One of the stores that is on top of my list for carrying swoon-worthy pieces is definitely Anthropologie. You know I’ve mentioned that I do most of my shopping online. I love checking  the Web store of Antropologie, adding my favorites to the virtual wish list they have under each item, and coming back to those which I can’t get out of my mind LOL. They also carry gorgeous online exclusives that are worth checking out.

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Once in a while I purchase one of Anthropologie’s statement pieces for special events. They are famous for carrying really lovely dresses with bold prints, and luxurious fabrics. (such as this Brocade beauty) I also do appreciate the casual, high quality pieces they carry for our everyday lives, and today I am focusing on showing you the more casual side of Anthropologie. 🙂

You’ll find my casual favorites above. In this trip I purchased two pieces that will become fall staples for sure. ( You’ll see them in my dressing room pictures below)

TAKE NOTE: I also included a couple Anthropologie Sale items in my list/pictures. Right now there’s an  EXTRA 30% OFF SALE ITEMS PROMOTION with CODE: XTRAXTRA

Let’s peek into my dressing room fun, shall we?


1Photo Sep 24, 4 47 02 PM

I loved the fabric of this pullover top and it’s the first of the two pieces I purchased. Also the quote “Make It Happen” relates so much to my personality, and the way I like to live my life. The pants are AG Ankle Cords and they have the best fit ever. They are staying in my wish list. I just purchased some cords from Loft (see them in this post) .

Photo Sep 24, 4 45 53 PM

Close up of the pullover. 

Photo Sep 24, 4 57 04 PM

This deep V Neck  is one of the sale pieces. I like that it can go over anything. You can wear a cami or another V neck under or throw it over a pullover for extra warmth.

1Photo Sep 24, 4 50 41 PM

These two pieces both are super pretty and what I like about them is that they are fancy but wearable during day as well. I could wear these black pants  every single day, and they are so well made, they would last a long time. The top is a fantasy piece. Lace is one of the fabrics I adore, and the polka dot design makes it even more adorable.

Photo Sep 24, 4 50 51 PM

The lace is so intricate  and the dots so playful.

Photo Sep 24, 4 43 27 PM

Another top I really liked with the AG cords  is this mixed fabric piece. There is a bit of plaid on the front but the back has a bigger plaid section on the hem. I like basics that are made special like this.

Photo Sep 24, 4 56 35 PM

The second piece I bought and am very excited about are these leggings. They have a slight riding pants vibe (my daughter’s horseback pants are a similar style 🙂 ) and they have a chevron print. In my dailylook I use this type of leggings all the time, and I know I’ll get a tons of use out of it.

Photo Sep 24, 4 56 24 PM

You can see the print on the leggings better in this picture.

Photo Sep 24, 4 56 10 PM

My daughter who came with me to the store pointed out this braided sweater vest. I loved putting this item on, it was so cozy, and draped perfectly over the leggings. If you are looking for a good knit vest you may like the braided vest.

Photo Sep 24, 4 52 13 PM

This grey button down shirt attracted my attention with it’s plain but cool look and modern cut. I liked it over these black pants I also showed you above with the lace top.

Photo Sep 24, 4 52 19 PM


If you’ve been eyeing a sale piece from Anthropologie Sale, you can get 30% EXTRA on sale items right now with CODE:XTRAXTRA .

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Would love to hear your experiences with Anthropologie, and your favorite buys/wishlist items from the store. Also please LET ME KNOW if there are stores you want me to visit for my picks. I love getting those emails. <3

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Have a wonderful Friday ladies. XOXO,


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  • Talba1

    That dress is simply an art form. Beautiful layering. I do not know how it should fit me though. I have similar issues with this type of dresses as the reviewers pointed out. They tend to bunch up at the back. Could be because of my height. So I should try it on and see. I alos loved the tights. They are very well made and the fabric looks unique. I also liked the casual pieces you tried on. When I go for walks they are my choice of outfit almost always.

    • Theboxqueen

      That dress attracted my attention; it’s not the exact same one I have but very similar to a special occasion dress I purchased from Anthropologie. They really have such luxurious, beautiful fabrics, and unexpected patterns. I do agree tough, the best way to see if it’ll work with such an intricate dress is to try it on. 🙂 The casual pieces this time was as nice, and I am pretty obsessed with the leggings I got LOL. Happy Monday. XOXO, Elif

  • Great compilation!
    I love that vest cardi – it’s so my style too 🙂

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Lu. The vest cardi is so chic! 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday dear. XOXO, Elif

  • Jody DesChenes

    holy moly, i just went to Anthro and MIRACULOUSLY ran across the exact pair of pants i had been wanting (natural linen wide leg) marked WAY down with 30% more off….along with a similar pair in a denim color for $20!!!!, a pair of light pink cargo-ey skinnies, and a GORGEOUS maxi……. not nuthin, but 3 pairs of pants and a maxi for about $160 at Anthro….. i almost cried. oh ya, this was summer clearance, but i just wore the dress to a big fundraiser last night and it’s still hot here! someday i want a picture of your closet!! or i probably should say closetS. (;

    • Theboxqueen

      Those are some amazing prices and finds you’ve managed to snatch my dear. I know what you mean, at Anthro that total is pretty great! 🙂 Especially with a maxi included, their maxi dresses are the best!! I try to do a last in first out kinda system with my closet, (not that technical of course haha) I do donate/sell/gift many pieces otherwise it would pretty much be crazy town around here LOL. XOXO, Elif

  • Cheryl

    Love the AG brand; I’ll definitely keep an eye out for those cords. 🙂 Anthro is such a fun store. Aside from the clothes, I love checking out the home items and the perfumes and candles.

  • Sibel Gultekin

    Anthropology is one of my and my husbands favorite places. From hats to knobs, they have it all. Three years ago, I replaced my cabinet knobs which I bought from Anthropology. The gray button shirt and pants are classic and elegant. I find chevron print clothes to be cozy.