Good Morning dear readers! Another lovely fall day here. I’ve decided to embrace all the beauties the season of rain, falling leaves, and yellow & red hues offer here in the NW. I’ve just dropped my kids off to school, came to the fitness club to do some morning exercise, but
couldn’t resist sharing my new Wantable accessories box with you ladies first. I promise this is not an excuse for not exercising. 🙂

If you are new to theboxqueen first of all welcome, so happy you are joining us. In case you are also new to Wantable, here is my previous reviews with all kinds of information, and examples of what the company sends each month.


Above is the four items I received in October. First though, I want to give you a summary of what Wantable is all about, and latest changes they implemented. This is a must read even if you’ve been subscribed to them as it contains new info.


  • Wantable offers an Accessories, Makeup, Intimates box each month. For these three you either subscribe for $36 monthly, or try a one time box for $40 no strings attached. ( Perfect for those of you gals who aren’t yet sure of having their pieces chosen for them, or for ladies who just started dipping their toes in the sea of subscription boxes. 🙂 )
  • As of very recently, Wantable started offering a Fitness Collection box which has a different system than their monthly boxes. This one is more similar in nature to Stitch Fix ( reviews here) where you pay a $20 styling fee, you receive a box of fitness apparel, and keep whatever you like after trying them on for 5 days at the comfort of your home.
  • The accessories box can include anything from jewelry, watches, and sunglasses to scarves, and head pieces depending on your choices of course.
  • Wantable recently revamped their style quiz. Now it is more personalized, and I believe on point as they show actual examples of that months offerings from each style profile. ( such as boho, or glam) For instance I can see right now that glam has a gorgeous multi color statement necklace. I think this will make visualizing what each style means to Wantable easier for us so we can answer the style quiz a bit more confidently.
  • Wantable has THE BEST return policy in the subscription business I think. You can not only return your WHOLE box for a full refund, but you can also be eligible for partial returns in some instances. All of these are processed through your Wantable account in a click of a button. I LOVE how convenient and effortless this process is!!
  • GREAT NEWS! Wantable offers shipping to United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia for a small fee. (Shipping to US is always free) I know there are a lot of Wantable fans from these countries, very happy now they can get this exciting sub as well.

Now onto my October accessories box. This month I received two earrings, and two statement necklaces.


The Diana Necklace ($24) This is such a classic statement necklace that is also so glam that I love it. I think it would go as lovely with a simple tee as it would with a printed blouse. I can absolutely see myself wearing it in so many looks. I am sure you’ll see this pretty in a lot of my outfit posts. Winner.


The Kahea Earrings ($15) I received something very similar to these earrings in a previous Wantable box. They are well made, and cute enough but I feel a bit blah about them honestly. I have to add tough, there have been times when I was just ok about a Wantable piece before which turned out to be some of my most worn pieces. ( like my stud earrings) I won’t be completely shocked if that happens with the Kahea earrings as well.


The Teresa Necklace ($22) It’s a second statement necklace – thank you Wantable!! You may already know I am a huge fan of statement necklaces, and this one has a really cool chain, and the color/shape would go perfectly with chunky knits.


The Janey Earrings ($24) Look at the beautiful colors on this earring. It has that worn in antique look, and a gorgeous color combo. They are very eye catching for sure. Love.

Overall impressions: For the $36 I paid, in this box I received $85 worth of accessories which makes Wantable an incredible deal. It is almost triple the purchase price, and as an update ( 10/12/14) I actually ate my words, and already wore the Kahea earrings twice. 🙂

Have you ever tried Wantable? Which pieces you got lately did you really like?

Obviously as someone who has been subscribed to Wantable accessory box since pretty much their very beginning, I highly recommend this fun service. With the option of returns you seriously have nothing to lose, and waiting on your sparkles in the mail is so much fun!!

My advice: Make sure you are very specific in your quiz. Unless you are open to trying a certain piece or style just X it to never receive it. This approach has helped me get the best boxes for me. 🙂

If you don’t want to miss posts like this, and want to hear about the updates, and news first, don’t forget to subscribe on top of the page. So happy to have you join us! <3

Hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday, and talk very soon!! XOXO,


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  • Sibel&Eda

    This month’s Wantable jewelry box is the full I package love all of the items. Out of all of them the Janey Earings were my favorite. The Teresa Necklace inspires me, it expresses freedom and is perfect for the summer.

    • Sibel & Eda

      This month’s Wantable jewlery box is wonder full. I love all of the items*

      • Have you ever tried them? I think you would like!

    • Janey Earrings are really cute, especially the color. My favorite is the necklaces too though! 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Another great box! I am so loving the Teresa necklace. It’s starting to look like fall around here as well, with the leaves changing and the crisp weather. I’m enjoying it. 🙂

    • I think it is definitely in the perspective 🙂 The moment I let summer go fall seems lovely to me ( maybe not when the super rainy weather comes here lol) Out of all 4 Teresa necklace is the one that is the most modern, and perfect for fall. Definitely will be used a lot. Have you received anything fun from them lately? XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    My fav are the Janey earrings. The necklaces are ver different from what i would pick but they do make a statement:) enjoy wearing them.

    • The necklaces are even prettier in person. I think I would pick the crystal one as that goes with everything but the white necklace is lovely with knits. <3 Glad I have it now. Have a fab weekend lovely, XOXO, Elif

  • You received great pieces! I love those colorful earrings!

  • I also want to get myself these boxes, but their shipping to the UK is pretty high, so I’m skipping them for now.
    I’ve got to admit though that the deals you’re getting there are very good for such gorgeous pieces 🙂


  • Von

    I just subscribed. Im falling in love with the Teresa necklace you got. I hope you don’t mind me asking what kind of categories (glam, boho etc.) you filled in on your profile to receive the necklace? I’m really hoping i’ll get it on my second box. Thanks

  • Can you share your profile/quiz answers? I absolutely LOVE everything you receive, and want to make sure I describe my preferences the same way you have :).

    Thank you in advance!!