It’s no secret I love fitness, and sports. I have been a very active participant in some type of fitness & sports all my life. I’ve done many things from playing tennis ( pretty seriously once upon a time), running ( again at one time I meant business, ran for my school), and swimming. I’ve also been walking, hiking, dancing, skating, doing fitness at the gym, bowling; just moving some way or the other in between. If you’ve been with TheBoxQueen for a while you have probably heard this all. 🙂

What I have not talked much about before is how my husband, and I make an effort to stay healthy, and fit as a family. Both of us were raised by families who believed in “Healthy bodies Healthy minds” statement. We want to encourage the same in our children by modeling it in our lives, and hopefully help them become interested in a lifetime of activities.



I am wearing Hanes Live. Love. Color Fleece Zip Hoodie- so very soft !


Besides setting a great example for your kids, and facilitate a healthy lifelong habit, there are MANY more benefits to exercising as a family. Here are the main benefits that matters for my husband, and me the most.

  • Bonding as a Family Exercising as a family is great as you set aside time to be together as a family unit. It is different than the kind of more passive “together time” say when you watch a movie together. ( although we love to do that with a side of home popped healthy popcorn too 🙂 ) When you exercise together you are interacting continuously, talking, competing, teaming up, laughing, making memories. I think it also helps your children relate to you better as you share a common goal, or simply have fun.
  • Physical and Emotional Well Being It is widely known and medically proven that a consistent physical activity schedule helps both preventing, or reducing effects of many illnesses/conditions. Being active also lowers stress levels for all the participants.
  • Time Away from Electronics and More Time Being Social Our kids aren’t raised in the same world we did. All my kids were pro’s on electronic devices ( computers, iPads with parental control of course) by age two, three. Something I didn’t even influenced, at least not on purpose. All the electronics are just there, and even at schools kids learn so much about technology. It’s impressive but I don’t want them to miss out on what the outside world offers either. When you are out, and about moving, you are being social, and that teaches kids a whole different kind of skills.


Here is one of our basketball sessions coached by my hubby 🙂  We have a kid sized basketball, and it is fun to practice some skills for our oldest, and learn that sports is fun for our two youngest. I am taking pictures here but usually I am right there with them playing. Sometimes I run a couple laps up on the track, and come back and join in.


hanes_8252What do we wear for our family fitness sessions? Hanes sweatshirts & hoodies. Our fitness wear needs to be soft, & comfortable. Not too bulky but still cozy. Layering is HUGE when exercising outdoors fall, and winter. When you are just out you may be freezing, after running around for 15 minutes you may be too warm, and when it’s time to go you are cold again. Layering is everything.

When I look for layers for everyday exercise ( unless we are competing in something) I want them to be wardrobe staples. Basics we can wear in any outdoor situation, and not worry about ruining. My kids like cute, and bright colors available for them is a bonus. With the amount of wear these pieces get they need to keep looking good wash after wash. Who wants sweatshirts, or zip ups that look like old rags after one wash? Answer: No one.

A MUST HAVE for my kids is also a tag free layer. They absolutely hate itchy tags, and make me cut tags completely. It is a hassle every time, and garners lots of complaints. I like that Hanes makes tag free sweats.


Here are some outfits from my kids fitness wardrobe. My son is wearing the Boys’ East Coast NY Full Zip Hoodie. No draw cord on the hood makes it kid proof, and safe. Love this; usually these cords would end up coming out by third wear anyways.

The girls have Hanes Girls’ Comfort Blend Eco-Smart Full-Zip Hoodie on.  High-stitch density is perfect. The zip up doesn’t pile after washes.

We just style these pieces with sweatpants, or leggings, and the kids are ready for action.


Here are some Hanes  pieces my hubby wears during our family sessions. From left to right, Comfort Blend EcoSmart Full Zip Hoodie, Comfort Blend Eco Smart Crew Sweatshirt, Comfort Blend Eco Smart Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt. All great basic layers to put over sweatpants, or shorts.


Wearing Hanes Live.Love.Color Fleece Crew. I find my Hanes sweats are wonderful for after exercise coffee breaks too. 🙂


If you also want to start staying active with your families here are some ideas from our family to yours. This is a list of things we like to do to get moving.

  • Put music on and just dance in your living room. I do this all the time, and it is guaranteed to get some giggles out of the little ones.
  • Weekly sports nights where you choose an activity like basketball, volleyball, running, soccer is great for everyone to get invested; coming up with ideas for next week. This facilitates engagement, and ownership.
  • Walk your dog. Daisy, our Pug, is almost fourteen years old, and not very active anymore. Daily walks is a must for her, and perfect for the kids to exercise, and learning responsibility while we accompany them. Actually when you are at it walk to all short distances instead of driving, like your local Starbucks.
  • Train for an event together. This is wonderful for older kids, teenagers. You can train for a 5K run, a biking competition, or a swimming meet. When you do it together it becomes your thing- a special connection.
  • Have a blast at leisurely activities such as bowling, ice skating that keeps you on your toes, and off your couch.
  • Prepare for/support a good cause. My husband ran to support breast cancer research for his company, and when my kids are older I would love them to join him.
  • Playground play. Good old playgrounds have so many opportunities for activity. Monkey bars, swinging, climbing walls, all work different muscle groups.
  • Take your teenager with you to group fitness classes. Doing Zumba, or some relaxing yoga together, and maybe having a bite to eat after are wonderful social activities you could share with your older kids.

Hope these ideas have been helpful. Do you exercise with your kids? What are your exercise choices? Let me know; I would LOVE to update my list with your suggestions.

Don’t forget to check out the many choices Hanes offers. These pieces are very accessible, sold at various mass retailers, and

Do you wear Hanes sweats? Which pieces are your favorites?

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  • Cheryl

    Love this post and loved seeing all of your models in their Hanes! Such great ideas for combining family time with exercise time. I can do some of them now with my 2 y.o., and keep other ideas in mind for the future. 🙂

    • You can definitely start with your 2 year old with walking, and some fun games. I started the habit really early with mine and it worked out great 🙂 I really loved putting these tips together and very happy you enjoyed them lovely lady!! Have a fab rest of your week, XOXO, Elif

  • So many fitness activities are solo…love the fact that you incorporate your kids in your favorite activities. We dance around the living room a lot with our kids, but need to get outside with them more often. Thanks for the ideas!

    • Dancing around the living room is the best!! 🙂 Definitely take them out for exercise with you, they’ll likely love it! Thanks for saying hi Leslie, XOXO, Elif

  • I’m glad I found you from #sitsblogging. I, too, try and find ways to be active with my family. We love to dance. I even bought a colored disco ball to add to the mood.

    • Ahhh LOVE LOVE the colored disco ball idea, I may need one :-)) So happy you found me as well! XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    We also dance as a family in our house. Actually , we do not have much choice as our 4 yo daughter somehow manages to get us out of the couch and join her. It is fun. I am always about comfort. Sweay pants, tights and while going to the gym in winter time. A hoodie with pockets.

    • All these pieces are such great comfy basics for everyday, totally relate to you looking for comfort. ( tough I am known to really love my fitness gear, and look for pretty ones too for the gym 🙂 Love wearing them out and about exercising. Dancing as a family is the most fun thing ever!! XOXO, Elif

  • This is so true! I used to exercise with my oldest kids. Need to introduce the younger ones to fitness!

    • Yes the younger they start the more they love it! Thanks so much for saying hi, XOXO, Elif

  • Sounds like some great exercise ideas. I wonder if my 3 year old would do a race with me… don’t worry – we’ll start small. 🙂

    • I think all 3 year olds would take you up on that fun race. We used to do that in our living room even when they were tiny 🙂 Thx for saying hi, XOXO, Elif

  • All of these are great activities to try with kids. We really need to walk our dog more, but it’s hard when it’s 20 degrees outside! We do shoot hoops quite a bit, so that is fun for us. I’ll have to try some of the other ideas. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from SITS.

    • It does get hard when it gets super cold. Here in the NW it is usually not that freezing but my Pug is sensitive to cold so I relate. Shooting hoops is definitely a top one on the list for us too. Thx so much for stopping by!! XOXO, Elif

  • Sibel & Eda

    Yes, going to group fitness classes are a lot fun and they add a new element to their health and lives. I too have a teenager and we are currently going to the same yoga class, she absolutely loves it. There is even a yoga/ aerobics class at her school, it gives kids a wonderful and healthy activity and gets them in the path of a new and healthy life. Also, we like your fitness style.

    • Doing activities together really strengthens the bond. The time spent together enjoying the same thing is so valuable! So happy to hear the ways you and your daughter love exercising together. Thanks ladies, XOXO, Elif

  • What a great post and I do agree with you that you need to set the tone and be a good example to the young generation, whilst raising them in looking after their health.

    Hanes make some really good clothing for exercising.

    Once again – great post, Elif!!

    • Thanks Lu! I do really value fitness for myself and family and try my best to model healthy behavior so hopefully some good habits can form. :)) Hope you are enjoying your week dear, XOXO, Elif