Good Morning, and a Happy new Monday my dear ladies! As expected, my Monday morning has started out with the regular start of the week mad rush of getting my kids ready for
school, and consoling everyone, including myself, that in five days it’ll be weekend again.

To top it all off with a big bow, where I am, the sky is as dark as it can be. It’s a whole another
level of the start of the rainy season; I need to turn the lights on at 9 am in the morning lovelies; can you believe? Tragi-comic 🙂 I won’t let this get to me though, and if I can help it, I won’t let the Monday blues take you over either. Just read on 😉

UPDATE 10/07/2015 Modcloth is having a brand new Grab Bag Sale. Get a Fall Grab Bag Worth $40 when you spend $150 on Modcloth. One of my favorite promotions.

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To make your Monday a bit more fun&cheerful, I wanted to share with you Modcloth’s AMAZING Fall Grab Bag surprise  which starts this morning ( and probably not for long!! Act Fast as these disappear in the speed of lightning just like Stylish Surprises did a couple days ago) Modcloth Surprise Grab bag is a $50 worth of goodies we get when we spend $150 or more. ( notice the little pop on on the right side when you visit Modcloth) It doesn’t happen often, and is only good while supplies last. Needless to say, I am on it the first moment the offer is live.

I am getting some combination of my Modcloth Fall favorites I put together above. Adore every piece on that list. I mean the plaid scarf, the weekender bag, the airport cardigan, the shoes. LOVE – IT- ALL! I don’t know how I’ll decide.

If you’ve been visiting theboxqueen for some time now, you know I love myself some Modcloth. I love their unique offerings, how they put together the coolest picks from great brands, their penchant for creating& flourishing a wonderful community from their fans, all of it.

Have you tried the Fall Grab Bag surprise before? Do you shop at Modcloth? Can’t wait to hear what you think. Now off to my shopping bonanza; see you there! <3

For more Modcloth examples see my Stylish Surprise 1, and Stylish Surprise 2 reviews.

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Have a wonderful new week, and talk soon! XOXO,




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  • What kind of items have been included in the grab bag in the past? I went to the website as soon as I got a notification for the Stylish Surprise and they were already all gone in my sizes, so disappointing! Also, I officially launched my own domain! Thanks for that post on resources, it gave me the push to just do it!

    • Andrea I think it can be anything from their store. In my experience it was a couple accessories, and a top I believe. I participate to all their surprise promotions lol it gets all mixed up. The Stylish Surprise went SO fast. I was able to snatch up two of them- so sad I didn’t go for the shoes as well. This won’t stay for long either.
      Congrats on your domain, and I am so glad I provided some encouragement lovely. (and of course you are very welcome). XOXO, Elif

  • I love ModCloth! That over the knee brown boots are phenom! May just have to add them to my wishlist!

    • Aren’t they? The color is such a gorgeous neutral too. Ohh my wish list is never ending :)) XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    All great selections. If i could, i would buy all:)

    • No kidding Tulay, I feel the same way 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I love all of your Modcloth choices! The plaid scarf and the boots need to be mine. I have something similar to the airport cardigan, in gray, that I purchased from Gracie B and I love it. Hope you get an amazing Grab Bag!

    • Waiting on a lot of Modcloth mail Cheryl :)) My stylish surprises are coming sometime soon- can’t wait to see those too! The plaid scarf and boots- must have! They would get us through the fall with so many outfits. Thx lovely, and now I am curious about that Gracie B cardigan 🙂

  • Sophia

    Love your fall favorites. I shop at Modcloth quite a bit myself and did not notice this promo. Thanks for letting us know. I may get the airport cardi and the bag.

    • Sophia the airport cardigan is super cozy and a everyday staple. This is my short list of Modcloth faves but the real list is way too long haha. Always nice chatting with you dear, XOXO, Elif