One of the things we get asked a lot is how we find time for date night with my hubby as busy parents of young kids. I understand, and emphatize with this question as I can relate to it so much. The short answer to the question is that we try to get creative. I am sharing the long answer with you today showing one of our ideas for date night at home for busy parents.


Before we got married, we were together with my hubby for about six years. First we were in college, then in graduate school, and after that we were married young adults without kids for the first 1,5 years. Date nights, and even whole date weekends were a regular occurrence, and we didn’t particularly plan around them. Fast forward to today, if we want any romantic time together, we need to put intentional effort into the planning.

As many other parents, we of course love going to the movies, dinners, concerts, plays, and basketball games together. Although we do all these once in a while alone, it’s not practical for us to plan them as frequently as we like. We usually do these activities as a family. First of all we are not very trusting when it comes to babysitters. We do have great friends who help with babysitting when there is a special event but we wouldn’t want to impose all the time. Not only that but our parents live thousands of miles away.

If we want a date night, we need to get creative. We also need to have it at an alternate place that’s convenient, and one that’ll give us a piece of mind knowing our kids are close by. Where is that magical place I can hear you asking?  At our home’s front porch of course 🙂

Here are some ideas that may inspire you to have an at home date night of your own. ( this would work both for parents and for any busy couple)




On a regular day, lounging at home, I definitely choose comfort. You can find me in sweatpants, or shorts. A date night at home however calls for getting dressed, and being a bit fancy. For a second forget that your location is your own home, and focus that this is your romantic time with your significant other.  Get pretty like you would for a date night outside. Put those heels on, and your favorite dress. <3



As the purpose of these mini escapes is staying connected romantically, a setting that encourages great conversation, and intimacy is the key for us. We prepare light, easy to eat appetizers, and have good wine. Use this time to focus on each other. The treats are just the supporting actors of the night.

We’ve discovered Ribera y Rueda Spanish wines recently and fell in love. For about 2000 years winemakers from Ribera and Rueda, located in NW Spain and very close to Madrid, have been cultivating what’s new, and what’s next in every  vineyard, and vintage they produce. We thought especially the crisp, and airy Rueda Verdojos, (the white varietal) went amazingly with our treats for the night. It is a very refreshing wine, and is best served chilled. We absolutely loved the aromatic taste.

Now that we know Ribera y Rueda makes such great wines, we can’t wait to pop the red varietal Ribera Tempranillo for a dinner party we have coming up.




Kids are so cute, and they are so very difficult to resist when they look at you with those adorable eyes, and want to stay with you. If we are trying to squeeze in some alone time inside, it is more than not interrupted. And who can resist those charming faces right?

As much as the weather permits, we use outdoor spaces in our home for our little at home date nights. Our front porch is one of our favorite places to escape to. You can use a deck, a yard, or a balcony in front of your master bedroom. Whichever it is, you’ll find your outside space is perfect for your home date night.




Of course you don’t want to bother your neighbors, but pleasant music really helps set the mood. You can use your phone as your player; that’s what we do outside with speakers and it works great.



We all have many everyday stresses. It’s a fact of life. For your date nights to reach their purpose, try to keep the mundane, everyday stresses away at least for a couple of hours. Smile knowing you’ll be running errands, going to work, or driving your kids the next day, and try to enjoy every bit of your little bit of paradise. 🙂

How do you fit in date nights into your life? What are your tips and tricks for staying connected with your significant other in your busy lives? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Curious about the tasty Ribera y Rueda Spanish Wines? Check out their Tumblr for educational resources on wine pairings, wine-themed playlist, and product locater.

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Have the best Thursday lovely ladies. Let me know your thoughts on those date nights, XOXO,


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  • Sibel Gultekin

    It is a good idea! We should do that!

    • Theboxqueen

      You really should Sibel. It’s convenient and fun! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  • That sounds like a lovely way to get some date night time together while staying close to home! 🙂 It’s always nice to sit down and enjoy a meal with hubby after baby is in bed for the night 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Theboxqueen

      We started doing this when our kids are babies too and it stayed with us. Great when we need to stay home with the kids but still need some special time. 🙂 Happy Wed. dear. XOXO, Elif

  • Talba1

    Great idea! With the everyday hussle and bussle we tend to forget finding time for ourselves.

    • Theboxqueen

      We really do need to remember to take time to connect. Happy you liked my dear friend. Happy mid-week. XOXO, Elif

  • Sophia

    How cute are you two? The at home date night idea is very smart with little kids. Certainly inspired me to have some one on one with my husband when our toddler is sleeping. Thanks for another useful post Elif.

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Sophia you are too sweet! Try it, I think you’ll find it to be a very special time to connect in the midst of craziness and responsibilities. 🙂 Enjoy dear.; and let me know how it went. XOXO, Elif

  • It’s so lovely that you find time to enjoy each other’s company!
    The whole setup is so nice. And you look so pretty xx

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks so much Lu. It was really a fun time. We definitely need these little escapes at home 🙂 Happy Wed. XOXO, Elif

  • nuray

    We used to do a similar at home date night when our kid was young. Your time together looks so sweet, and those wines/appetizers look delicious.

    • Theboxqueen

      It was a sweet time thanks 🙂 and if I say so myself they were yummy LOL. Thanks for sharing. XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    We are huge fans of stay at home date nights with wine and light apps. I am always looking for new wines to try- will definitely check this one out. Would pair beautifully with a tapas menu. 🙂

  • We are trying to save some money by not going out as often and this is a fabulous solution!

  • Good to know that we are not the only couple that does this. Lat year the girls swing set came down and in went the fire pit and adirondack chairs. This makes for the perfect date night spot. 🙂

  • Mai Tran

    Now that I read this, I realize we have not had a date night in forever. A home-date-night would be perfect.

  • ADA

    This is so cute and sweet and easy too. Thanks for the tips, babe.