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As a part of my 2015 goals ( I call them goals instead of resolutions, feels much more laid
back, and I stick to them better 🙂 ), and after the indulgentholiday season which meant I got to shop for gifts, or sit around a dinner table enjoying my time with family & friends instead of participating in my regular fitness schedule, I am more than ever committed to start 2015 strong wellness, and fitness wise.

If you haven’t yet read my Back to Fitness Series where I share how I got my fitness groove back after my pregnancies, reclaimed my pre-pregnancy shape ( well almost ), and how we exercise as a family,  you may want to start reading there.

Winter months are extra tough as they don’t particularly inspire us to exercise or to practice healthy eating. ( see why below) I want to share some of my tips with you; one to show you you are not alone with winter exercising/healthy eating challenges (we all want to sleep in when it’s dark out), two to share with you information I researched, & collected from my trainers, books, and doctors over the years, and finally to show you a product I started using, and love.



I am not a doctor or fitness professional myself however I collected this info researching, reading, talking to dietitians, and my trainers over the years.

1) In winter months it is more important than ever to set a schedule to exercise weekly.  Depending on your schedule you can choose a weekday, and the weekend days, or two week day mornings, and a Sunday, it’s all up to you.

There just has to be time set aside as the darkness in early morning, and early afternoon already make it hard enough to stay motivated. Our body clock doesn’t really encourage us to go out and run when it is pitch black outside. You want to be curled up inside your warm, cozy home. If you hold yourself accountable with a schedule it is more likely you’ll stick to your fitness routine.

2) In winter a chemical in our body increases. Increased ATLPL causes intensified fat storage in our body during colder months compared to summer months when the chemical is not as high. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise a couple times a week so you can offset the extra fat storage, building/maintaining muscle instead.

3) Colder months also mean we usually crave carbohydrates. They increase serotonin levels in our body, too little serotonin means we feel hungry & tired during colder months.No wonder why we need them for energy.

The best winter diet is eating proteins, diary, and veggies during breakfast & lunch, and end your day with a dinner that serves low fat healthy carbs such as whole grain pasta, or sweet potatoes. To amp up your serotonin you can also spend at least 20 min. outside or in front of a window near a light source.

4) If you can’t go out in the cold, invest in a good home exercise program. If you are intent on exercising outdoors, make sure to layer with a base, second layer, and a winter jacket, and warm up inside with streching exercises before heading out.

You can also increase the intensity of your workouts to spend less actual time on them. HIIT, in other words high intensity interval workouts, are where you alternate between periods of short intense workouts (4-30 minutes), and less-intense recovery periods.It is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is amazing for fat burning.

5) Make it fun by trying something different, and fun you’ve never tried before to ignite that fitness motivation that winter seems to take away from us. Try a winter sport such as skiing, or snowboarding, even snow shoeing if you’ve never done them before, or go to an ice rink with your kids to learn ice-skating. Anything that gets you moving, and motivates you works.

6) Add to your routine a natural supplemental drink such as my newly discovered FitTea. I am all about tea, and in the cold months it is especially comforting to drink a natural mix tea to stay warm & energized. FitTea also aids with digestion; great for all those carbs I talked about above. 🙂

I have the 14 day detox tea, and drink it in the mornings, as well as before my runs in the afternoon. As I said, it is all natural, and boosts your immune system giving you more energy. ( how I need that, no kidding!! ) FitTea‘s moto is “Give us a few weeks, and we’ll give you a new waistline.” I won’t say no to a bit of help in that area as well.


This is my 14 day FitTea Detox package.


In the morning before I eat anything I put a teaspoonful of FitTea in a tea infuser, and let it sit in my mug a couple minutes.


Before my workouts the past few days I’ve been brewing FitTea in a travel mug taking it with me in my car. I drink it before my runs. The tea has antimicrobial properties so when I am sweating out I also feel like I am flushing out all the junk out of my body. 🙂

I’ll finish up FitTea detox in about another eleven days, and most likely repeat it soon. It is a easy to try detox tea, nice as a supplement to your wellness & fitness routine.

Have you heard of FitTea? Have you tried it? What is your winter fitness & wellness schedule look like?

FitTea also offers a caffeine-free alternative with Holy basil (Tulsi) spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle and linden blossoms as ingredients. A good option if you need/want to go caffeine free.

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Have a wonderful Thursday ladies, stay healthy & fit, XOXO,


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  • Tulay Ban

    Very hot! I do not mean the tea btw!

    • Theboxqueen

      Haha you are too kind my dear 🙂 `Made this tired mom’s morning 🙂 The tea is pretty good too. Happy Friday! XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I need to get back into my fitness schedule, too. Winter is tough, considering the holidays and how dark and cold it gets around here- totally equals low motivation for exercise. I like the idea of creating an exercise schedule. The tea sounds interesting, too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Theboxqueen

      Cheryl I’ve done this once before in a very serious schedule during winter after my third pregnancy/birth. It was a time I didn’t have the time/energy to get myself back to the gym right away so I did an intensive home exercise program with zumba, barre, interval training, and running in my neighborhood. Worked wonders. At that time I made a commitment to move a bit everyday. Really works with a schedule mindset. 🙂 Trying to get back to that. The tea is a good incentive all warm, and energizing. Can’t wait to hear more of your workout journey. Have a great Friday, XOXO, Elif

  • I haven’t heard of this tea before, I wonder if we have anything like it in Australia?

    Good exercise tips for any country though! I find walking the dog is good exercise, and it won’t be long before I’ll be running around at the park with a mobile little baby as well as a fluffy dog, haha. I’m lucky baby is too small for running yet 🙂

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    • Theboxqueen

      Mica I would look into natural grocery stores, health/wellness aisles. FitTea I believe also ships internationally.
      I also find walking my dogs, and running after my kids, and doing sports activities with them or playing good old tag is an amazing way to get moving for sure. You’ll see that in no time you’ll have a built-in exercise partner in your toddler 🙂 How fun!!! Happy Friday dear, XOXO, Elif

      • I should have a look in the heath care store next time I pass!

  • Winter really is the hardest time to stay active, but you’re right it is so important to keep moving! I totally agree, one of the biggest motivators is to try something new!
    pumps and push-ups

    • Theboxqueen

      That’s exactly what I do Brooke, find something new and exciting when there is an exercise slump or when I want to include my family as well. Makes everything fun again. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • This is the perfect post for the New YEar!

    • Theboxqueen

      So happy you enjoyed Michelle 🙂 Welcome to theboxqueen, and thx for saying hi! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • curleedst

    I am doing a 14-day teatox too. Good luck on yours. I am loving mine. #sitsblogging

  • Cindy

    Can you drink this tea while breastfeeding?