I always say time flies; because it does. Between the kids activities, daily responsibilities, my beloved space here, and living life, time does go by so unnoticed. This month however I think time did not just fly, it blasted off with the speed of a rocket! I have no idea how it is the third week of April, and time for another Popsugar review.

As some of you may know, Popsugar Must Have is my go to monthly lifestyle subscription to be introduced to many cool new brands, a lot of well-known luxury ones and occasional mainstream products. (If you are new to theboxqueen you can find reviews of previous months here: Popsugar Reviews) The editors at Popsugar put together a box each month from any of the Fashion, Beauty, Home, Food, Fitness categories, with an unpredictable mix. ( yayyy for that fun surprise element). There is usually some kind of a loose theme they plan the boxes around. ( for instance for April it is getting outside, cleaning house, and going green) Monthly boxes cost $39.95. There are pre-paid longer plans, for savings that increase with the number of months purchased. POPSUGAR just released a new discount code for May. To get $10 off your first month you can use discount code: MAY10

Popsugar April box was a total surprise for me. I usually sneak a peak at the spoilers. There are other times I don’t even mean to but they end up right in front of me, on Facebook or instagram, and I can’t look away. 🙂 This time though my box arrived earlier than usual; and it was 100% mystery which is always so exhilarating just before I open the white/pink box.


April box is Must Have Home heavy ( notebook, hand soap, towel set) with a few other Must Have’s sprinkled in like Fashion (eco shopper), Beauty (Too Faced Palette), and Food (Trail Mix). I usually love Popsugar Boxes that have more of a Fashion or Beauty focus; (Btw I don’t really consider eco shopper a fashion item as it is more like a necessity to me – a very cute one at that) so it came as a surprise to me that I found a great purpose for each item.

One of the huge benefits of a Popsugar box for me, is gifting some of the items to family and friends. Popsugar brands are usually high quality and some really original; I think they make the best presents for loved ones. I know after all this introduction you can’t wait to see the individual Must Have’s of April. Here we go:


Too Faced Natural Eyes ($36) This month, the Too Faced Palette is, without a doubt, my favorite of the box. It comes in an adorable mirrored tin box with a nifty little how-to guide, and houses nine gorgeous neutral eyeshadows. I love that this palette is so easy to use. There are three looks they labeled as Day, Classic, and Fashion. Each look is achieved with the corresponding three eyeshadows, by using the step by step tutorial.

As someone mildly obsessed with neutral eyeshadows, (such as the famous Naked Palette’s) I think this Too Faced Palette is a great start to have it all in neutrals with just the right number of shadows. I’ll surely try all the looks shown in the guide; the first one that grabbed my attention is the Day look and I can’t wait to replicate that.


Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap ($10.50) Caldrea Liquid Hand Soap Rosewater Driftwood — 10.8 fl oz ( found it for $8.99 on Amazon) Okay so this is a soap right; at first glance not something to get overly excited about. Don’t get me wrong; I love pretty soaps in cute packaging as much as any girl. This was a standard looking soap bottle though, so I was pretty ho-hum about it right out of the Popsugar box.

I read the description and saw that on the bottle it says aromatherapeutic home keeping. That intrigued me; I have a soft spot for aromatherapy, aromatherapeutic oils, and love relaxing with beautiful scents. I gave the soap a fair try. Ladies I love it! The smell, to me,  is much more floral than spicy; it is not overbearing and is very pleasant. I can’t stop smelling my hands, and feel like this soap is to the hands what Chanel 5 is to the soul  body. Feels so luxurious!  The soap has found a home in my master bathroom.


Fresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set ($18) This towel set from Fresh Pantry Stand  is really cute, and whimsical -reading Totally Awesome. Let’s face it though; two white tea towels in my kitchen, with three young kids, and a couple of chocolate, strawberry, blueberry eating hands, won’t last long. These towels don’t particularly look like they would take great to consistent washing either. Until my kids are older I’ll keep my pretty things everywhere but the kitchen, and this charming set will soon find itself a home at a loved one’s house. I am listening to your suggestion Popsugar!

Update on 04/26: Deva from Fresh Pastry Stand stopped by and commented below. <3 She let me know that she too has three little kids and use &wash her towels frequently! She informed me the towels are printed with water based ink, and the design becomes a part of the fabric- suitable for rugged use! Totally changed my mind knowing I can wash and spot bleach these beauties, and now my towels are hanging in my kitchen. Thanks Deva for taking the time to give me more information on your towels!



Blueavocado (Eco) Shopper ($25) I want to start talking about this bag but I can’t get over the loveliness of that print. Like I mentioned above, I don’t necessarily consider this bag a Fashion Must Have, I consider it a Life Must Have. I have to admit I still use the paper bags at grocery stores ( and recycle); as I usually do weekly shoppings, and a tote would never hold everything. My city is famous for its Farmer’s Markets full of fresh, natural, or organic produce though, and this tote is a necessity for such outings. The baguette peaking from the bag is there for demonstration purposes for now. 🙂 Pretty soon, when the weather is nicer, I have plans to make it a reality.

Just to give you some more details, this particular bag is light, it’s fabric is on the thinner side, but the bag is obviously strong as it is labeled to carry up to 20 pounds. I have to test the tote on a regular basis until I can back that claim. Will get back to you on this one!



Graphic Image Pocket Notes ($20) Popsugar editors must have heard me talk, or they read my mind, as I have been wanting a cute notebook (GraphicImage) from them for a while now. Granted what I had in mind was a larger notebook. I would use it as a journal, and to write down inspirations;  but I’ll take this cute little blue thing, especially with that clever statement on the cover! It is special too; with silver edges, acid free paper and that soft cover. Definitely a keeper she is!



Naturebox Popsugar Must Have Mix ($5) My kinda snack. First thing that comes to my mind to describe Nature Box’s custom mix for Popsugar. It has no artificial flavors, or colors- all natural goodness full of almonds, soybeans, corn, and cranberries. Took about half an hr for the fam to finish it all up. So good!

Overall Impressions: Once again I am impressed with Popsugar’s value, and it is consistency in introducing & delivering unique, high quality brands/products. This month the value of the box is $115 for  $39.95 I paid. The total value is almost three times the purchase price which is pretty huge. This wouldn’t have meant much if I didn’t actually like the products of course, and each month I love the majority of the products! The ones I feel like I won’t use are still high quality, and I feel great gifting those to a family member, or a friend.

If you are considering trying a box for yourself; there is a new code for May to get $10 off your first Popsugar Must Have Box. Discount Code: MAY10

Have you ever tried the Popsugar Must Have Sub? Did you get the April box? Which products are your favorites?

I would love to chat Popsugar with you! If you are new to theboxqueen, make sure to sign up at the top or the right sidebar to receive news and updates. You can also find me at theboxqueen social media listed below. I love meeting and talking to each one of you so don’t hesitate to say hi, or send me an e-mail if you ever have any questions &  want to talk privately!

It’s almost the weekend, have a great Thursday lovelies! XOXO,


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PS: I have purchased this box myself however this post does contain my referral link to Popsugar and some affiliate links. If you choose to use them, thanks so much! <3

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  • These yummy chocolate shades of brown are perfect for a natural eye makeup! Great box 🙂

    Lu ❤ http://www.balgarka.co.uk

    • Thx Lu,I love that palette so much, the colors are such essentials! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    This is a good box! Love the eye shadow palette, and the tutorial on different looks. The trail mix looks like a great alternative for snacking between meals. I need to get more healthier snacks like this one.

    • The trail mix was so yummy. We all love trail mixes here & this one was really good with the addition of soybeans! I seriously recommend it; such a healthy snack. The eye palette I am so giddy about <3 can't wait to try all three looks. Thanks lovely lady for saying hi! XOXO, Elif

  • Wasn’t this such a GOOD box?! I LOVED it!

    xo Always, Abby

    • It was! Especially that eye palette- just gorgeous colors! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    I love that eye shadow set! For having that smoky eyes effect, this set is way to go!

    • Yess Tban exactly! It is so perfect for smokey eye and the tutorial guide is so adorable (and useful) XOXO, Elif

  • Hi Queen! This is Deva from Fresh Pastry Stand. Go ahead and use your towels! I have 3 littles and I use these towels all the time. They wash up real well and you can always use a little spot bleach on stains. They are printed with water based ink so the design becomes part of the fabric! It is going to take a LONG time for that design to fade. I promise you, my tea towels are made for rugged use! Thanks for the positive review! XO

    • Hi Deva Welcome to theboxqueen! SO Happy to see you here and THANK YOU so much for taking the time to come and give me this info! I loved the towels; they are just adorable. Now that I know you use them with your kids, and they stand to washing; I am not giving them to anyone- already hang them in my kitchen. 🙂 I am also updating with this info from you. Thanks lovely! XOXO, Elif

  • sibel

    I like the eyes shadows, they’re my favorite colors. I always like products which contain roses and rose water. Stuff like body lotion, cream, and even deserts (Turkish delight is a good example) that are somehow rose related always get me.I also really like the shopping bag, it is cute and functional.

    • Mine too Sibel 🙂 Love rich brown colors for eye shadows! The soap and the shopping bag are too cute too. It was an all over good box! XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I loved this box as well! I was excited about every single item. I especially love the palette; I have a feeling it will become my go-to makeup item. Also, I highly recommend Socialbliss Style Box as another fun lifestyle subscription. This one leans a little more towards fashion/accessories; they included some adorable purses in the last couple of boxes!

    • The palette is such an everyday make-up staple Cheryl <3 I'll use it a lot too! Have heard of Socialbliss, haven't tried it yet but sounds great as a more fashion oriented box! Does everyone get the same pieces? What did you get so far? I should look more into it! Great chatting with you again! XOXO, Elif

      • Cheryl

        Typically everyone gets the same pieces, though this month there were variations in the handbag color and in the style of earring. Last month we received a Melie Bianco bag in one of two colors. So far I’ve received a cute clutch or bag every month, a beautiful scarf, earrings, makeup brush set, some beauty items and more! I believe you can still sign up for a one month “gift” sub in order to try the box (that’s how I started). I’ve been very pleased so far. 🙂

        • That does sound very exciting and very fashion/beauty oriented <3 Especially love that you've been receiving bags! 🙂

  • It’s always so fun to see your box goodies and live vicariously. Now that I’ve convinced you to try shopping at Express again maybe next you’ll convince me to try a box service. 🙂 Love the eye shadows and LOL at the staging of the baguette in your shopping bag! Perfection!
    On the Daily Express

    • Gina knowing you love fashion I think I should convince you for one of my clothing subs haha; they are both SO much fun! This one is really cute too for getting a mix of fashion.beauty/home stuff. 😉 Love how you noticed the baguette staging :-))) Ideally I should have had some fruits peeking out too :)) XOXO, Elif

  • Wow, this box looks fab! I love the palette. It’s expensive but you got some really great things. How do you manage to afford all of these boxes :p

    Corinne x

    • Corinne, it is more on the expensive side that’s true. What I like is usually there are a couple items in it that are worth the value of the box that I love and the rest are just like bonuses. (just like that eye palette) 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • That looks like a pretty awesome month. I love the type on those tea towels and that notebook! Ahhh I’ve been looking for something like that too!


    • It was! I got more excited after learning the tea towels can withstand countless washings, and I already have the notebook in my purse. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Wow, the cost of the eyeshadow palette alone would’ve almost been worth it to buy the box. This sounds like a great deal; I remember seeing it when the box first came out, but it sounds like I need to get one ASAP.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    • That’s exactly how I justify this box since I started. There is almost always an item that I am in love with (scarves, necklaces, face creams, or this palette) that is worth as much as the box. The rest is like little gifts to myself 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I haven’t minded cancelling my subscription until this month. I love everything inside! That pretty shopping tote is the best! I love how it zips up.

    • Sometimes a sub just needs to go; it is the worst when you cancel and then there is smt you love in a box. I’ve had that happen with glossy box a couple times. This box was one of the better boxes and I’ve liked it more than I thought I would even without a traditional sense fashion item. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • This box has to be one of the best ones I have seen!! The Two Faced palette is one of my all time faves. I wear the colors almost every single day. This box makes me want ti join! Thanks for sharing and for you incredibly sweet comment today. You ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!! xoxo

    • I’ve found myself using the neutral day look more than a couple times since I got the box; so versatile. Can’t wait to try a more dramatic smoky eye with it. 🙂 You are very welcome about the comment; totally comes from the heart! I love the kindness and sweetness you genuinely show others and how you share your experiences; your posts always bring happiness to me too! <3<3 XOXO, Elif

  • I thought this was a great box too, and it’s nice to know the towels will really hold up. Every item was useful to me or someone else in my home!

    • That’s exactly why I liked the box Kate; each item was loved by someone in my house. I also appreciate a lot of what comes in the boxes make great friends/host/family gifts too. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • imnotsoho1

    Hellooooo!! This box would have been a big hit for me – I think I was impressed with everything in it – especially that print bag (so cute!!). I really like too faced cosmetics they usually wear so nicely! Great Box – I’m jealous!! 🙂

    • Totally get box envy; have had it many times before :-))) Have to admit this one was a good one; so many boxes out there though how can we possibly get them all haha. XOXO, Elif