Wantable is one of my favorite accessory subscription boxes. If you are new to theboxqueen, you may want to start by reading my previous Wantable reviews, from February, January, December, to see more of the pieces I received, and in-depth information.

In a quick summary, Wantable  is an accessory subscription box that can be a one time purchase for $40. For girls like me, who need regular pretty surprises in the mail though, the monthly sub works great with a discounted price tag of $36. Wantable customizes an accessory box for you after a detailed personal style quiz, where you tell them all your accessory preferences.( i.e. you may choose to receive jewelry, scarves, watches, headbands and like /dislike dainty or statement pieces. You can also skip any type of jewelry altogether. For instance if you dislike bracelets or rings you should never receive those) I choose to receive just jewelry for myself and usually go for necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Wantable’s generous return policy also attracts me to this sub. The company lets us return our boxes for a full refund in case we aren’t completely pleased with what we received. This is super important for me, as like many of you, I don’t like to be stuck with jewelry I won’t want to use. This return policy also really rocks as returning for a refund is pretty rare among subscription boxes. I have exercised Wantable’s return option a couple times, returning boxes I was not 100% happy with, and can attest to the fact that I received full refunds. Tweaking your answers in their personal style quiz helps a ton with receiving pieces that appeal to your taste.

Now let’s move on to what you’ve been waiting to see; the lovelies from my April box. I received four pieces this month from Wantable, one necklace, two earrings, and a ring. The name and original price of each piece is listed under the corresponding picture, along with my thoughts on each item.

Wantable Accessory Review - Jackie Ring

Jackie Ring ( Original price $15) Jackie Ring is actually a set of three rings. There is a thin sparkly band, a caged ring, and another one that resembles an ivy. I was absolutely delighted to receive this set of rings. If you have been reading my style posts, I am very into layering jewelry; be it layered necklaces, an arm party and in this case rings. ( you can see an example of layered necklaces in one of my recent styling posts)

These rings are so versatile, and can be used all together, individually, or two on one finger one on the next. I am also always intrigued with multi-tasking any type of fashion piece I have. ( a triple threat style post here where I style the same piece three ways) These rings definitely have the potential to be multitasking accessories.

Wantable April Accessory Review- Evie Earrings

Evie Earrings (Original price $15 )  These Wantable earrings are good sized hoops with white and gold beads in the middle. Hoops are classics, never out style pieces, and this version is pretty and modern with the twist of some texture. I know I’ll use these earrings frequently, and with many outfits; casual or glam.

Wantable Makayla Earrings - April Accessory box review

Makayla Earrings $15 When I first saw the Makayla earrings I thought they looked very natural. I think they are a summery piece that would match great with boho chic looks, maxi skirts, and long dresses. I imagine myself wearing these having a messy side fishtail braid, a sun kissed make-up, and pinkish lip color. In fact I should probably use them in one of my summer styling posts, and realize& share my vision with you gals. <3 Summer dreaming inspired by a piece of jewelry. 🙂

Wantable Isabella necklace- Accessory box review April 2014

Isabella Necklace (Original price $29) I saved the best for last for sure with the Isabella necklace. Remember what I shared with you  above, under my new rings. I LOVE layering, with capital letters 🙂 and I got a already layered necklace with charming bows, sparkles, colored beads, multi toned metals, all that jazz!  Wantable got this one so right!

Since I got my box last week, I have used this necklace multiple times. Check out this Instagram picture of how I styled Isabella with a bow tie shirt. For such an ambitiously fab necklace, it surprisingly adapts effortlessly to so many tee’s, knits, and blouses. My new favorite!

Update: Jen asked me in comments what my quiz preferences were; and I wanted to add them here if anyone else was wondering.

Styles: Classic & Mix ‘n Match (mid-point like) Glam and Boho (love) Rock n Roll (Dislike)

Want: Earrings, Necklaces, Rings

Don’t want: Bracelets (always too big) and all the other accessories

Gold and Multi Tone (love) Silver (mid-point like)

Earrings: Drops and Hoops (love) Studs (dislike- have way too many)

Necklace: Statement (love) Everyday (dislike) Both long and short necklaces (love)

Rings: Everyday and statement both (love) Sized (love) Adjustable (mid-point like)

Overall thoughts: The April Wantable box is an all around win for me. There is no piece I dislike, and two pieces I absolutely adore. ( rings and the necklace) The total value of the box is $74, great deal compared to the $36 I paid. I can’t wait for my next Wantable accessory box.


Have you ever tried Wantable? What did you think of this accessory sub? I would love to hear from you as always and learn what your experiences were like. <3 Connecting with you makes me grin from ear to ear! 🙂 Drop me a note here and don’t ever hesitate to reach me via my elif@theboxqueen.com if you have questions or just want to chat privately. I love receiving, reading and answering all your e-mails. 🙂

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PS: I have purchased this box myself. The post has my Wantable referral links and if you choose to use them I will jump with joy.

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  • Each of these pieces is too nice! I love the layered necklace and Evie earrings… but the rings and the turquoise earrings are cute too!

    Lu ❤ http://www.balgarka.co.uk

    • I really lucked out this month as I love everything and will use every single piece more than just once (and already have started actually 🙂 The two pieces you mentioned already got a ton of wear; so versatile and pretty! Thx Lu! <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Andrea Karwandy

    I definitely have box envy! Especially for that necklace! I’m like you, I like the layered look. I’ve had such bad experiences with Wantable. I’ve tried both the accessories and make up and wasn’t ever very impressed. I see lots of reviews and items that I love, but never got that with my own boxes. I’d always get shorter necklaces, dainty items, really plain and simple which just isn’t my style at all. I’ll probably try it again at some point but they have really missed the mark so far.

    • Totally hear you Andrea as it is the worst when you see people getting lovely items and you set up your expectations only to receive stuff you would not buy yourself. That must have been a bummer for sure 🙁 I have had my share of dud boxes from Wantable especially in the beginning & returned those. The more I tweaked my profile the more better it got in general. One box I returned was a make-up box and I am trying a second one ( will surely review) A lot of the jewelry pieces I use daily are from them so I keep going back.
      For me the return policy is what sets them apart; I love the option to get my $ back when I dislike the majority of my box. You probably did this, but have you changed the quiz answers a couple times?? If you ever try again hope you’ll be much luckier lovely lady! XOXO, Elif

  • Blush and Blonde

    Ok I LOVE that Isabella necklace!

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

    • Exactly my feeling Jessie; it is so fab! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I have never done any subscription box services but after reading about Wantables on a few blogs lately I have to say this is the first one to tempt me. I’m SO picky about clothes and makeup I doubt anyone could choose for me, but jewelry…I want it all. I looove that Jackie ring set! I want to wear it immediately. (Great manicure in the picture, too.) Thanks for the review and great photos!
    Gina ~ On the Daily Express

    • You know how much fun I have with the mystery boxes; love this one as even with the pieces I was ok with but not in love at first, I noticed I wear them so much; also like it’s risk free with the return option haha. As with clothes I go with subs I really love and it is also like a challenge for me, I always think how can I make this stylish and turn it into a cute outfit. You are very welcome sweetest <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    What a fabulous box! I especially love the necklace and the rings, as I am into layering as well. And the necklace has everything that I love- mixed metal, bows, plus it looks like the beads are purple which is my favorite color. Perfection! I’m crossing my fingers that any of these pieces end up in my box this month. 🙂

    • Yessss Cheryl the beads are purple and one of my most favorite colors as well. I was so excited to see all the layers, different textures etc. a very interesting piece! The rings have been even a better piece to receive as I literally have them on everyday in some shape and form since I got my box. Now I am super curious about your box; would you post it on theboxqueen Facebook so I can see??? ( or if you prefer you can email me as well) Always fun to see what each other gets 😉 Crossing my fingers for you!! XOXO, Elif

  • I didn’t know that Wantable allowed returns–I’ve never tried any of their boxes. I love those rings!

    • So nice right? Such a rare thing for a sub box to accept returns and I hope they’ll always keep this policy as it is such a positive aspect of their service. 🙂 Thx <3 I really adore the rings as well; such a good piece to use daily! XOXO, Elif

  • You always get the best pieces from Wantable! I love your pieces. The stacked rings are just my style.

    • I keep tweaking that quiz like a crazy women haha! Every month I make a small change and it seems to have worked so far minus a couple boxes I returned since the very beginning. The rings are so delicate and pretty; can’t get over their elegance <3 XOXO, Elif

  • imnotsoho1

    Ohhhh I love Wantable!! I currently get the intimates box and it is always so much fun and I love that you can change up your preferences each month! I think if I had the accessories box I’d change everything and try just for scarves one month. Those rings are super cute they are my favorite item(s). 🙂

    • Aren’t they great! <3 I must try that intimates box soon; don't know why I never went ahead with that purchase 🙂 Totally agree with you on changing preferences on the quiz; it makes it much more fun to be able to get different styles each month and not be stuck on the same profile! Btw the rings were my absolute faves this month and still I find a way to use them everyday. XOXO, Elif

  • Stopping by through the linkup. Great pictures! I got a couple of Wantable boxes in April as well. I put rings on my dislike list because I didn’t want midi rings, but I love the rings you received!

    • Hi Jennifer Welcome to theboxqueen! Those rings are really pretty, I wear them so often. I wish there was a way to tell them more specifics in the surveys like in your case no midi rings but yes to others etc. Now I am so curious to see what you’ve got in your boxes? 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Jen

    Can you share a snapshot of your like or dislikes? I love the items you received this month and it’s really tempting me to try Wantable out

    • Morning Jen, I’ll look at my Wantable survey answers and comment here with the info sometime today! ( so everyone interested can see) My last box was pretty spot on so I hope it would help you get a good box too. XOXO, Elif

  • I love that Isabella necklace! Very pretty. I’ve been considering giving Wantable’s Accessories box a try, but I’m afraid I’ll get a bunch of jewelry I won’t wear. I do like their beauty box, though.

    • Danielle I just saw this comment. I love Isabella too still and wear it often. If you like their beauty box I would give their accessories box a try too. As you can return the whole box and get a full refund back there really isn’t much to lose. :-)) If you ever do come and share with me what you got would love to see. Have a wonderful week, XOXO, Elif