Last month when I announced I’ve discovered a new luxurious, designer, high quality, and totally pampering lifestyle subscription, and called it my new favorite in the lifestyle category, I’ve received many emails/messages from you ladies telling me you are very intrigued, and would love to try it.

I would love to hear from you all who did and really recommend the yearly box option to you all. ( monthly boxes sell out super quickly) The value is so high, ( last month’s single box was worth $183, this month’s over $148)  and the items are unbelievably well chosen (just see for yourself in last month’s review, and below) that you seriously should not miss it.  Just two months alone practically pays for the whole year. Sold out Jan. monthly boxes still available in the yearly option. 🙂

UPDATE: February monthly boxes on sale now. Use TBQ10  $10 off your 3 box and 6 box options. Great deals!


For detailed explanation of How Little Lace Box Works, see my November review. In a short summary the three sister owners ( how cool is that right?) select original, and high end pieces in the home, beauty, fashion categories and more each month and bring them together in a  theme which I found to be refreshing as well as quite charming.

LITTLE LACE BOX also has a fabulous boutique section that sells the items put in their monthly boxes and much more. For instance their November, and December boxes are sold out right now but you can find most of the items in the boutique. Use Discount Code: Winter15 to get 15% OFF your boutique purchases.

Let’s take a look at the loveliness that is the December box.


This month’s box consisted of four items, one chosen by all three sisters, the rest of the pieces chosen by each. Btw I really enjoy the information letters Little Lace Box includes within each box. The sisters explain how/why they chose the items, and symbolic ways they interpreted the monthly themes. This month, reading through Taylor, Brianna, and Aubrey’s sections, I related to each women in a different day, and wished they lived in my city so we could have tea together. 🙂

PS: The little red pillow is also from Little Lace Box, November. <4


The first two pieces made me do a double take. The first of the two was the Little Lace Box Water Pearl Necklace. This delicate beauty was also designed by sisters this time a duo, and is made of 14 carat gold chain, freshwater pearls, and two single gold plated pyrite stones.

I wore the outfit you see above to an actual holiday party the day I received my December Little Lace Box.  Wearing statement earrings, I accessorized with the pearl necklace, and the below pearl bracelet. At least three people remarked on their understated elegance. 🙂


This is the Freshwater Pearl Bracelet by Stia Couture you can still find in the Little Lace Box boutique.  (winter15 gets you 15%off) I absolutely love the 14 carat wire bracelet, and the fresh water pearls accompanying it. The perfect piece you could wear with a fancy outfit but could use with jeans just as easily.


Whitney English Day Designer. I repeated again; Whitney English Day Designer is in the box to my clueless hubby sitting on the couch reading a newspaper 🙂 He obviously had no idea what makes this organizer so super special, however it so is.

The Day Designer is made for busy moms, businesswomen, bloggers, essentially for everyone who needs an organized life. I have been MAJORLY crushing on this, and was debating whether to splurge on it. This organizer is scream with delight, and jump in air kinda item for me. I am putting it to good use immediately. Brianna huge props to you, what a surprise!!


The last December piece is this soap that has a very pleasant scent, and as nice shape, and color. You know me, I love my cosmetics as much as fashion. This cutie found its place next to my bath tub.

Overall Impressions: December Little Lace Box  is proof I wasn’t exaggerating when I said Little Lace Box is my new favorite lifestyle subscription. It included jewelry/beauty pieces most women would love to receive, and the sought after, and frequently sold out Whitney English Day Designer sealed the deal for me to once again declare: You NEED Little Lace Box in your life, and I NEED it in mine too. 🙂 According to the info sheet December value is over $148. I just say wow. At 269.95 for a WHOLE YEAR  Little Lace Box is one of the best value/cost boxes I receive.

If after seeing all this you also believed in my above statements that you need some Little Lace Box in your life , don’t forget to use TBQ10 to get $10 off, and make this even a sweeter deal. Us girls love that!

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Have the best Friday, hope it’s a great one! XOXO,


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  • Cheryl

    I am so impressed with this box- such amazing selections and thoughtful curation. Will have to check it out. Looks like the January box is sold out, so I will patiently wait for Feb to become available (my birthday month) and treat myself. 🙂

    • Cheryl it has been amazing the past two months I’ve received it. The themes, the thought put into the curation, and the value surpasses so many other boxes. They still have the January boxes available in the yearly sub, they allocate some to monthly option and some to the yearly subscribers. Yearly is an amazing deal (at $97 off) though a bit of a splurge, and I’ll announce next months sub as soon as it opens probably to the end of next month. Usually those go in a day LOL. Hope you can try it soon my dear, happy weekend, XOXO, Elif

  • You look gorgeous in your holiday outfit. Love the little pillow in the chair behind you.

    • Thx dear!! 🙂 That little pillow is from November Little Lace Box :-)) XOXO, Elif

  • Tban

    You look lovely! Pearl is never out of fashion. Both pieces are timeless.

    • Yes and these ones are so delicate, they are not pretentious, just elegant. 🙂 Love them thx love, XOXO, Elif

    • They sure had me squeal with delight 🙂 Happy weekend dear, XOXO, Elif

  • mommato4

    This box was a bit of a let down for me—-especially after last month’s box. With the use of a smart phone, I never keep a planner, the jewelry was so so-a bit too fragile for everyday wear and the soap well—was just scented soap (I’ll use it, but nothing special). I hope the January box comes back as a hit as this was a pretty big miss for me.

    • I think it shows how things can be so subjective when it comes to boxes as I was seriously crazy for this month. For me the day planner is so much more than an organizer, you plan your whole life there, and its inspirational, can never get that from my smart phone, and the necklace/bracelet were a big hit at a party for me. 🙂 Totally get what you are saying however for me it is a big winner. Thanks for your perspective, and stopping by. XOXO, Elif

  • Oh I love this chic notebook. The little lace box seems like a very good deal!

    • It is the best deal right now I think, especially because the items are really high quality, and they are each well chosen. The plannar I am so excited for 🙂 XOXO, Elif