to participate in their Uniquely You challenge.  You may have read my previous Modcloth Stylish Surprise Review from a couple months ago, or may have seen me post pics of my most recent one on my Instagram. I LOVE Modcloth, and of course I was so delighted to be included. I said yes in a total of one second. 🙂 How fun! <3

Modcloth provided me with an image of the Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Soft Black, which is the super adorable polka dot two piece you are seeing below. I came up with a story, and a day and night look, inspired by this lovely piece, dreaming about summer. As a kid and teenager, I spent all my summers at the Mediterranean, and Aegean beaches (though not the French Riviera), and that’s where my inspiration comes from. Oh the blue seas, and the beautiful coastline how I miss you! You can also see all the pieces I chose from Modcloth, all together, on my Wanelo board following my day/night looks.

Modcloth Wanelo ChallengeSunhat : ModCloth | Book : ModCloth | Swimsuit : ModCloth | Dress : ModCloth

Shoes : ModCloth

My girl is at the French Riviera visiting her friends. She has an old Hollywood glam style with a vintage twist. During the day she enjoys the sun with her fabulous polka dot two piece, swims, reads her fashion magazines, and makes a book to send to her sweetheart back home. She is quite the stylish lady at the beach with her eye-catching swimwear and big floppy hat; girls whisper to each other wondering where she may have gotten such fashionable pieces. In the afternoon she puts on her cute shift dress, and looking like a ray of sunshine, strolls around the town taking photos, shopping at chic boutiques, sipping flavorful coffee at street cafe’s people watching.

Modcloth- Wanelo Night

Blush : ModCloth | Dress : ModCloth | Shoes : ModCloth

In the evening it is time for an elegant pool party at her friends house she is staying. She puts on her Besame blush (with the prettiest packaging ever btw) to make her sun kissed cheeks a bit more sparkly, chooses a glamorous dress with a full skirt and flowers all over, adds on her heels, and joins in the fun and laughter. She is having the time of her life, and is already dreaming of bringing the people she loves with her next time. <3

[iframe name=”wanelo_story” frameborder=”0″ style=”border: 0;” src=”; width=”620″ height=”650″]

Here is all eight pieces I chose for my story that was inspired by the stunning Beach Blanket Bingo Two piece.

Another reason I love Modcloth is because they carry original clothing, in a variety of sizes, (including plus sizes) and their swimsuits are no different. I absolutely appreciate that their items are not exclusive to a certain body type, or size. Here are three other swim pieces that spoke to me from their collection. Can the prints and designs be more charming?

Modcloth Wanelo Challenge


Modcloth Wanelo Challenge



Modcloth Wanelo Challenge



I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and all the pieces I chose! Which pieces are your favorites? Are you ready for summer? Do you have beach vacation plans? Would love to hear from you as always! <3

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Have an amazing, and stylish rest of the week! XOXO,


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  • I love the story you’ve invented and the chic outfits. Really enjoyed reading it and browsing through the photos and the swimwear pieces! 🙂
    Ah… now I want a beach holiday.. .and I mean NOW!


    • No kidding Lu! I need a beach holiday NOW too!! 🙂 The more I wrote the more I felt like what am I doing here, I need to be on some sandy place right now! Hahaha Thx girly, so glad you enjoyed it! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    Beautiful story! It made me think of a romantic gateaway to a tropical island with my hubby. Sigh…My favorite pieces are the dress and the polka dot swim suit. I can picture myself strolling around the shopping antique stores wearing that dress with hubby in tow:)

    • Ahh antique shopping in a beautiful summer day after a morning at the beach, tropical island; Tban you are making me crave this vacation even more! 🙂 Thx so much girly, I really enjoyed coming up with a story and so happy to hear you liked it too! <3 Now we should go talk to our hubbies and make these vacations happen haha! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    Such a lovely story, I enjoyed reading it so much! Makes me feel so inspired to plan our next beach vacation.The two piece polka dot swimsuit is stunning! I also really liked how you put together a day and night look around that piece! Can’t wait for what comes next!

    • Thx so much darling; so delighted you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You are so sweet and I appreciate all the support! <3 That polka dot swimsuit for is seriously cute. Reminds me of a really glam girl, well like the one in my story haha. Now I want to be that girl and take that vacation with the hubby and the kids of course! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • I love the sweet yellow dress on the day look. It reminds me of Audry Hepburn for some reason. Your story was very sweet.

    • Thx so much Laura<3<3 You are right; the yellow dress for sure has an Audrey Hepburn vibe and now I like the dress even more as I love A.H. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I just recently made my first purchase from Modcloth. They are such a fun company: I love how they have a customer style gallery and also how customers can vote on clothes. Their clothing is so original too! Love the vintage dresses and bathing suits.

    • I always thought they are so much fun too Amy! Love the style gallery, their rating system, and their stylish surprises along with the everyday pretties they carry. <3 What did you get from them? XOXO, Elif

  • Sibel

    Your story reminds me of these images: a small Mediterranean town with narrow streets, white-washed houses adorned with Bougainvilleas, the breeze bringing in laurel scent, children playing outside as the evening shadows cast, and vineyards, olive groves in the distance. I would love to spend a vacation in a spot like this one during a hot summer, perhaps just for those evenings with great mezzes and wine.

    • Woww Sibel I love all your images. I think we need to come together and write a movie scenario that takes place in a Mediterranean town haha. I’ve always wanted to do that; especially during my movie writing classes in college. Take me up on this, will you? :-))
      XOXO, Elif

  • Those vintage style swimsuits are so cute! I really love the final red/blue one. So captivating. I also like that they’re darling without revealing too much skin. I don’t think I would feel too exposed in any of those.

    • They made me think of glamorous old Hollywood, like a Marilyn Monroe era. They are not exactly my style but just like you I was so impressed with how stunning the pieces are! XOXO, Elif