Do you ever feel like you take a million pictures of spontaneous moments, times shared with
loved ones, your kids’ everyday cuteness, trips, and fun outings but have no way to organize all the photos everyone snapped, so lots of memories get lost? If you ask me, I feel like this ALL the time.


I am a photo FANATIC. Ask any of my friends, or my family, I am always the annoying person taking pic after pic ( and forcing asking them to take pics too) because there is something special about capturing that exact second in time that’ll never come back. Pictures revoke a lot of feelings in me like warmness, love, and happiness. I put a lot of meaning in them. They make me feel supported, and grounded every time I look back to picture albums, and see friends overseas I haven’t seen for a while, or my mom who I miss everyday ( she lives so far away), and my kids so little with chocolate all over their faces.

Lucky for me, and a LOT of people who can’t live without pictures, there is a super useful, new app Seahorse, where you can document your memories with friends, and family privately, and co-own all the pics. The moment I heard about Seahorse I was all ears, and immediately made it a part of my life.

Now my fellow documenters of memories, here is my How to Use Seahorse App Guide.


1) Seahorse app is available for iPhone and Android. Download your application using these links.

Via iPhone:

Via Android:



2) You will see the Welcome section as shown in the above middle picture. My husband Dennis, and I took so many pictures of our summer vacation on our iPhones this summer, and there was absolutely no organization to the madness. He finally decided to combine our pics. This one on the left is from our three day escape to Alacati when we left our kids with my parents after years of not traveling alone. Pretty special.

He tapped the camera where circled red, and as seen on the right picture, added the title, and afterwards invited me to join him with “add friends”.



3) You choose one of the options on the left picture. We chose “import from camera roll”. You can also import pictures from your computer, or as you are taking pictures you can add them to make scenes.

In the middle picture, you can see some of our pics from our vacations that we added from both of our phones. As shown on the right picture, our scene is created. Now our memories that were scattered around are organized on one neat album that is accessible to both of us.

Important to Note:

  • You can sort your photos by date, location, friends, and scenes for better organization. You can collect your pics from your mobile devices, and across the Web such as Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google +, Picasa, Flickr, and Microsoft One Drive.
  • All photos are saved with their original resolution.
  • Everything is stored in a very safe cloud environment inside the Seahorse App.



4)  There are some other really fun features of the Seahorse app. You can see where all your pics have been taken during your trips, and travels in the map. There is magic shake you can use to get random images from across scenes. It’s fun to discover a forgotten milestone, or special celebration. This function is especially useful when you have many scenes. Also there is a flashback function that shows you what was happening in today’s date in previous years. Cool right?

You can also like, comment, and share the pictures in your scenes. There is really no limit in how you can combine, and collect your pictures with your added friends.

Great news!! Seahorse is offering an extra 5GB storage by entering the promo code: CLEVERHORSE Hurry though as this promo is good only until the end of the month, October 31, 2014. Each user can only use it once.

Here is how you redeem it:

  • Tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings
  • Tap “Redeem”
  • Tap “Write Code” and enter CLEVERHORSE
  • Tap “Go” on your keyboard

Do you like taking pictures as much as I do? Have you experienced Seahorse? I have already classified my pictures with family, and friends in a couple scenes, and I suspect I’ll have hundreds more. 🙂

Can’t wait to hear what you think, and hope this tutorial has been helpful!

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Have a wonderful Thursday, XOXO,


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Sophia

    I need this. I am a photo fan myself. Always taking pics with my phone. My friends and I could use this to collect all our pics in one place. Thanks Elif for the info!!

    • Sophia download it- it’s free and the extra storage offer above is awesome. I’ve loved using it- such a timesaver and great organization. Happy you found the info useful! XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Sounds like a useful app. Thanks for sharing it!

    • It really is! It’s free and with the extra storage code very practical to use as well! XOXO, Elif

  • Sounds great, perhaps I should give it a try. Thanks for sharing, Elif!

    Verena Fiona | London, Paris, Milan, bla… |

    • You are very welcome Verena. It’s such a great tool for picture sharing and organization. Totally recommend! XOXO, Elif

  • Nuray

    This app sounds so useful for all the summer pictures we take too. I love the extra storage option. I’ll definitely need that with the amount of my pics. Thanks for introducing!

    • Summer pics do need a lot of organization don’t they? Hopefully this app will help you out with sorting and also with receiving some new ones you forgot about that your friends and family took. You are very welcome lovely!! XOXO, Elif