How is this father’s day going to work? asked my five year old son a couple mornings ago while I was sipping my breakfast tea. See for the first time in a long while, we are spending Father’s day with my dad (and mom) and my husband is not joining us until later in the month. I’ve talked about our Sunday brunch tradition before. ( A tradition that has actually started with my parents when I was little.) Days like Father’s Day are also a valued tradition to celebrate together in our family, and the kids and I really wish my hubby was with us on the 15th.

This is bittersweet; I am really excited to be with my own dad for a change. I am planning him a nice walk down the memory lane. It’ll come complete with a brunch reservation at our favorite place from my childhood, a collage canvas of pics of me as a little girl with him ( I think this will be the real hit of the day, thinking of it makes me get so emotional), and a perfume set that I hope he’ll like. ( psttt it’s a surprise but I’ll share with you, #2 from the second gift guide)

The kids are busy getting ready for the day. With the guidance of our resident artist, my nine yr old daughter, they are making their artwork &Father’s Day cards for both my husband and my dad; decorating with colors, and sparkles,and stickers.



Most dads I know would be super happy with the sentimental father’s day gifts. For instance, when the tables are turned and it’s Mother’s Day, for me, a handwritten card, or a handmade kids artwork is the real treasure. Having said that, I think it is amazing to pamper the men we love with something they would love to use; whatever the budget.

I decided to do something fun for this particular special day guide, and actually gave my husband and dad assignments to help me put the lists together. From the store options I gave them, they chose their favorite items. Isn’t that fun? ( Is it cheating? Now I just choose from their lists, yayyyyy 🙂 ) The first list is my hubby’s and the second is my dads. I was so pleasantly surprised, don’t they have great taste? Also some surprising items in there; a guitar spatula dad? – too cool! <3



Do you have Father’s Day plans? What are some of your traditions for the day? Which dad’s board above do you like better? 🙂

I hope we gave you some inspiration on gift ideas. So happy I got mine. A big early Happy Father’s Day to my husband & dad, and to all the dads/father figures in your lives!

Can’t wait to hear what you think, which gifts you like best, and your plans! You know it makes my day to hear from you, so please keep the notes, comments, e-mails, messages coming. I am getting more excited each day to get to know you better.

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Have the best rest of the week lovelies, XOXO,


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  • Darcy
  • Belinda

    Hi Elif! I love both boards of gifts! I loved reading that you have a perfume set for your Father as a surprise. I too would give my Dad a fresh new set of cologne for Father’s Day with a fancy brush like the number 1 box in your Dad’s selection. So sweet to be remember.♡ I’ll be thinking of what to do for my hubby for Father’s Day. It’s always fun to get the kids involved. Thank you for reminding us to start planning and get creative!

    • Belinda I can’t wait to hear what you end up planning with the kids. 🙂 I was so surprised that both hubby and my dad came up with great lists. I am planning a nice morning out for them- dad on Fathers day and hubby when he comes here. A little bit of smt. extra is always fun too as I am usually on the receiving end. LOL and I like to show my appreciation as well. Tell me all about your day after, Have the best rest of the week my dear, XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I love all of the gift ideas! My hubby and dad are the unsung heroes in our family- they both work so hard, never complain and never ask for anything special. So I like to pamper both of them. Hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day; maybe you can have a 2nd celebration when your hubby joins you. 🙂

    • That’s what I am planning Cheryl, doing a little smt. special when hubby joins us 🙂 Ours are the same. They never ask anything for themselves, so I enjoy a bit of pampering and love to show my appreciation. 🙂 Hope you have a great day with both. Have a great Thursday my lovely, XOXO, Elif

  • Che

    A well made watch would be the perfect Father´s Day gift although all of your choices are great too! 🙂

    • Yes I love watches the guys found in both boards. Thx Che. XO,Elif

  • Tban

    Great ideas! From all that running around, i am ashamed to say i completely forgot the father’s day! Thanks for reminding! I always find it hard to buy a gift for men especially my husband. He also likes the things that have sentimental value like yours. Now that i think about it, we will most likely prepare something with my daughter for this special occasion.

    • That’s what dads love the best, little gifts with sentimental value. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you end up planning with your little one. Whatever it is I bet daddy will be so happy! <3 XOXO, Elif

  • These are both great lists of gift ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo, Erika

    • You are very welcome my dear, happy they gave a bit of inspiration. XO, Elif

  • The Crosley radio is absolutely stunning! Piece of art – I’m totally loving it :))


    • I absolutely love the Crosley radio Lu, so vintage looking and nostalgic. 🙂 XO, Elif

  • sibel

    My father passed away two years ago, Father’s Day will be difficult for me. I’m planing to buy a gift for my uncle, who is so close to me. I like your ideas, especially wrist watch. Happy Father’s Day all of our dads!

    • My heart goes out to you Sibel, that must be difficult. It’s great you have another father figure still in your life that you’ll celebrate with though. <3 I really like the wrist watches both guys chose. Have a wonderful Saturday my dear, XOXO, Elif