September Wantable box came a couple days ago. As impossible as it sounds, I didn’t even get the chance to open it between all the rush to get my little crew here ready for the new school year. Now that I have my kids officially in school (and I am sorta over being the teary eyed mom trying not to show it to her kids) I can unite with my box of sparkles.

Just to refresh your memory, Wantable is the monthly accessories sub I’ve been receiving
pretty much since they first started about two years ago. They have two options to choose
from, a monthly box for $36, or a one time box for $40 if you want to test it before you commit.

In my experience I usually receive at least twice that value. They have a very detailed style profile where you let Wantable know your preferences, and which type of accessories rock with your lifestyle. You can also specify what types of pieces you never want to receive which is quite helpful.


If you are new to theboxqueen, first of all, welcome. So happy you are here. You may want to start by checking out the previous Wantable reviews. There is so much information there about all the little details of how the subscription works, the company’s very generous ( seriously it’s so rare among subscription boxes) return policy, and how to get your best customized fit. I also included my own exact personal style quiz answers if anyone wants to duplicate.

This month, as per usual, I’ve only asked for jewelry pieces. You can also choose to receive items such as sunglasses, hair pieces, watches, and scarves. From the jewelry pieces, I chose to receive necklaces, earrings, and rings; bracelets are almost always too big on me. ( Wantable can you please find a solution to this? maybe ask for wrist inches to customize the sizes of bracelets sent? 🙂 ) September is a lovely month again. I am so afraid to jinx my luck with Wantable. The past months have been so spot on for me.

I received two rings ( well 4 considering one of them is a set of three), statement earrings, and a boho chic statement necklace this month. The above picture is the pretty ring set.

Threeringscloseup Cathryn Ring ($12)  

In the ring set there is one ring with tiny pearls, one of a flower, and the last ring has three delicate leaves attached to it. They make a charming set, and can be worn individually. This is the kind of item my daughters fuss over out of the box; it’s so lovely, all flowery, and girly. I love it for all the same reasons plus it’s the type of ring that’ll get a million kinds of uses in different combination on various fingers.


Krystal Earrings ($24) 

These earrings are the definite star of the box for me. They have such a vintage, antiquey feel to them. The distressed looking greenish blue color reminds me of shabby chic furniture colors. Although I haven’t decorated my house in shabby chic style ( my current style is more of modern meets Pottery Barn), I also kinda dig it. Overall Wantable made a perfect match.


McKenna Necklace ($24)

My favorite thing about this necklace is again the blue color. Now I am not that big fan of beads. I think I am getting beads once in a while as I did specify boho as a like in my style profile. The reason I am keeping boho there is because a lot of really cool, rainbow colored, big stoned, gorgeous statement necklaces are classified as boho. ( I learned this from customer service when once I asked why I wasn’t getting more of those types of statement necklaces )

One thing I LOVE about Wantable is how the pieces end up making great gifts. If there is one piece that’s not exactly my style I can usually find a family member or friend who cherishes it. ( or of course you can always try ebay/trade) There is also the option of doing a partial return on some instances. Read my February review on the details of partial returns.


Judd Ring ($18)

This last piece is right up my alley. It’s a mix of understated elegance, and a modern combination of two metals. I love two toned jewelry, they are such great multi-taskers. I love mixing metals but also sometimes like to match tones depending on my mood. Both silver & gold pieces will go wonderfully with my new ring.

Overall Impressions: I got three pieces that I adore, and one piece that I may wear or gift to a loved one. For the cost of the box at $36, I got jewelry worth $78; more than double the subscription price. I am once again very pleased with Wantable, and will continue to be a subscriber. I am also loving their return policy, and the fact that Wantable is risk free to try one of their subscription boxes.

Have you ever tried Wantable? What has been your experience? Have you tweaked your style profile to get your best fit? Have you lately received pieces you absolutely love. Share with me below, I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences.

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Can’t believe it’s almost Friday. Happy, lovely Friday to you dears, XOXO,


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  • Sibel

    I like all pieces. Rings are so nice! Necklace and earrings are extraordinary. I believe you have the talent to match unusual pieces to create harmony

    • Thanks Sibel! I love accessories and I agree, I especially love the rings too <3 XOXO, Elif

  • dousedinpink

    You got some gorgeous pieces this month! Loving the McKenna necklace! I can see that going with so many things!

    Have a great weekend!


    • I am happy to get a good mix of different types of jewelry. Nice to hear you like the McKenna necklace. I am still on the fence with that piece; maybe with a strapless dress? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too Jill <3 Elif

  • imnotsoho1

    I absolutely LOVE the necklace. It is such a pretty color and the shape is fantastic, it could make any outfit POP! xxoo 🙂

    • So interesting to know the necklace is so well liked. 🙂 I guess I am starting to warm up to fall outfits and it felt summery to me; now I’ll make sure to try it out with some looks, maybe an open cardigan. Thanks lovely for stopping by, XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Such great pieces! The earrings are really special. I know what you mean about bracelets- it would be great if Wantable could give us some size options or offer stretch bracelets. Happy Friday!

    • Cheryl, yesssss, I think it’s about time they start offering a variety of sizes of bracelets. I really like their bracelet styles, such a pity none fits me. Love most of the pieces I received, and will wear the rings and earrings a lot for sure. Hope your weekend has been relaxing, and fun!! XOXO, Elif

  • Oh those rings! I don’t normally like rings, but lately I catch myself wearing one statement piece when going out and I really like those two which you’ve shown. So pretty indeed!

    • I really like statement rings and contrastingly love delicate layered ones as well 🙂
      Have a lovely Wednesday dear, XOXO, Elif

  • ADA

    WOW love all these pieces, in particular the earrings & teal necklace. That first ring is very cute, also.

    • The earrings are so vintage like – I love 🙂 it was a great month! Have a great weekend Ada! XOXO, Elif

  • fashionguru

    I loved the three piece ring the most. Since I tried wantable I am in love with it. I actually had two september boxes and my October box arrived today with an amazing statement necklace. I am so excited.