How does your January look after all the holiday celebrations, trips, inevitable & admittedly
super fun shopping both for yourself, and for the people you love? I mean financially.

I bet most of you are surprised I am asking such a question. 🙂 I wouldn’t blame you. The side of me I share a lot here is the girl who loves to dress up, find pretty things, and, talk a lot about style tips. Usually I encourage you to take care of yourself and have a great time with fashion regardless of age, body type, or say being a mom like myself.

I will continue all those with the hope that I may inspire you even just a little bit. I would like to share with you today though the other side of the medallion. While enjoying life the way I love, I also try my best to make financially smart, responsible decisions for my family. With planning that is. ( and will share how Capital One 360 Black Friday Deals  may be a great start )


In my opinion some type of financial planning is beneficial for all income levels, and all sizes of households from singles to large families.

Now I need to put the disclaimer out there; this is not official financial advice. ( although during my MBA I did take many upper level finance classes, I never actually worked in the field) They are some tips that work for my family to avoid the dreaded financial hangover (however you define it for your situation) in the new year, while still managing to save for our kids college. You can fill in the blanks after the word “still” with whatever is relevant to your lifestyle. It could be saving for a house, car, or a trip. 🙂


  • Take charge of day to day household expenses & budget. In our household I do this & because I want my hubby ( who does finance day in day out, and is a CPA ) to feel good about our decisions too, I consult him on big ticket items ( like a dishwasher for instance), and larger actual investments haha. Joking aside, me being responsible for making day to day decisions works great for us, as the mom I can set priorities as well as limits for the whole family.
  • Get some kind of savings in order. It doesn’t matter if it is $5 monthly or $5000, it is always wise to set some money aside for emergency situations, future goals, or investments. Right now Capital One 360 has an amazing Black Friday Sale going on with deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products. Totally cool! You can find the details below.
  • Set a budget for your holiday shopping. Planning is BIG. I write down a specific gift list, set a budget, and usually shop online for them. I love to go to stores but  when I want to stick to a budget online shopping is much more straightforward. Plus I don’t see a trillion cute things I can touch, and feel ( like a cashmere sweater 🙂 ) I just want to add on for myself.
  • Save Big Being Informed About Sales. Cyber Monday is my day, but I continue this trend through out the year. I do like nice things but that doesn’t mean I won’t find the best deals on them. Even that designer handbag you want, or high end vacuum cleaner is on sale some time of the year.
  • Spend Your Money on What Matters to You Instead of Random Stuff. For us its our kids education, their activities, family trips, our hobbies etc. For you it could be something totally different. Don’t buy something JUST BECAUSE it is a deal. This may sound contradictory with the above tip but actually it is not. It’s more about not making random decisions on something you’ll never use be it a product, or a service.
  • Pay off credit card debts quickly. Sometime in our lives we’ve all (probably? ) have fallen into the credit card trap. (my college years come into mind LOL) Credit cards feel like free money, and suddenly buying 7 shoes at one time doesn’t look that crazy.  Well it  is, and no obviously it is not free money LOL far from it. Even the lowest interest rates are still $ taken away from your family, and financial goals.
  • If you are saving for your kids college start early.  The longer time you have to save for college gives you a headstart. Grants, and scholarships only cover about 1/3 of college costs, and large debts. Even parent/gov. loans leave your students with a large sum to pay back. Starting early ( even with a small amount) gives you more options.
  • If you couldn’t start saving for your kids college early- still start when you can. Starting to save for college even for your high schooler will be helpful. Start the day you can whatever amount you can contribute.

Whether you are saving for your kids college, looking for a home loan, or simply a checking account, Capital One 360 has AMAZING black friday deals waiting to help you get started. For instance with savings deposits starting from $1000, they give a $100 bonus just for being a new customer, and opening up a 360 savings account. I say it is a great initiative to get you thinking about financial goals.

Some key features of Capital One 360

  • Capital One 360 products are designed to save consumers time and money. From online to our mobile app, Capital One 360 is with customers 24/7.
  • Capital One 360 Checking and 360 Savings are fee-free and earn interest.
  • Capital One 360 offers remote deposit capture with Capital One 360’s CheckMate tool and make savings a snap with the Automatic Savings Plan.

In case you want to motivate your friends to take advantage of Capital One 360 deals, you can refer them to the sale, and be eligible for $40 referral bonus. They can then refer their friends, and a chain reaction of good financial decisions can start. 🙂

I would LOVE to hear what you do to avoid the new year financial hangover! Also do you save for your kids college or any other future goal?

Would love to hear your tips, and stories which I would update my list with.

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Have a wonderful Sunday lovelies, XOXO,


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  • Sophia

    All great tips and nice deals. Love hearing this side of you. I have a savings account which a portion of my account goes to everymonth

    • Very smart Sophia that savings account. The Capital One deals were very nice. I really love sharing more sides of me as well and so happy to know you enjoy it. XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    I heard about Capital One online banking service. A couple of friends have started using it several years back. At the time, i could not get myself trust a bank that is online. Similar to shopping in a retail store, touching, feeling what you are purchasing. Especially, when it comes to your savings. But over the years, they have proven themselves to be trustworty. That being said, my husband and I are big on savings. We have started saving for our daughter when I was pregnant. It makes a huge difference in planning for your kid’s future. By the time she is out of elementary, she will have enough to cover her future college tuition. We are using state owned tax free college savings plan. But whatever you chose to do, it helps to put aside even a couple of $s every month. It gives parents a sense of security to know that you will not have to worry about it when the time comes.

    • Loved hearing your perspective Tulay. Thanks so much for sharing. I do agree Capital One 360 is a great banking option as well. Agree with you on all accounts in terms of saving for your and your kids future. I am so happy my parents did the same for me when I was growing up. Have the best new week, XOXO, Elif

  • Great tips! I can’t even think about saving for kids’ college (good thing I don’t have kids)! I’m still trying to get my own college paid off!
    : signe : the daily savant :
    $30 Love & Pieces Shop Credit
    Jewelry Giveaway

    • So happy to know you find them useful Signe. After kids I think it is totally a different ball game. So much more responsibility. ( and understand what you mean with college debt) Thanks so much for sharing! XOXO, Elif

  • I think these are great tips – especially having a budget for holiday shopping. Black Friday + Cyber Monday combined can easily get out of control. I usually make a list of things that I “need” to buy and then shop the pieces that are on my wish list. I think it keeps me more focused!

    – Deniz

    • I do the same Deniz and find it works wonderfully!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Such interesting information and great advice, especially for this time of year. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    • Very welcome Cheryl. Happy you liked the advice. :-)) Have a happy new week lovely lady, XOXO, Elif

  • This is such a timely post and great advice on how to avoid the January Financial Blues! I agree so much with your comments about shopping online and how it helps avoid the pitfall of impulse buys (like your example of the soft cashmere sweater). I pinned your post to my Financial Freedom board – it fits perfectly there! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Angie both for stopping by and pinning! I thought some tips on what I do would be helpful for many as I shop quite a bit but try to balance it all in the big scheme of things. 🙂 Online shopping is helpful for that. Happy Holidays to you too, XOXO, Elif

  • adrianscrazylife

    I have my own Christmas Club account that I use to save for my holiday expenses. I use a debit card that stays in a drawer until Thanksgiving and then I have a nice little amount to use guilt-free on all our gifts. #SITSsharefest

    • Adrian what an amazing idea!!! I’ll update my post with this when I get home. Nice to put aside cash to use just for the holidays. Thx for saying hi, XOXO, Elif