I’ve been missing my Never Out of Style series since summer. ( You can find the series here. ) In these series I share with you pieces that I find to be timeless; they are classics that are reinvented over and over again. These styles are modernized, and updated but never disappear. Peacoat is one of them.

I’ve been wearing peacoats since I was a first grader. I remember my mom bought me navy shoes with huge bows ( I was a girly girl then too 🙂 ), and a bright red peacoat to go over my white/navy uniform. ( we had uniforms at school ) I felt so stylish, and like such a big girl.


When I was overseas traveling this past summer I saw a bright red peacoat at Zara on display, and like a magnet it pulled me inside. This peacoat gave me major flashbacks to my lovely childhood memories, and I couldn’t NOT purchase it.

Before I share my new red with you, check out the gorgeous options I found from my favorite stores. They come in many different colors, at a variety of price points, and have a diverse minor detail differences. There are even patterned pea coats, and more trendy versions like this Betsey Johnson beauty on sale. 

Do you wear Peacoats? Have you purchased one recently?


I’ve announced on The Box Queen Facebook  a while ago that I purchased Popbasic’s Amelie collection from last month. ( still available and $15 off with the links) Amelie collection consists of a dress, a nautical inspired knot bracelet, and a silver toned delicate necklace. I thought this collection was just what my red peacoat needed. 

bq_9353Style Tips: Try updated classics with other updated classics. I love the shape, and gold buttons on the peacoat, and the striped dress is updated with top, and side pockets. Navy stripes with red is also such a timeless look. I loved partnering these two favorites together, and added knee high boots, and a fun bag ( also from Zara) to add some variety, and to break the classic look making it a bit fresher.




This is the dress from Popbasic Amelie collection.  I love the super soft fabric, and everyday wear casualness.


The bracelet that came with the set. Absolutely love it, and will wear it with my skinny jean/leather jacket combos soon.



This necklace is also Popbasic. It is from a previous collection. I was sent this one in the Amelie collection as a bonus for being one of the first ones to order.

For those of you that would like to try Popbasic,  their new Jovial collection is available starting today, and has a great value. Don’t forget you can get $15 off of it to make it even a better deal. Includes skinny jeans ( a Popbasic first), statement necklace, and long sleeve top. I snatched one immediately. 🙂

Have you purchased Amelie or Jovial? Do you have experience with Popbasic? Would love to hear as always. It is so much fun chatting brands, and various collections. <3

Thanks for the e-mails. I appreciate your support, and love. Don’t forget that I am open to questions, and would do my best to help you with them. 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve been asked many times after my new fave lifestyle subscription Little Lace Box November review when they’ll open up their previously sold out monthly subscriptions, and I am happy to say January monthlies are open right now. Act fast if you want January, and use boxqueen10 for $10 off your box. I just received December, and it is worth a whopping $142. <3

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Happy Thurday lovelies, XOXO,


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  • Cheryl

    You’re so right, peacoats are such a classic. It’s always my go-to style of coat, and I love all of the colors and prints for them. I’m a huge Popbasic fan and have Amelie as well. Can’t go wrong with a dress that has stripes AND pockets. 🙂

    • I love peacoats, less formal than a long coat, easier to wear. Amelie is wonderful right, what a great wear and go basic but still girly and pretty. 🙂 My jovial is coming in a couple days, looking forward to share, <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Jill G

    I’d never heard of PopBasic before. I just took a gamble and ordered the Jovial Collection but asked to swap out the shirt and necklace.

    • Jill they are amazing, the basics are so fun and the customer service top notch. I didn’t know they did swap outs, what are they giving you instead? I think you’ll love. Mine shipped today, can’t wait. XOXO, Elif

  • Pru

    I just ordered jovial. I am taking a risk. I am a petite and the length is really long. I am hoping that an easy hemming will do the trick. Hopefully, they will offer petite as their company grows. 🙂

    • Pru that would be an excellent addition to their collection, they need petite sizing 🙂 Hope you’ll love your Jovial, I am getting mine in a couple days. I am hoping with the longer size of the top I can wear it as a tunic over leggings, that’s what I do with my red Le Breton. Let me know how you like yours when you get it, XOXO, Elif

  • Would you believe a peacoat is the one item I have never owned? I think your absolutely right, they never go out of style, but where I live they are impractical. It’s either winter or summer, so we need a really warm coat or a light jacket….nothing in-between. I do love them peacoats though. They are gorgeous!

    • Have you tried the 100% wool ones? I have a navy all wool one and it is way too warm, I wear it on really cold days. Maybe that would work for you. Great to hear from you, happy holidays, XOXO, Elif

  • w

    I love your coat Elif! You look great (:

    – Deniz

    • Thanks Deniz, happy holidays!! XOXO, Elif

  • Ada

    First of all YOU personally are never out of style Elif. And I agree peacoats especially in a bright, vibrant red are never out of style. You look Fantastic – simply put. This Gorgeous Outfit is perfect for December also.

    I can always count on taking Style lessons from you.

    P.S. What is your E-Mail address my dear?

    Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays! Ada. =)

    • Ada thx pretty lady, you are so sweet!! <3 Made my day. I'll send you my email. 🙂 Hope you and your family have the best holidays!! XOXO, Elif

  • Jess

    I love the dress, the ease and comfort, and your red coat is stunning!! I love the mint J crew one for me, one of these days, but I live in Charlotte, so… it doesnt get too cold
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

    • Thanks Jess. I agree the mint J.Crew one is amazing. Swooning over the color. It’s the kind that would make one wish for even colder weather 🙂 Happy Holidays, XOXO, Elif

  • Karen

    What do you think of the popbasic skinny jeans Elif?! I haven’t ordered jovial although I have Amelie and love it!

    • Karen, my order shipped just today. I should receive it by the end of the week, and will let you know what I think of the jeans. Amelie is great, and I hope Jovial will be as fun, excited for the jeans, can’t wait to see how the fit will be. Happy Holidays Karen <3, XOXO, Elif

  • Pretty stuff. Great photos.

  • Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)

    These are cute! My daughter has been searching for the perfect one (no luck yet!). 🙂

  • Dale Hunsberger

    I love pea coats and especially the Ralph Lauren navy blue one!