Good Morning lovelies! I would like to help start your morning a bit more cheerfully today by sharing with you these beautiful sparkles, and gorgeous colors. I am talking about a new
jewelry subscription service, GemBox by GemSugar , that delivers stunning baubles to your mailbox every month. Not only did I completely adore the two pieces I received, but I tested out the necklace in real life (twice) by wearing it casually first, and to a dinner party with friends later, in the outfit I am sharing below. (Also stay tuned for an amazing DiscountCode!!!)


Look at these two beauties I received in my GemBox ; a statement necklace with greens, and blues, and pretty drop earrings that are a mix of orange, burgundy red, and an unexpected blue. <3

Here is how GemBox subscription works:

  • You choose a monthly plan from Girly, Classic, or Trendy styles. ( For mine I told Angel, the founder of the company I like girly, colorful, and trendy pieces) Your pieces will reflect the style profile questions you answer at sign-up. If you mark that your style is not at all girly, you won’t receive something pink with bows. 🙂
  • The subscription is $24.99 per month, and you receive 2-3 pieces depending on what they are. For instance you may receive two statement pieces, or a statement necklace, and two smaller pieces.
  • Your subscription also gets you access to GemBox exclusives which means you may be getting pieces that won’t be sold on their main website.
  • With each month, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for coupons to use on GemSugar website.  ( check out their pretty offerings that could turn up in your monthly box)

Everything came in a little box, wrapped in tissue paper, and the above card included.


Here is a close-up of the earrings. The shape is just my style, and as I mentioned the unique mix of colors is refreshing.


When I first received my Watercolor GemBox necklace I wore it during the day when I was running errands. I thought it was a great touch to spice up my casual outfit.


Here is the actual outfit I wore to a popular gourmet restaurant in the hip part of my town Saturday evening. I wanted to do something different, and went with a lady-like more classic look. I combined my favorite skirt (details down below) with this velvet short sleeve top that has a surprise back opening, and black pumps.

Style Tip:  Sometimes you want to go with a monochromic color scheme. In these instances just  one colorful accessory can make a bigger impact to your look. In my case, to add the much needed punch to the outfit, I finished it off with my GemBox Watercolor Necklace.

I personally love when just two color dominated looks are completed with one unanticipated accessory. My husband who took my pictures agreed as he liked the glam touch, and addition of variety to the otherwise all black girly style.


I told my husband he should take me to a place where we can dance. Doesn’t this skirt beg to be danced in? 🙂


I thought the back opening with the cutesy bow tie was as unexpected as the glamorousness of my GemBox necklace.


Outfit Details:  Top: Stylemint ( Previous seasons) | Skirt: Nordstrom ONSALE ( polka-dot version) Don’t miss out will go fast! | Pumps: Nordstrom Rack last year | Necklace: GemBox 


Want to try GemBox and get a fabulous exclusive TheBoxQueen Discount? You can get a $10 (wow right?) OFF your first box by entering the Discount Code: BOXQUEEN at sign-up. There is no expiration date so the code is good indefinitely. If you ask me, trying this box of stunning baubles for $14.99 is crazy good!! 🙂

What do you ladies think? Have you heard of or tried GemBox before?  Let me know your thoughts as they all put a smile on my face, and connecting with you is the one of the best parts of my day. <3

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Have the best Tuesday loves. Hope it is full of laughter, and love. XOXO,


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  • Tban

    Beautiful colorful pieces. Love the outfit.

    • Thanks Tulay, I am very into midi skirts lately and the jewelry is fab. XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Gorgeous pieces! Looks like a fun sub. I love how you styled the necklace both casually and dressy. As much as I like color, one of my favorite looks is to pair a colorful statement jewelry piece with a black and white outfit.

    • Same here Cheryl. I try to infuse as much color as I can into my closet but always like my black and whites with some fun accessories. 🙂 The sub is different, and fun. The pieces are very nice too. Hope you are having a great week my dear, XOXO, Elif

  • I like this subscription, totally up my alley since I’m always buying new accessories. Also, I have to tell you, your skirt is gorgeous!

    • Thanks Brooke I love it too and both the grey black & polka dot versions are on major sale!! 🙂 GemBox is very fun- I am crazy for jewelry/accessories myself and this is an exciting option. XOXO, Elif

  • Darcy

    I have never heard of this subscription service before! It sounds like such a fun idea, but I love picking out my jewels haha!

    • The sub is a new one Darcy. Totally understand what you say about choosing your own pieces. I obviously enjoy pretty surprises haha. Have a great rest of the week, XOXO, Elif

  • Ada

    Oh Elif, you did it again. Such a marvelous, feminine, classy, adorable outfit. That velvet top is gorgeous coming or going. I have an almost-identical skirt so thanks for inspiring me to try it with similar pieces to yours (I pinned this). That gorgeous necklace stands out against the black monochrome. I have a ton of statement necklaces, but need more statement earrings, for sure. =)

    Happy Wednesday Love!

    • Ada I think I wear even more statement earrings than necklaces. Sometimes I wear embellished tops, or busy patterns. Earrings always add some drama but doesn’t make the outfit busier than it may be. 🙂 So kind of you to say dear, striped skirts are the best well striped anything haha. Happy new week, XOXO, Elif

  • I love your blog! Your posts are always well put together and thoughtful, and your personal touch comes through and adds so much. Love the jewelry, and your dancing outfit is great! :0)

    • What a nice thing to hear!! This totally made my day! I try my best to share bits of myself i every post and so happy to hear it comes through. Have a wonderful new week! XOXO, Elif

  • Sibel&Eda

    The jewelry is nothing without you!

    • Blushing 🙂 Thanks so much girls, what a compliment. <3 XOXO, Elif