I’ve been wanting to start a Travel section on theboxqueen, and to kick it off with a “What to Pack” series for so long now. My hope is to share with you what I take with me, offer some tips from my experiences, and give examples of what I wear as well.

I love all kinds of travels; little discovery &sightseeing trips, weekend getaways, and of course extended vacations, they all have a special place in my heart. Traveling is something we love, and enjoy as a couple ( and family); something we try to do as much as time allows.

Growing up, traveling was also an important part of my life. My parents instilled in me the desire to expand my horizons, learn more about different lives, cultures, places, ( which they believed increased one’s understanding of the world, tolerance, and kindness ) and of course to unwind from the stresses of the hectic everyday lives of us busy bees. I try to continue this tradition with my own kids.

As I mentioned I am traveling a lot this summer, and I thought it would be appropriate to start “What to Pack” series with “A Weekend Beach Getaway”. I love quick two day trips. They are convenient, coordinate perfectly with kids schedules & activities especially during school times, and are little pockets of breathers during busiest times of the year both for me, and my husband. I am a beach girl by heart, and my favorite kind of getaways are to the blue waters.

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

Here is a board I made for my bare-bones weekend beach getaway essentials. This will be followed by what I actually take with me in my own suitcase. These are  some of my favorite finds for a beach getaway from the various online stores I frequent . I have my eye on that Modcloth dress, and the Nordstrom two piece is so girly and fun.


Here is what I take to the beach ( or the pool) :

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a light packer, at all. Especially for any trip that is longer than three days, I pack way more than I need, always thinking “what if”. What if I want to pair this outfit with my green heels, want to wear the silver necklace instead, or suddenly crave for my lace dress. What do you think ladies, any of you think the same way? 🙂

For quick getaways though I become much more efficient. I take with me what I’ll need to feel comfortable, and stylish and leave the rest behind. ( with young kids we have a LOT of things we take with us anyways. )

Here is what I take with me for, and to the beach/pool: 

  • A cute beach bag. Should be big enough to fit everything I lug around. I like this striped, ruffled one, but alternate between a couple bags.
  • Two cover-ups. I love my maxi laced cover-up for “to and from” the beach/pool, and during lunch time. When I need a change, I switch to my shorter print one.
  • Swimsuit. Always pack an extra in my beach bag. Love this super colorful two piece I got a while ago with gold metal shoulder details.
  • Wide brimmed straw hat. Not only does this protect my face from the sun, but it is also great for when I am reading my magazines, books.
  • Sunglasses. This is a must for eye protection obviously, but I really need it as my eyes are very sensitive to light. Even wear sunglasses during colder months sometimes. Usually have a couple different colored ones with me to go with various outfits.
  • Sunscreen. I get tan pretty easily but of course we all need a good sun protection; that goes without saying. I use a SPF 50 sunscreen from Dermologica for my kids ( I can’t say enough good things about this one shown above) and for myself I alternate between Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen, and Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion.  I start with SPF 50 then move onto 30. I still get tan with both, and my skin stays healthier.
  • A make-up bag filled with essentials. Besides carrying my phone, headphones, and lips glosses, I put essentials such as band-aids, and some wipes here for any beach mishap.
  • Accessories, and flip flops. I always have a small arm party of leather bracelets of various textures and width on my arms, this never changes. Also a cute pair of flip-flops are a must. My Coach one has stand the test of time. Here is another Coach flip-flops that are super cute.
  • Good reads. My magazines, and a good book always accompany me in my beach bag.

Keep in mind for the beach: You may also want to pack goggles, snorkel, and fins, beach ball, insect repellent, maps &directions ( if you are discovering a remote area) with you depending on where you are swimming at. For a two day trip we usually stay around the resort/hotel beach/pool, and go on the town for sightseeing & discoveries.

What are your must-have’s for the beach?

Here is me from a couple days ago at the pool, with my “beach/pool attire”, wearing the above laced maxi cover-up. ( If you are following me on Instagram you may have already seen this.)

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

Love this maxi dress, perfect cover-up to transition to lunch at the beach as well. Some other great maxi options: gorgeous jumpsuit, cobalt maxi beach dress.

Below I put together what I actually took with me for a recent weekend getaway. These are what I wore for days on the town spent on discovering new places, local food, and of course a little bit of shopping 🙂 ( seriously though during beach trips I am pretty tame in terms of shopping which my husband really appreciates haha- major city trips a whole another story. )

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

 To pack lightly for your mini getaway FOR DAY all you need is: 

  • A hat for sun protection. For all the walking around believe me you’ll need a hat. I take this black fedora with me but you can of course take your favorite, any type of hat.
  • Shorts. I feel the most comfortable sightseeing with shorts. They are also so versatile, you can easily change up the outfit by switching tops. I wore my favorite Free People cut-off’s with some ethnic embroidery on the pockets, great symbolism for new discoveries. Don’t say fashion can’t go deep. 🙂 Current season options from Free People: Hem detail cut-off, raw hem cut-off.
  • Two tops. I take two tops to change up with my shorts one for Saturday, one for Sunday. Above you can see my grey top with buildings print, ( I wore it here) this has a very urban feel, and goes great with the black fedora. The second one is a Free People top with a red bow on the back; makes the outfit a bit girlier.
  • Layered Necklaces. I recommend layered necklaces for day time. Not only do they look really cool with the tank tops, but they can also be used alone; even more options for changing up your day look. I layer two compass necklaces to elevate my urban/boho chic day looks. ( and hey they are functional to find where we are going too 🙂 ) The first one is this We are All Smith Necklace, and the second one is from Jewelmint.
  • A mini shoulder bag. This bag is perfect for carrying $, id, credit cards, phone, and a mini hand sanitizer. ( I do that for before & after meals ) I put bigger items in the trunk of our car, ( or the car we rent) and carry this little bag to have my hands free. It also doubles as my “night ” bag.
  • Flats. You can wear any type of flats. I think they are an absolute must for day time adventures. I prefer these DV Dolce Vita sandals ( this years model). I adore heels, just not for exploration trips.

UPDATE: My dear, and always so resourceful reader lovely Cheryl just reminded me that a scarf is a must-have for trips, and I wholeheartedly agree. In fact I can’t believe I forgot this as I am a big fan of scarves. She said she uses them as wraps at night, beach sarongs, and even used it as a belt once. Thanks for the tip Cheryl! <3

Keep in mind for day time: I always take a guide book with me if it’s my first time to a vacation spot, have my phone ready for navigation (rental cars usually don’t have one), have chargers at hand in case we are out of battery, and we need to make an emergency call ( you don’t want to get stranded on a remote area of an island for instance with no phone- though it’s never foolproof, you would still need reception 🙂 ) My really good camera is always with me, and I carry a travel journal to jot down thoughts, and inspiration.

What do you take with you for day trips?

If you have kids it’s always a good idea to have some books, a tablet for games, crayons & paper at hand when they get bored, or restless.

When it comes to nights out on the town I change up to a nicer outfit, my route moves from functional to fun & fancy. Below you’ll see what I took with me for Saturday night out.

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

To pack lightly for your mini getaway FOR NIGHT all you need is:

  • A cute dress. This can be any type of dress you feel beautiful in. It’s no secret I love chevron. (i.e. this recent keeper from Stitch Fix )  I got this dress from Nordstrom Rack a while ago. It’s a high-low one. I find this shape interesting, and flattering. Here are some current options I like. Tank dress, Print Dress at amazing deals. My dress also has a little peak-a -boo back detail <3
  • Statement accessories. Change up the more delicate day accessories with some statement jewelry. I took my Wantable necklace from May, Wantable rings, and Jewelmint cuff bracelet with me. I wear the snake ring on my pointing finger, and wear the sparkly one as a midi ring.
  • High heels. I may opt for flats during the day, but I am a high heels gal through and through. These platform heels are comfortable, and pretty. Perfect combo. My Pour La Victoire were purchased two yrs ago. The closest option I found to them is this beautiful Michael Kors sandals.
  • Shoulder bag. The same bag from the day look does double duty for night. Instead of cross- body I use it as a shoulder bag for the night look.

What is your night time go to outfit when you pack lightly?

Keep in mind for night time: I always take a belt with me in case I want to belt my dresses. Below you’ll see how I wore my chevron dress from my getaway suitcase. I was initially going to wear it unbelted, it’s a bit more comfortable that way. I tried on the neutral thick belt just because, and loved the outfit more with it.

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

What I love about the high-low dress is, it’s like magic. Looks like a short dress from the front,

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

and boom out of the hat comes out a long dress. 🙂

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

A close-up of the front.

What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway
What to Pack for a Weekend Beach Getaway

Peek-a-boo back detail.

How do you pack for a weekend beach getaway? If you have any tips you would like to share with me I’ll update the post with them. <3

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of “What to Pack ” series, and I hope to see you in many more.

Can’t wait to hear what you think, and your tips & suggestions. It’s always a wonderful pleasure to talk more with you, and I really appreciate all the comments and e-mails. <3

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Have a fun, happy new week full of love! XOXO,


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  • This is a great travel packing post! I’ll be doing one as well on Wednesday. 🙂

    • Thx Charnele, so happy you liked it <3 XOXO, Elif

  • This is so cute! I love the 2 cover ups, wish I had this list last week when I went to the beach!

    Great job with the roundup!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

    • Aren’t the cover-ups cute. Love the cheerful colors & prints for summer. Thx for the sweetness Sabrina. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • WHERE is that multi colored swim suit with the gold from?! SO CUTE

    • Rachel it’s from Nordstrom but not current season. I really love the pattern on it 🙂 XO, Elif

  • It seems like you’ve had a lovely weekend and didn’t miss a chance to look fabulous!!! 🙂

    • Thx Lu, it was a pretty cool weekend, and one I must say I managed to truly exercise packing lightly. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I love all of your suggestions and tips. We are going on vacation in a couple weeks, and you’ve given me some great ideas! One item that I always bring with me on a trip is a lightweight scarf. It has so many uses- accessorize an outfit, use as a wrap at night, use as a beach sarong. One trip I even used my scarf as a belt when I forgot to pack one!

    • So happy to know you found the suggestions useful Cheryl 🙂 Where are you headed? Don’t you just love vacations. <3 Taking a scarf with you is such a fab idea. How could I forget? I am such a scarf fan and use them for everything. 🙂 Updating with it right now! Thx my dear!!! XOXO, Elif

  • Darcy

    Such a great list of things to bring! And that pink swimsuit is seriously so darling!

    • Thx Darcy. I can’t get enough of the pink swimsuit, love it. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • I love packing posts like these! Our lists are definitely similar! It’s very important to me to be able to throw on easy to wear, no fuss pieces like these. And that chevron dress is amazing on you! Loving the high low hem!

    • Totally!! Especially in quick weekend trips like this everything should be effortlessly stylish, and comfortable. <3 I love packing posts too as I love travel 🙂 Thanks my dear for the sweet comments, lately really loving the high low hem. Have a great Wed. XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray Baysak

    Amazing packing list. I’ll use all the ideas for my upcoming four day trip. Love how you simplified the day packing with two tops and a short. Will do the same. You look cute both in your cover-up and chevron dress.

    • The tops and short combo has worked great for me during days on the town in weekend trips. You just change up the tops and some accessories and you have a new outfit that’s simple to pack. <3 Can't wait to hear more about your trip and so happy to know you'll use the suggestions. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Che

    I´m not a light packer too, hahaha! Great packing ideas for packing and although I´m not a beach goer, a nice cover-up, hat, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen would be the perfect beach essentials aside from the fab outfits that you put up. 😉


    • Thanks Che <3 I know right? Us fashion lover ladies are rarely light packers :-)) XOXO, Elif

  • Haha, I can see packing posts are going to be quite the thing this week. I’m doing one tomorrow but not nearly as thorough as this! Also not a beach vacation post, since I don’t really take vacations to go to the beach. I just go local. 🙂 Love that pink bikini, and I have those Caslon sandals you posted (but in red) and they are so comfortable!
    Gina — On the Daily Express

    • Summer time is packing time :-)) Can’t wait to see your local packing list! I bet your red sandals are super cute, I love that style! Have a great Wed. Gina <3 XOXO, Elif

  • It’s only 60 degrees here today so I could really go for a beach getaway about now! Love that gorgeous chevron dress! You look amazing!

    • Thx Laura 🙂 There are days in the NW during summer that I feel I need to get out of here for sun therapy haha. ( can I say rain in June:-) XOXO, Elif

  • Thanks for the tips! I absolutely adore that maxi pink bathing suit overlay. I need to get my hands on one of those!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    • Welcome to theboxqueen Lauren 🙂 So happy you like the tips, and I really recommend a maxi type of dress for a cover-up.Cute & looks so put together after a swim for lunch. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Great tips! I always over pack and I love how you broke it down to beach, day & night. Love your bright pink cover up! Enjoy your weekend!


    • I’ve been quilty of overpacking so many times that I thought it would be helpful to streamline the process a bit 🙂 So happy you like Jill. Have a wonderful Saturday and hope your 4th was fun. XOXO, Elif

  • Love your outfit ideas! I’m going on a trip to Jamaica soon and shopping today…so this definitely inspires me! Dropping by from SITS Sharefest!

    • Welcome to theboxqueen Janelle! Jamaica how fun! Makes me so happy to know you’ll get some inspiration from the post. 🙂 XOXO, Would love to hear about your adventure.XOXO, Elif

  • I like these outfits! They are great for a weekend getaway 🙂

  • Fashionguru

    Since I started following your blog, I feel like I was not following the latest fashion for the last couple years and I do not need to go anywhere else to figure out what is the latest trends. You have the best style ever. I also want to admit, I love this summer’s trends with cutouts and laces and everything else. I am preparing for my one week business trip which I will find couple hours to rest by the hotels pool. I will definitely pack some bikini and a cute cover up. But I need to go shopping for that cutout night dress!
    Thanks, Lots of Love!

    • Thx so much for such sweet comments <3 I am SO happy to know you like theboxqueen to see what's new, and that you enjoy reading. Have you been to your trip already? How was the time by the pool? Hope you are enjoying your summer dear, have the best time! It passes all too quickly, XOXO, Elif