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Ladies I am continuing my recent posts that have tips for busy parents. Last week I shared with you my date night tips for parents/busy people who have little free time. Today I would like to give you an insight into how I manage my time daily, and share some time management tips I’ve learned from experience along the way. I would LOVE it if you shared your ideas, and tips with me in comments so we can all help from each other.  Busy moms unite 🙂 and busy gals as well!! <3

You may remember me talking about my crazy days, especially during school year. I start my day waking up early in the morning around 6:30. First we get breakfast ready, get everyone’s backpacks organized, and have everyone dress up. The first school drop off is at 8, my son’s is at 8:45 and my youngest’s school starts at 9:00. The ironic thing in all this is because of the schools we liked/chose, they ended up being in three different points in town. I do about 30-45 min driving each morning one way for one of the schools ; and repeat it in the afternoon.


Activities start after school, and the second round of driving with it. Are you getting dizzy with all this LOL? I know I do-everyday! Such a whirlwind, and I am not even counting social life, blogging, time with hubby, hobbies, workout schedule, doctor/ hairdresser etc. appointments, volunteer time at kids schools, or things to do around the house. There are only 24 hrs in the day, and to be able to do all this I’ve learned some tips to fit as much into my days as possible. Here we go!

 Organize Your Housework 

Responsibilities around the house take up so much time. What works for us is having set times to do certain chores. For instance we have a laundry day in the weekend when we wash, and fold our laundry. We choose a day every two months or so when we go through the kids clothes, and toys to sort through things that are too small, put aside toys they don’t play with anymore so we can share with friends, or donate. We have a day in the month when we clean out our garage. I think this system helps with keeping things a bit sane at the home front.

Use Your Time In-Between Activities Wisely 

I think this is one of the most useful tips I’ve learned, and I practice this every single day. Use the chunks of time in between your activities wisely, and don’t waste them. You have half an hour after your doctor appointment before you pick up your son from school? Always keep your workout bag in your trunk, and use that time to have a quick run at your fitness club.

Sitting, and waiting for your kids swimming class to end? Get your computer out, and pay your bills, blog, put together that excel spreadsheet you needed. You have 20 min before you volunteer at your daughter’s classroom? Keep a book in your bag, and enjoy some leisure time while grabbing coffee, or call your friend and have a chat. You get the idea ladies. 🙂


You Have Only 20 minutes to Prepare Dinner? Eat Yummy Pizza 

I love putting together elaborate meals for my family when I can. Sometimes tough we come home so tired, and NEED a quick, well-made meal. Pizza is such a lifesaver those days, and all you need is 20 minutes to prepare lunch/dinner for your whole family. You can even keep it stylish with simple but cheerful dinnerware/decor.

TONY’S® Pizza has that authentic Pizzeria feel, and taste. It’s made with real cheese, and sauce made from real tomatoes, and Italian style herbs. Their Pizza’s are now 30% larger, more convenient to serve to your little crew at home while you can also grab a piece. The company dates back to 1960’s, and is a genuine pizza company that is full of pizza heritage.


STYLE/DECOR TIPS FOR A QUICK MEAL: Yesterday night was one of those days when my husband and I were completely wiped after a day of keeping the kids busy, walking our dog, and playdates. We were super hungry too.

We both love stylish dinner settings, and want our kids to experience that.  This time we went with a pizza party theme. As the meal is casual, I kept it simple but charming with colorful plates, fresh flowers in a watering can to make it fun for the kids, and an authentic wooden board to cook/serve our pizza on. Effortless but still a pleasant experience.


Have you ever tried Tony’s Pizza? You can even get it at your neighborhood Walmart stores. Pop in a couple of these in your freezers for those days when you are just too exhausted.

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Outsource Your Responsibilities Whenever You Can 

What to outsource totally depends on your preferences. For instance I love to do everything to do with my kids myself. However I love getting help with cleaning my house, ironing, detailing of my car, or yard work. These things I outsource as much as I can. I know some friends have dog walkers, others use healthy meal delivery services. Outsourcing even a couple responsibilities once in a while helps so much with time management.


Use a Super Detailed Planner, and Have a Family Day Planning Station At Home 

Of course we all use our phone’s calendars as planners nowadays; but let me tell you ladies a very detailed planner is STILL such a HUGE help. Mine has today’s top three section, a to-do area, hourly plan section, even a daily gratitude part. Writing all I need to do there helps so much to clear my mind, and also helps tremendously with keeping me on track. Your phone’s calendar works great for reminders but these planners map your whole day.

I also recommend having a white board with days of the week hanging in the social hub of your home like the entrance, kitchen, or a hallway. We have such a board where we write everyone’s daily schedule. Helps to see what’s going on in each other’s day.

I can’t wait to hear your tips for managing your daily time!! Let me know below ladies.

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Wish you all a wonderful Tuesday lovelies!  XOXO,


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  • nuray

    What great tips and beautiful pictures. I love that pizza wheel. My tip for time management is cooking meals in advance. I also do laundry over the weekend like you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Theboxqueen

      Cooking meals in advance sounds like an amazing tip for time management. I usually cook everything super fresh but some things like mediterranean vegetable dishes could be prepared in advance and kept a couple days. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! XOXO, Elif

  • Sibel Gultekin

    I think pizza is life saving, as well as pasta with meat sauce. My tips on managing daily time is similar to yours.

    • Theboxqueen

      Yay for pasta with meat sauce. One of my family’s favorite too. 🙂 Happy Thursday. XOXO, Elif

  • Mai Tran

    Does your hair always look that gorgeous?

    • Theboxqueen

      That’s so kind of you to say and of course I have my share of many pony tail hair days LOL. XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    I also try to use my pockets of time in-between activities wisely, whether it’s returning an email, straightening up the house, or just reading a magazine if I have 10 minutes to myself! We do easy meals a couple times a week, such as pizza, pasta or breakfast for dinner.

    • Theboxqueen

      Yes definitely the busier we get those little pockets of time become more and more valuable. I thought I was super busy in college & grad school haha but looking back I now see how much free time I had compared to now. Sometimes even reading a book seems like a luxury I find a few minutes here and there for. Btw I LOVE breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, or a yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds so great right now. 🙂 Happy Thursday, XOXO, Elif

  • Adrian G

    I am about the busiest person I know. I’ve worked full time for probably 35 years – 25 at my current company. I have also been named a volunteer of the year over the last three years. I do about 30-40 hours/month, mostly with Scouts, but several other charities as well. I did a charity car wash today with a dozen teens, for example. Plus I run my whole social media empire – ha! Fortunately, I am extremely organized and I focus on using my time very well. I can do a lot from my phone at work while I’m waiting for reports to run or other things. I keep my calendar on my phone as well as Wunderlist for my blog posts and things. I not only write for my own blog, but I write for a Scouting blog as well, so I have separate lists for each. Plus I don’t sleep much…Or cook… Or do a whole lot of housework – just the basics to get us by. I do outsource a bit to my husband and son. Hubby does the cooking, and son has some chores that he does (badly!). But it all works somehow…