It’s happening! As August is nearing its third week, we started receiving letters from our kids schools. We are getting their class lists, notes from their teachers regarding first week of school activities, yearly calendars, and of course the dreaded Back to School Shopping list haha. ( well I’ll point you towards a one stop Back To School destination that’ll hopefully make things easier)

This year I ordered directly from a prepared list for my two youngest as their school offered
the service, BUT I still had to shop for my oldest. Thankfully I am a bit better at this now than I was when she started school five years ago. I remember how disheveled I was, when I was trying to figure out what type of folders, and pencils I was supposed to get when she started kindergarten.

Below find my top 3 tips to shop for Back To School Like a Boss.


1) Don’t Wait For The Last Minute for Your Back To School Shopping

This should be a no-brainer right? Well I may know a person that was on vacation overseas few years ago, until the last week of summer. She may or may not have finished her kids’ back to school shopping just a a couple days before start of school. Of course you guessed that the woman is me, and that experience won’t ever be repeated. It was the MOST stressful back to school shopping we’ve ever done.

I remember not being able to find multiple must have’s on our list, and just frantically driving from one place to another. My best advice- Start Your Back To School Shopping Right Now!! You’ll get a much better selection, and you won’t need to make multiple stops to find your list items.


2) Shop at a One Stop For All Store- It’ll Save You So Much Time 

Finishing all your Back To School Shopping at one store is such a huge time saver. A store like Walmart carries everything on your supply list ( with everyday low prices I may add), and you can get your household stocked with necessities such as household paper products at the same time.

Also school MEANS collecting Box Tops! I don’t know any school, public or private, that don’t love parents coming in with a bag full of Box Tops haha. You can get Double Box Tops right now on Scott, and Viva products as well as Bonus Box Tops on Kleenex. I have quite a few already. 🙂


3) Get Your Kids Involved in Back to School Shopping With You 

After years of perfecting how we’ll tackle Back To School Shopping, we now make it a family affair. When the kids are involved in purchasing their school supplies, I can see how excited they get to use them, and actually to start their studies. They also become familiar with all the tools, and items they’ll use.

I would love to hear your stories of how you Back To School Shop Like A Boss? What are your tips for making Back to School Shopping easier? 

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Happy Tuesday ladies, and hope you have the best experience back to school shopping! XOXO,


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  • Talba1

    Oh boy! That reminds me I gotto start now. I think I am already late and might need to drive from one place to another. What puzzles me is that one if the items on the list says croyin pencils “not too long”. So please tell me what is not too long means? Is it medium, small large or extra large or something entirely different. And I bet you they do not specify not too long on their package. Lol!

  • Kelly O’Malley

    I agree with your tips. Especially getting the kids involved. I have started to give them each a certain amount of money and they have to get their supplies. It helps them learn to budget as well as deciding priorities. I, of course, have the last say on any purchase.

  • Back to school shopping sounds like fun! 🙂

    We will have that joy to look forward to in a few years with our son! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Kelly O’Malley

    I have already failed your list and waited until the last minute 🙁 Maybe next year I will do better 🙂

  • denise low

    I know they are always needing extra for school even after school starts

  • This isn’t something I have to worry about but I love stationery and I always have to check out the back to school ranges. I really wish we had Walmart and also Target in the UK. They seem to do such great stuff there. I use to love getting my new school stuff each year.

    Visiting from SITS 🙂