I always get so excited the first two months of the year waiting for award shows. I mean what’s not to love? There are movies, glamorous outfits, and a whole lot of talent on display. For this movie fanatic, and forever fashion lover, red carpet style is something to look forward to, and anticipate with giddiness.

When it’s finally awards night, I love analyzing, and commenting on people’s dresses, and always imagine how I would prepare for the red carpet if I was to go to one of the award shows. Today I’ll share a red carpet make-up tutorial with you to showcase how my step by step process works. I’ll also show you which gown I would wear, from my own closet, if my phone rang for an invite. 🙂 ( a girl can dream right? )

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

First up is my very detailed Red Carpet Make-Up tutorial. Take a peak above to see my before, and after face.  It’s a colorful, award season appropriate, but still achievable look. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way. Can’t wait to hear what you think when you try this look out! <3

First you clean, and moisturize your face.

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

I start my red carpet make-up by applying my favorite BB cream all over my face. You need to have a smooth base to work with while still keeping your cover-up light, and naturally glowing. Grab your concealer to touch up under your eyes, and around the nose crease. Also touch up any scars, dark spots, or pimples you may have.

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial Q-tips Precision Tips
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial Q-tips Precision Tips

One key tool I highly recommend you have plenty of on hand is Q-tips Precision Tip. I use these in so many of my beauty routines that I literally panic if I run out. ( also the reason why I pick up a couple of the 170 count boxes every time I am out shopping) They are super affordable, and will be your biggest friend in getting ready for any event.

I also LOVE how portable Q-tips cotton swabs are. Every time I leave the house I throw a couple of them in a zip-lock along with a travel size make-up remover. If my mascara runs, or my under eye pencils make me resemble a raccoon, I take one of these guys out for a discreet, and quick clean up. LIFESAVER!

Did I say they are biodegradable for composting. For a NW resident that equals genius, especially if you knew how many of these Q-tips cotton swabs I use in one day. A LOT! 🙂 See Q-tips’ Pinterest boards to get even more ideas.

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

Now onto the most important part of your red carpet look. Those Hollywood ready eyes.

1) Take your wide brush, and dab into your neutral cream/light peachy eye shadow ( bubble bath color) in your shadow palette to cover your eye lid with. Make sure to take it up to under your eyebrows.

2) Clean up any excess shadow that may have covered your eyebrows. Take your Q-tips Precision Tip, and clean up under the brows.

3) Grab your black eye pencil to line your upper eyelids. Make sure to take it near the inner corner of the eye, but stop before you reach the inner corner. You need some space between the liner, and inner eyes so your eyes don’t seem smaller than they are. I always line after the all over lid color, but before I apply shadow on the crease.

4 & 5) If you had a mishap like I did, don’t panic and erase all your eye make-up. Pick up one of your Q-tips Precision Tip. They have tapered ends that are just perfect for quick clean ups. You just dib one into your eye make-up cleaner, and you can fix your make-up mistake even if it’s tiny. (like my uneven line seen on #5.)

6) After you line both upper eyelids, apply a sparkly light pink eye shadow to the middle of your eyelids. ( color pink diamond)

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

7) Q-tips cotton swab also double as a super affordable, easy to use shadow brush. They have such great precision that you can apply just the right amount of product to the smallest areas. I put a bit of sparkly white shadow on my Q-tips cotton swab to brighten up the inner eye area. A little goes a long way. Use the sparkly white right where I show on pic #8. Voila, bigger, more youthful eyes are looking at you in the mirror. 🙂

8) Pick up your eye defining brush to apply color the crease area. Dab it into the bordeaux color in your shadow palette, and cover the crease area starting from near your eye lashes to about a finger below your brows. ( under your brows should stay the neutral color we used in #1) This application will give definition, and depth to your eyes.

9) You can see how I built up my eye shadow with three different colors plus the brightening white sparkly near the inner eye.

10) Use your black eye pencil to line under your eyes. This line looks best smudged, and your Q-tips Precision Tip is your best friend to achieve that smudged, but put together under eye line. What a huge bonus that this helpful tool is 100% pure cotton. It’s soft, & gentle for the delicate under eye area. My under eye area is so sensitive; I truly appreciate the softness.

11) Apply a volumizing mascara to get those full lashes that scream red carpet. They’ll frame, and open up your eyes. Us girls want that right?

12) Your eye make-up is award season ready. Now on to finishing up the rest of your face.

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

13) Use a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, and on your cheekbones to liven up your face.

14, 15, & 16) Finish up your red carpet make-up look with a reddish pink bright lipstick. If you are shying away from bright colors, red carpet is THE place to try them. Your best friend Q-tips cotton swab will help you clean up any lipstick that bled out of your lip lines.

Congratulate yourself! You got yourself ready for your special event. And I bet you look fabulous! <3

Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial
Red Carpet Make-Up Tutorial

One little tip before I move on to my outfit. You know those annoying smudges of nail polish when you are applying color to your nails. Have a Q-tips cotton swab ready to dip into a nail polish remover to clean up the excess. Easy solution to a way too common challenge.


Red Carpet Outfit
Red Carpet Outfit

The moment I saw this flowy, pink gown with an embellished neckline I was in trouble. Love at first sight, fireworks and all. As soon as I put it on, I felt so girly, and glam with a touch of Old Hollywood Marilyn Monroe. This would be THE dress to go with my red carpet make-up look.

Red Carpet Outfit
Red Carpet Outfit

You see my little clutch? A couple pieces of make-up would go in it with a healthy supply of Q-tips Precision Tip for quick bathroom touch-ups.

Red Carpet Outfit
Red Carpet Outfit
Red Carpet Outfit
Red Carpet Outfit

How do you use your Q-tips Precision Tip? Would love to hear your tips!! How would you dress up for the red carpet? What colors of make-up would you use? I can’t wait to read what you ladies think!

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Have a wonderful new week lovelies! Hope it’ll be filled with laughter. XOXO,


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  • I just recently found out about those Qtips precision tips! You look beautiful with and without makeup! Your gown is gorgeous!

    Doused In Pink

    • Theboxqueen

      They are great right? So much use out of one beauty tool. I keep some with me all the time! Thanks Jill. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Tulay Ban

    That gown is truly red carpet worthy! I love the color, shape and the fabric. Your makeup looks so natural. You are glowing my georgous friend.

    • Theboxqueen

      Tulay thx so much love! It was so fun discovering the gown, putting the tutorial together, and sharing many ways I use my Q-tips Precision Tips. ( so nifty this tool) So happy you liked. XOXO, Elif

  • Sophia

    Another amazing post so full of information! I love your make-up. I am purchasing the eye color palette. Will recreate your look and send you a picture 🙂 I have those Q-tips swabs in my makeup bag too. So useful for when I mess up. Thanks for showing how to use them as a brush. Oh and the gown is so pretty on you!

    • Theboxqueen

      I can’t wait to see your interpretation of the tutorial. Do send me a pic. 🙂 You made me blush a bit with your sweets words. Thanks so much for the support. I am thrilled you enjoyed the post. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • The Real Arnolds

    You look beautiful! I love you with a red lip! What a pretty dress!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Amy. Love red lips on special occasions ( and beyond) 🙂 XOXO,Elif

  • For me, makeup is ONLY for special occasions. Why? Because I am hopeless with it. It’d take me an hour just to get my face done! I too use the cotton buds or Q-tips for makeup to get rid of smudges. Your dress is stunning. The color is perfect and you are a vision in it!

    • Theboxqueen

      I promise with this tutorial your make-up wouldn’t take more than 20 min with some practice. 🙂 I love playing with make-up but still try to keep it natural. I don’t know what I would do without Q-tips cotton swabs! I use them for so much.
      Love that pink dress myself. Thanks for your sweet words dear. XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Great makeup tutorial! I love your finished look, and your dress is just gorgeous. Thank you for introducing me to Precision Qtips- I’ve used the regular kind for years, but the Precision is a new product to me. 🙂 I can’t wait to try them for my makeup application!

    • Theboxqueen

      Cheryl Qtips Precision Tips makes my life so much easier. Just this morning right when I was putting on new nail polish my puppy jumped on me, and I got polish on my skin and the side of nails. Cleaned in seconds without much mess. Haha someone like me can’t live without this tool. :-)) They make eye makeup application so easy too. You need to tell me all about it when you try them for make-up!
      Thanks so much for your lovely words sweet lady. <3 I was so happy to find that dress at Nordstrom Rack. 🙂 Jumped on it haha. XOXO, Elif

  • You look stunning in that gown – the color and style suit you very well. I am sure you turned heads in that amazing dress. Those red lips look amazing on you!
    We Shop in Heels

    • Theboxqueen

      So sweet of you to say Tatiana! Have a lovely Wed. XOXO, Elif

  • Oh my gosh…I LOVE that dress!!! It’s beautiful and looks great on you!

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks so much Lisa. So happy you stopped by. XOXO, Elif

  • Thank you so much for sharing your tips. I am a big fan of Q-Tips too…especially for my eye make up and you look absolutely STUNNING in that dress!! Oh my word!!

    • Theboxqueen

      Shanna they are great right? I may have kids climbing on me ( or puppies haha) at any minute during my day even when applying makeup. I need these tools. :-)) Always a pleasure to hear from you lovely lady! Thanks so much! XOXO, Elif

  • Happinessatmidlife

    This dress is so gorgeous on you!! Great tip about the nail polish, I so badly need to remove some old polish and give myself a mani.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Theboxqueen

      Alice Welcome to TheBoxQueen 🙂 With all the responsibilities sometimes it is difficult to keep up with nail polish. I usually do it once a week, and do a couple touch-ups.Q-tips cotton swabs really help. Thanks lovely lady. I was so happy to find that dress. XOXO, Elif

  • So pretty and fancy!


    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks so much Joanne!! Welcome to TheBoxQueen, so happy you stopped by! XOXO, Elif

  • Love the makeup tutorial – simple yet so chic. That dress is totally amazing and you look like a celebrity.
    Love love love this post :))

    • Theboxqueen

      So very happy you enjoyed the post Lu. I loved creating it. That dress is a treasured find, and yes the make up is intended to be natural glam. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words lovely. <3 XOXO, Elif

  • Love the lipstick and dress! Very understated, yet very glamorous!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Arielle!! That’s what I tried to go for and happy you liked. 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • Akaleistar

    That dress is beautiful and love your makeup!

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks dear. Happy Tuesday!! XOXO, Elif