I am so excited to be back with a new installment of Triple Threat Fashion in this gorgeous spring day. ( If you are new to theboxqueen you may want to start from my previous Triple Threat posts, Sleeveless Dress,  Destroyed Jeans) I have been enjoying the natural beauty of the NW, and have constantly been out and about with my hubby, little monsters & friends; not wanting to miss any bit of the sunshine, new flowers just starting to blossom, birds chirping a bit more enthusiastically and of course my favorite street side tables filling up the coffee shop fronts <3

Although I don’t show my kids here, and talk about them only occasionally, being a mom is a huge part of my life. I am jumping with joy as I am about to introduce you a bag, styled in three outfits, that has been a lifesaver. I only like to show you guys products that I genuinely love and use in my real life; and this bag is definitely one of my new precious discoveries.

When we chatted with the founder Sarah, I felt an immediate connection to her and believed in her vision to bring style to moms. You know how much I love meeting businesswomen who are also nice, warm people; all my interactions tell me that Sarah is not only brilliant but also have these qualities, such an inspiration for me. ( also she calls me a mominista and I LOVE it 🙂 ) I was super excited when she sent me the beautiful Maddy. Moms- to be, new moms & seasoned moms, pregnant friends, and any women who takes her whole world with her around the city, or traveling; don’t say I did not warn you!  I think you are about to fall in love with a bag , just as I did. 🙂


When I am out with my kids I have a gazillion “stuff” I carry around with me. There are the sweaters in case it gets chilly, my nine year old little artist’s drawing pad and pencils in case she sees something she wants to remember, my five year old son’s tiny cars & planes, ( I blame Disney for all the cute movies) and my four yr old fashionista’s Hello Kitty stuffed animals, various hair clips, pretend phone, and car keys.

Actually I am no better, I love to keep the things I love close by; so my journal, make-up bag, perfume, books &magazines I am currently reading ; yup they all travel around town with me too. This is usually why I go for huge bags, and when I am carrying a clutch or a cross body, the rest of the stuff has to stay in my car.


When I met the Sarah Wells “Maddy” the first thing that came out of my mouth was “Where have you been all my mom life and also where were you when I was nursing my kids, walking around with a plain black nylon bag that was so not my style” ? See Maddy was born to be a uber stylish version of the old, boring nursing bags, and was designed for moms to carry their pumps with them at all times. I think she evolved to be much more though.


This bag is seriously amazing to carry your tablet or laptop in (padded interior anyone?), is perfect for moms around the globe to carry all their kid items including food, juices & water  as the bag is lined with water-resistant materials, (spillage is a daily word in our family dictionary, an everyday occurrence) and a perfect option for traveling with it’s separate compartments. Have you used a pump bag ? What kind of a bag do you carry all your kids stuff in?

I chatted with the Sarah Wells Bag founder & CEO Sarah, and learned about her company and life as a mom. She was so generous to offer my readers a unique 15% discount at Amazon for the Maddy bag with the discount code: QMFSPIWU I use my bag frequently out with hubby and the kids and styled it in three everyday outfits for different occasions. Below you’ll find my three outfits, and Q&A with Sarah.

Theboxqueen’s Styling

Outfit One – Laid-back Saturday afternoon

SPRING STYLE - SARAH WELLS BAGSThis is a perfect example of a Saturday uniform for me. This picture was taken out last Saturday with the family. We went to have a bite for lunch, and met with friends to have a park playdate. We finished off the day with five o’clock tea & pastries at a local coffee bakery. My dress, flat sandals, and carry everything Sarah Wells Bag, were all perfect choices for casual Saturday comfort.

GOLDEN TOTE DRESS- SARAH WELLS BAGOutfit Details:  Dress: Golden Tote (last year) | Bag: Sarah Wells “Maddy” | Sandals: DV Dolce Vita  (this years version)

Q&A with Sarah Wells, CEO & Founder

Sarah and I talked about how she got started, her star bag “Maddy” and, how she is enjoying her time with the real Maddy that started this all. I really enjoyed our conversation, and all her valuable insights on style after baby, and on motherhood.

BQ: What made you think of starting a business focused on stylish bags for moms who pump?

SW: It all started with my own breast pumping experience; I carried my breast pump back to work when I was the Executive Director of a national nonprofit organization, and was frustrated by the lack of function and style in the bag that it came with.  I felt like a pack mule carrying at least three bags everyday, not to mention the random people that provided unsolicited advice about breastfeeding and motherhood after spotting THAT bag!  I started dreaming of designing a better breast pump bag. I told other moms about the idea, and it was ultimately a combination of my husband’s encouragement, and support of a mom friend who has small business expertise that got me going officially.  After a couple of years of design, prototyping,manufacturing and importing, I have my first bag – the “Maddy” – in ode to my daughter, who was the reason I endured all that FUN (ha!) pumping. I also really want to be a role model for Maddy on how women (and moms) can pursue any dream and make it real !

BQ:  How did you choose the particular style of the beautiful Maddy bag?

SW: Designing a first bag that would appeal to most women was really tough!  We all have very different style preferences, which is what makes fashion SO fun.  I talked to a lot of women about their style preferences, and tried to find something that fit nicely in the middle. With the Maddy bag, I settled on classic everything; classic black and tan color scheme, and a classic satchel shape. I’m excited to expand my line in the coming months with the addition of other bags in new colors and shapes.

BQ:  How old is your little one? The Maddy is too cute to be just used during pumping. How do you  utilize yours now that you are done with nursing?

SW: I totally agree!  I really wanted this bag to be transitional and a great value for the customer.  The “real” Maddy just turned three in March!  I carry my breast pump bag everyday (even though I am long done pumping for Maddy) and use it as a purse and mom bag. It’s the perfect mom bag/purse because of the side pockets I always keep a spare diaper and small bag of wipes in one of the side pockets, and a protein bar for me and crackers for Maddy in the other side pocket. I can pack the sides once and just forget them, using the main compartment for my purse, while never being stuck without a snack or necessity!  I LOVE that I don’t have to paw through diapers to get to my wallet.

BQ: What do you and your little one like to do for fun?

SW: Maddy and are really into going on adventures. Since she was just a newborn, I was out of the house with her, at parks, museums, and the zoo.  We love being outside and trying out all sorts of new and interesting places for kids.  We’re super lucky to live in the Washington, DC area where the (free) Smithsonian Museums are essentially our playground.  I’m always in awe of the experiences Maddy has here, running around the Hope Diamond, the U.S. Constitution, the Wright Brothers airplane and the flag that inspired The Star Spangled Banner.  So cool!  We’re really active together and I think it’s contributed a lot to Maddy’s development (and my enjoyment of motherhood!).

BQ: What are your plans for the future of your company? Do you plan to add other types of fashion accessories/ pieces to your product line?

SW: In the short-term, I have my eye on expanding my breast pump handbag line.  I’d love to bring some eye-popping color into the mix and incorporate the great ideas that customers have given me.  Whatever I do, I’ll still have my eye to bags that are transitional for moms and will stand the test of time in style and quality!  In terms of other products and evolutions of the breast pump bag, I want to hear from other moms – what would you like to see my company offer?

BQ: What’s a tidbit of advice would you give moms that you learned after having your little one?

SW: It sounds so cliche, but seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff! Being a mother is an incredible amount of work!!  Focus on the major responsibilities (and joys) of motherhood: love, health, education, safety, etc. and let go of stress about minor things to the extent that you can.

Outfit Two-  Weekday Lunch/ Playdate with Mom Friends

SARAH WELLS MADDY BAG- MOM STYLEThis outfit was simple, chic, and comfy for a mom’s midday get together with kids. Medium heel wedges let me run after the kids, stripes pulled the look together with their classic charm, and the skirt was form fitting but a cozy cotton fabric. My Maddy had a change of clothes, snacks, and toys in it along with all my own “must come with me” pieces.

Mom style spring- Sarah Wells MAddy BagOutfit Details: Top: Harlowe and Graham  | Skirt: Stylemint | Bag: Sarah Wells | Shoes: DSW -sold out (similar here) 

Outfit Three- Friday Evening Dinner Party at Our Friend’s House 

Sarah Wells Bag- Springstyle

For a dinner at a friends house we were attending as a family, I chose to wear this bright and happy flower print shift dress. I love shift dresses as they are not fussy but still very put together for easy style. The flower pattern is very on trend and one of my favorite patterns of 2014 spring/summer. This particular shift dress has pockets, makes me want to sing; you know how much I love pockets on skirts and dresses. Pure love! My Maddy bag accompanied us to the party with all our essentials.

Spring Mom Style- Sarah Wells Bag

Soring Style- Sarah Wells Breast pump Bag- Mom bagOutfit Details: I Madeline Shift Dress ( really cute option here ) | Sarah Wells bag | Nine West Heels (similar here )

If you have a about to pop friend, if you need a durable and stylish carry all for all your essentials, if you are a new mom who pumps or a seasoned mom that carries around tons of kids stuff like me, if you need a good travel bag that is so functional remember that the Maddy comes with a 15% discount until the end of April with the unique theboxqueen code: QMFSPIWU 

What are your go to weekend outfits? What do you think of the Maddy bag and any suggestion for the next release of the carry all? Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  • I love the combo between practicality and style with that bag! THere’s definitely more of that needed in the world!

    • So true! This one takes the cake for style and functionality. An all over amazing carry all for any girl, nursing, mom, pregnant or not! A perfect everyday bag tried and tested by a bag obsessed lady haha <3 XOXO, Elif

  • I am in LOVE with that bag! I totally need one!!! With an almost 2 year old, I’ve realized my purse becomes the catch all for everything. I love that this bag looks structured and polished and can hold a lot and will be very functional.

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

    • Kristie I can’t stop gushing over it as since I got it I can’t stop using it everyday! Made my life so much easier going out with my kids! I carry their extra layer of clothes, toys, books, snacks with me. This bag goes with so many outfits, is so stylish and durable for those daiy spills etc. I think I will use it for a long time daily for all my mom stuff and while we are traveling <3 If your purse is full of random stuff you would love this! <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    A very functional bag! A must-have for moms who are breasfeeding. I would like to see different colors and styles in the future. Thanks Elif for introducing this stylish bag.

    • Yess so functional, super sophisticated looking and amazing for majority of women. It works starting from the nursing stage and can be used as a diaper bag, a carry all for kids stuff, a travel bag, or a stylish bag to carry your tablet and laptop to and from work. Have been using it nonstop since I got it. You are so welcome my dear and I agree we need more colors in this bag! XOXO, Elif

  • fashionguru

    Where were Sarah Wells 10 years ago when I was carrying the exact same breastfeeding bag to work everyday. That could not even carry my purse. My kids are big now. I am starting my own business now and looking for a stylish bag for travel with my laptop on the plane. All the options I have seen out there is not as stylish as I want to be. Please help!

    • Fashionguru actually this bag would work great for traveling with your tablet, or a small laptop for your business trips! It has a padded pocket for those! I am traveling a lot this summer and will use the side pockets for passport, tickets etc, will put all my kids stuff, my tablet, books in and I think I will have room to spare! Also will pass your suggestion over to Sarah! Thx so much dear! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    This bag looks so versatile. I can’t believe it is a breast pump bag as well; it is so stylish for everyday. Love how you styled it in three weekend outfits and the bag blends it with all of them seamlessly. I would love to see it in bright, vibrant colors like a red and neutrals like olive green, blues. Thanks for the great weekend outfit ideas!

    • Nuray all great suggestions that I will pass on! I think a bright red would be so stylish for fall/winter and some pastels for summer <3 Totally agree, the bag is extremely versatile; I am proof of it as I have literally been taking it everywhere with me this past week and feel like I am never without my essentials anymore. Wish I had it when I was pumping, nursing however it is perfect for any mom, businesswomen for carrying tech stuff, and any girl for traveling! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • The bag looks fabulously amazing! It is extremely stylish with all the outfits. :))


    • Thx my dear, I really like it too and use it so much! XOXO, Elif

  • Darcy

    That bag looks amazing! Love the floral print dress!

    • That dress is one of my favorite dresses for spring and I use the bag so much, so versatile <3 Thx so much girly <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Mili

    It looks very versatile! Love the last dress so much, the colors are gorgeous 🙂


    • Welcome to theboxqueen and thx so much for saying hi! <3<3 The bag is really an all over great one and I love that dress too- the pockets were the details that pushed me over the edge to buy it :-))) XOXO, Elif

  • This handbag is so beautiful and multifunctional. It looks perfect as a city oversized handbag and as a weekend bag at the same time 🙂 Really good find!

    Lu ❤ http://www.balgarka.co.uk

    • Yes it is definitely like a weekender; I packed up a lot in it for a day trip over the weekend and will also use it in my travels. <3 <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Nothing beats a good design and function. The fact that this bag is stylish to boot is just fabulous. I really enjoyed how you styled it in a multitude of ways to show how easy it is to wear it with a bunch of different looks.

    • I am so happy to know you enjoyed the different outfits Karen! <3 It is so difficult to find functional bags that also are so great with many different styles of looks and this one really is a high achiever in that sense :-)) Thx so much lovely lady for saying hi! XOXO, Elif

  • That is such a lovely bag! It looks really practical, and goes with all 3 of your outfits 🙂

    Away From Blue

    • It really is Mica; such a great basic piece that is a classic and super functional. I carry all my kids stuff around with me in it. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • I love the boldness of the florals in these looks, really vibrant. And great to use the same bag! I usually have the same bag, regardless of whether it works or not!

    P x (via Style Elixir linkup)

  • Welcome to theboxqueen @ Porcelina 🙂 Florals are such happy patterns for any outfit and especially dresses I think. I like to change up my bags usually but finding this bag to carry all of my kids stuff has been amazing! XOXO, Elif

  • Wow – this is great! I would never in a million years have guessed this was a pump bag! It’s still very relevant to “every day” life! And girl, I’m dying over that floral shift! Looks amazing on you!!!

  • So much gorgeous-ness in this post! I NEED that bag stat! Thanks for linkin to Sunday FUNday!

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