Good Morning dear ladies! Hope your Thursday has started off nicely. I am staying cozy at home today, a full day of writing, & organizing ahead of me. I have a super comfy chunky cardigan on, and a huge mug of English breakfast tea I desperately need to wake up by my side, helping me get ready to embrace a fresh new day.

Here in the NW it has gotten really chilly. My almost ten year old this morning asked me, like she usually does, ” Will it be a colder day today mom? ” which means in her vocabulary “Can I wear short sleeves?”. Now her love for summer clothes surely rivals my love for warmer weather attire, but my answer to the question has been “yes” the past weeks.

Modcloth layered

It is definitely colder, rainier, and windier here. It’s also quite dark. It is precisely 8:47 am right now, and I have almost all the lights turned on in my living room. This brings me to what I want to share with you today. How I layer and make fall outfits using some of my favorite pieces from Modcloth. I am so happy to partner up with them again for a inspirational ( hopefully :)) style board.

Layering is the most essential, and the most pleasurable part of dressing up for fall for me. Putting different colors, textures, accessories, and prints together really appeals to my senses, and make me feel creative. I love expressing a part of who I am by the way I put things together. Ok I admit, I get cold easily, and don’t want to freeze either. 🙂

Here I wanted to give you some ideas on how to layer a fall appropriate dress. I chose the always in style striped Marvelous Move dress  as my foundation piece. This dress is such a versatile basic, and it’s affordable as a bonus too. Dresses like this one are great as you get so many outfits from just one piece wearing it by alone, or with leggings as I show above. These type of dresses are also perfect for wearing cardigans, jackets, and scarves.

 How I would Put Together Two Layered Outfits

Here is how I envision two separate layered outfits with the above pieces. I believe each one of the pieces shown above can be worn countless times, in various ways. This is a huge requirement for me when I am shopping for new pretties.

Outfit 1: 

  • Marvelous Move Dress
  • Around the Colorblock Scarf
  • Granola-Dee-Dah Leggings in Stone
  • Be the Forest to Know Bracelet
  • Satisfied Speechwriter Cardigan
  • Hallowed Halls Bootie
  • Around Uptown Bag

This layered look would be my perfect running errands, everyday outfit. It is warm, fashion-forward, and with the almost flat boots so easy to walk in. Outfit 1 is also accessorized just enough to make it interesting. The green cardigan with the burgundy bag, the striped dress worn with the scarf that introduces a bit of a pattern all add layers to the look figuratively, and literally.

Outfit 2: 

  • Marvelous Move Dress worn as a skirt
  • Plum’s the Word Sweater
  • Your Everlasting Delight Scarf
  • Call on Me Necklace
  • Grad to be Here Bag
  • Wild and Freelance Cardigan
  • Follow in your Footsteps Boots in Cream

The second outfit, the striped multi-tasker dress as the basis, is a slightly more dressier version. It is also original, as here I would wear the plum sweater over the dress, making my dress a skirt. The gorgeous Wild and Freelance Cardigan ( I am seriously obsessed with this piece!!) would keep things casual, while the feminine, and unique Follow your Footsteps in Cream boots would make the outfit a bit fancier. I would wear this outfit to a lunch with my husband/friends, or at the movies.

Some Facts About Modcloth I Love

  • They carry the coolest brands, and items from trendy pieces to vintage inspired, intricate dresses. The selection I believe is second to none.
  • Modcloth has built an amazing community out of their customers. I appreciate the value they give to their fans, and how the review, and sharing outfits sections are valuable to see the pieces in real life.
  • I also applaud Modcloth as they have taken the No Photoshop Pledge. This means they don’t play around with shapes, and sizes of their models and represent all women. I am a strong believer that every women is beautiful in their own unique way, and should have options to express their style. I really love that Modcloth keeps it real. ( They need to specify if they change anything on the pics due to the pledge) <3

I sincerely hope I gave you some ideas on layering, and alternative fall looks. Please share with me your favorite pieces you use for layering. What are your must-have layers for the chilly days?

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Have the best Thursday full of good things coming your way!! XOXO,

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  • Cheryl

    This was such a great post to read today, as it’s been cold, rainy and windy here all week! My favorite layering pieces are cardigans and scarves- easy to throw on and feel cozy, but just as easy to shed if you are feeling too warm. Happy Thursday!

    • So happy you liked my dear <3 Looking at all the cozy scarves and cardigans made me feel better about the cold as well. 🙂 Totally agree, sometimes crowded places, especially during holiday shopping etc. can be super warm, and it is as important to just be able to take off layers. Happy Friday!! XOXO, Elif

  • Lovely picks! I’m a big fan of cardigans and scarves too – easy to put on, and easy to take off if someone cranks up in the heat indoors!

    • Thx Rebecca. Both are great for easily taking off and putting back on. It does get too warm in holiday crowds sometimes especially. Have a great Friday, and weekend!! XOXO, Elif

  • Sibel&Eda

    It is easy for us to choose a favorite this month: the Satisfied Speechwriter Cardigan. It is just the perfect addition to someone’s closet. The color is great for fall and winter as well as the style.

    • Isn’t it fab? I love the shape and color myself. Such a nice, refreshing green. 🙂 Have a lovely Friday girls!! XOXO, Elif

  • I love these picks! The little phone necklace is adorable and I’m loving the speechwriter cardigan! Have a great weekend!


    • I think the speechwriter cardigan is pretty special too, and can’t stop adoring the phone necklace 🙂 Have a great new day Jill, XOXO, Elif

  • I LOVE that long printed cardigan! Just wish it wasn’t 90 degrees here still 🙁 Visiting from SITS 🙂

    • Welcome to theboxqueen Emily! Isn’t the printed cardigan amazing. I a couple printed ones and get so much use out of them. Hope your weather allows for some layering. XOXO,Elif