Hello my lovely ladies! How are you all doing this beautiful weekend? I have spent some quality time with my family and Daisy the Pug, leisurely walking around our neighborhood, having coffee and just talking. It was a most needed peaceful time before I continue rushing from one place to another to make sure we have everything we need before we take off Monday morning to visit my parents overseas. Blogging will continue as usual starting Tuesday, otherwise I would miss you all too much. 🙂

May Golden Tote came much earlier than I anticipated. It seems like the $49 totes ship earlier than the $149 totes, at least this has been my experience lately. For the first time, I received two pieces in my $49 Golden tote , and I attribute this to the pants that was my pick and the dress included as my surprise item. The higher the value of the items, the fewer # of pieces included; which totally makes sense. The great news is I am completely in love with both. In case you are new to theboxqueen and yet unaware of my obsession love of Golden Tote  you may want to start reading from all the previous Golden Tote reviews.

As a quick recap two friends, and the creators of wildly successful brand Puella sold at Antropologie, Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney, offered limited time grab bags years ago to clear out their inventory. These packages filled mostly with their Puella items sold out immediately and they decided to create Golden Tote, a monthly grab bag filled with boutique quality brands and surprise items chosen by the two ladies who have seriously impeccable taste. I have been a Golden Tote fanatic from the very beginning and I can assure these ladies find the most stylish, eclectic, on trend pieces that are most importantly also some of the most versatile pieces I own.

The items sell out in ridiculously quick amount of times; I advice you to sign-up for the Golden tote Newsletter and get all the sale news, and updates before the sales start. When the sale starts make sure to finalize your decisions quickly, as I have been known to go to check-out and see that my choice item(s) disappeared from my cart. True story- too many times.

Without further ado I introduce you my May Golden Tote pick, geometric print pants: geometric-pants_3

 pic: from Golden Tote Website 

I first saw these pants on Golden Tote instagram ( have we found each other there? I <3  Instagram) in the May spoilers and loved it. After seeing the above picture, along with a couple others of the black/white color, I couldn’t resist it. The pants have the faintest yellow color, so pretty, and the pattern is not as obvious in this color making the pants super versatile for summer. Only having 2 new GT pieces to style, I instead will show the pants in two different outfits; one a bit dressed up, and the other more casual.

My mission for May Golden Tote  review was to use ALL Golden Tote pieces in my outfits, including most of the accessories, of course excluding shoes. ( Golden Tote now that’s a thought; how about starting a shoe tote ? 🙂 ) Happy to say I accomplished that mission <3

Theboxqueen’s Styling

Day look with geometric pants


First up is the casual day look with the geometric pants. I paired them with a tank I received in one of last summer’s Golden Tote‘s.

Style Tip: Pairing a printed pant with an embroidered tank keeps it simple and uncomplicated but adds in an extra layer of pattern to the outfit without overwhelming the whole look. The tiny wedge sandals keep the outfit casual but gives more petite girls a subtle lift.

gt_2964 Here is a close look at the detailing on the tank. Since receiving this tank in last summer’s Golden Tote  I’ve worn it with jeans, shorts, and skirts.


My almost flat wedges. Love them in everyday looks.

Outfit Details : Top: Golden Tote | Pants: Golden Tote | Bag: Foley +Corinna  | Shoes: Nine West ( similar option 1, option 2 on sale  )  |

Evening look with geometric pants


The same Golden Tote  geometric pants can easily be worn for an evening out such as dinner or a party at friends.

Style tip: To transform a simple pants into a more polished outfit, I would simply add a delicate, fancier top, a couple of glam accessories, and of course put the final touch with a special shoe. I would also switch my tote with a sassier clutch.

gt_2824 This is one of my absolute favorite picks from a past Golden Tote. The top has two fabrics so close to my heart: Lace and crochet. I wear a spagetti strap white tank inside the top for fall and spring; the front panel is see-through. During summer I have plans to layer it with a bralette. Glamming up an outfit for evening sometimes means more sparkles. Here I used a layered necklace, and pearl drop earrings.


A classic watch with a single chain bracelet, along with a trio of rings decorates my arm, and hands. The clutch is from Golden Tote as well.


Cute shoes are a must to make an outfit extra special, and my choice here is a metallic, velvet mix heels.


Outfit Details: Top: Golden Tote | Pants: Golden Tote |  Necklace +Earrings: Wantable ( also my Wantable reviews | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: Jewelmint | Shoes: Juicy Couture | Clutch: Golden Tote 

Surprise Item of May tote 


I squeaked with joy when I saw this Naked Zebra dress in my tote as my surprise item. It is so similar to a dress I returned from another brand, and I was regretting parting with that one. The dress is playful, effortlessly stylish, and has a modern drop-waist that I tied just a tad higher. (looks better on my body type I think as I am not very tall)

Style Tip: A plain dress like this with minimal details is the perfect canvas for versatile styling. It can be remixed and reused in so many different outfits. Here I went for a weekend chic with heels, and a statement necklace but I can also see myself wearing the same dress with flat sandals, a straw hat say to a farmer’s market. Pieces like this one brings a lot of depth to your closet, and opportunities to mix in what you already have. I am all about multi-tasking my pieces to get as much mileage as I can out of my wardrobe.


The detailing on the V neck is simple and pretty.


Where do you think I got this lovely weave tote from? Yes you guessed it right 🙂 From Golden Tote!

Outfit Details: Dress: Golden Tote | Bag: Golden Tote | Necklace: Wantable | Shoes: Pour La Victoire ( Amazing option on sale)

Did you get May Golden Tote? Which pieces did you pick and what were your surprise items? I would LOVE to hear your experience, and of course share your excitement. <3

One of the reasons I love Golden Tote is the wonderful community we have over at Golden Tote Facebook Trading group. The ladies there are wonderful, and GT pieces are traded/sold daily. You’ll love being a part of this group.

If you would like to try a tote of your own, June Golden Tote is around the corner. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter to get news on sales dates. Here is my GT referral link and if you choose to use it thx so much!

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  • Cheryl

    Another great post; I love how you incorporated all Golden Tote pieces in your styling! Had no idea that GT did bags?! This month I chose a $49 tote with the same geo pants in black/white, and my surprise item was the same Zebra dress in black. I think I will get a ton of wear out of both. Have a wonderful weekend, and save travels!

    • It was fun trying to come up with outfits fit just GT pieces 🙂 Golden tote used to have accessory totes that I bought two of in the past; wish they still had them and more haha ( my new suggestion is shoes 😉 You can’t go wrong with these pants in black/white and the Zebra dress in any color, I am sure you’ll enjoy both quite a bit this summer. Thx for the good wishes lovely lady! XOXO, Elif

  • I love your tote and how you styled everything. That dress is adorable on you! I received the same one in pink as a surprise item in my tote this month. I ordered the $149 tote and chose the paisley pants and pink ikat printed pleated top. Neither of my picks worked for me, but I love all the surprise items I received.

    Is the nail polish you have on in this post the one we received in our popsugar boxes this month?!? I absolutely love it!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

    • Thx Kristie, I love that Naked Zebra dress! 🙂 Perfect put on and go summer piece. Have seen the pink one on the board and the dress is just too cute in pink. What happened with the paisley pants and the ikat top? You didn’t like the styles or just the fit? They both looked like such pretty pieces. Happy to hear you like your surprise items. What did you get in surprises?
      Yes the polish is from Popsugar Box, I am in love with the color too. It is so vibrant but surprisingly goes with everything. 🙂 Have a wonderful week, XOXO, Elif

      • I loved both the ikat top and the paisley pants, but the ikat top ran large and just didn’t flatter my figure. The paisley pants fit fine, but I didn’t feel like I would wear such a brightly patterned pant when I saw them in person. I just didn’t feel comfortable in them at all.

        I finally have my May Golden Tote review up on my blog, if you want to see the surprise items I received. I also styled them on myself this month 😉

  • Andrea Karwandy

    The surprises definitely have me regretting not getting a tote this month. Between the Naked Zebra dress and the Puella swing top I have serious tote envy of people. I’m hoping to be able to get one in June and request some items! And those bags, love those! Was that from when they had accessory totes?

    • It was Andrea! I really liked the accessory totes; wonder why they stopped offering them. I got those twice and in one I got the straw tote along with a couple items including the cutest black straw fedora. The second tote had the clutch also shown here with a neutral straw hat. I have been using all so much. I have a bit regret I didn’t get the big tote this month but I may go with smaller totes for a while as I have already gotten so much summer clothes between my boxes and shopping hauls lol. The memorial day sales have not helped either. It’s a good idea for you to request some of your wish list items from this month in the June tote. In the past I was able to get a couple coveted previous pieces like that. Have a great week my dear, XOXO, Elif

  • fashionguru

    I love both of your GT items. The color of the dress looks really good on you and it also looks very comfortable to wear everyday. The pants are definitely unique and chic. I did not get the May tote because I was a little disappointed with my April tote. I am maybe thinking to give Golden tote another chance in the future. I will read more reviews and decide if my disappointment was only a bad luck or other people have similar problems or not. Have great time with your famI’ll and keep us posted about your travel fashion stories!

    • Andrea Karwandy

      I’ve been doing Golden Tote since November. I’ve bought every month except for May because April was the first time I was disappointed (well and I needed to give my wallet a break lol). Waiting for my tote for a long time is the only thing that usually disappoints me (Canadian orders get sent out all at once so it’s usually a bit of a wait!), but it’s always been worth the wait. I usually even like my surprise items beget than chosen! I’d definitely encourage you to try again, I feel like April was a bit of an off month!

      • fashionguru

        Thanks Andrea for the encouragement. Since so many people like it so much I might give it another try. Maybe April was an unlucky month to try.

        • I did really like the pants and the dress, and agree they are both stylish and easy to wear. As to Golden tote for me it is an amazing deal as I love the brands they send and know the original prices, but totally understand that it is a bummer when you get something you don’t like which is always a possibility with surprise totes. Usually the ladies there are very helpful when you let them know. ( in my past experiences)
          Thanks for the good wishes my dear, I missed my family and hope to have a good time with them and will certainly keep you posted with travel fashion. 🙂 You have an amazing summer as well! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    Perfect outfits for the summer. Very effortlessly stylish. Love all your reviews and style tips.

    • Thx so much dear for the kind words. I am so happy you are enjoying the reviews and the style tips, makes my day! XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    First of all, have a great trip! I will miss having you here<3 the dress is just gourgeous! That color is perfect for you! I loved the bottom side cuts. It adds more eye catching detailing. Overall, a great box. Enjoy:)

    • Both the color and the simple shape/detailing of the dress really appealed to me. 🙂 Thx for the good wishes for my travel, I’ll be back here to the blog quickly and we’ll catch up! I hope you have a wonderful summer my lovely friend. XOXO, Elif

  • Love the print on those pants, what a great item! And that dress is beautiful on you as well, such a nice shade of blue 🙂

    Wish we had these kinds of subscriptions in Australia, it seems like lots of fun 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Actually there is one clothing box that ships to Australia Mica, as the owner is originally from there. It’s Popbasic and I have a review of them here. They come out with monthly micro collections, high in quality too. Other than that I hope you’ll get more subs there soon as getting these in the mail is super fun :))) Thx for the sweetness, I really like both items. Have great week, XOXO, Elif

  • That studded and laser cut clutch is so beautiful! And the other favourite item of mine are the chevron printed lemony jeans! :))

    Lu, http://www.balgarka.co.uk

    • Golden Tote used to do accessory boxes too; that’s when I got the clutch and has been using it since 🙂 My favorite too. The yellow jeans will surely be a new favorite <3 Have a great new week my dear, XOXO, Elif

  • Sorry if you are getting this twice! Having some technical difficulties over here! was just saying that I don’t know how you could ever make decisions on what to keep because everything always looks so great on you! These pants are fabulous and are perfect with the metallic velvet heels. You style everything so well! <3

    • Thanks Carylee, always so sweet and make me feel great! :)) I love the pants, they are as great for evening looks as they are for a casual grocery shopping. Have the perfect week my lovely! I’ll catch up with my blog readings soon, I just landed after a long plane ride. Can’t wait to see what you are up to lately 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • basia

    The teal color really makes you come alive. It is beautiful on you! Did you find that the jeans stretched a bit as you wore them? Also, what is the brand of that gorgeous white crochet top that you got in a previous tote? Love that.

    • I really loved the teal color as well, thx lovely 🙂 The jeans were pretty tight fitting at first for sure, it took them probably a couple wears to stretch but they did a little. The white crochet top is made by Solitaire. It’s my absolute favorite too, goes with everything. Have a wonderful week, XO, Elif

  • Rachel G

    I like that the colors of those pants make the print really subtle–it’s there, but it doesn’t scream at you. And you look so pretty in the teal dress!

    • Yes Rachel definitely what I liked about the yellow pants is how subtle they make the print! Thx so much for the sweetness, have the best week! XOXO, Elif

  • imnotsoho1

    That dress is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so wonderful on you! I love it!! 🙂