Living in Portland, Oregon, a town where sustainable living is huge, we are exposed to renewable lifestyle practices on a daily basis. Since we moved here many years ago, we’ve been trying to infuse sustainable life choices into our lives as much as we can. I can not claim  we are perfect at it of course; there is always room for improvement.

Learning about Tetra Pak’s Renewable Living Experiment, I was inspired to complete
challenges towards a more renewable lifestyle. These simple steps become habitual the more they are practiced; and I love knowing the easy to carry out habits help protect the earth’s natural resources. Ready to see the easy, everday changes I took on the past couple weeks?

Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle
Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle

1) Bike and Walk Instead of Driving Whenever Possible 

It’s a known fact that transportation is one of the largest contributors to our carbon footprint. The residents of my city are amazing with this step to renewable lifestyle; there are bikers everywhere. Other than recreational biking with my kids, I can’t say that I use my bike as a means of transportation.

To complete this challenge, I decided to walk more, especially for short distances, instead of grabbing my car keys every time. I already walk, and run quite a bit for exercise. Other than that tough, I noticed I could walk more to and from places. I started walking when I wanted to grab a quick coffee from my neighborhood Starbucks, or when I want to pick up a slice of pizza. Being in the open air makes me feel great, and I love knowing that walking is an environmentally friendly choice. I highly recommend it ladies!

Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle
Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle

2) When Grocery Shopping Choose Food & Beverage Products With Renewable Packaging 

Making the choice of purchasing recyclable packaging like paper cartons is one of the easiest steps we can take which will have a big impact in protecting the planets limited supply of natural resources.Tetra Pak cartons, like the food items I use seen above, are mainly made from paper, a renewable resource that can be naturally replenished.

Sticking to this challenge was easy for me, and I encourage you to pay attention to your packaging choices at your next visit to the grocery store too.

3) Take Shorter Showers 

Water is a precious resource, and vital for us to survive, and thrive. I read that an average shower uses about 5 gallons of water per minute. Think about it; if we shorten our showers by 2 minutes, we can cut our water use by 10 gallons.

This was the most difficult task for me as you may have read before I love my baths. Every other day, sometimes every single day, I take some much needed mom time for myself to relax, and reenergize.

For this challenge, I cut down my baths to twice a week, and also shortened my showers to a couple minutes. Not only was it doable but it also made me feel happy that I made a good change.

Would you like to try cutting back your shower time? Even a couple minutes will be helpful.

Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle
Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle

4) Swap Your Paper Cup With a Mug or a Tumbler 

This is an easy choice that will save many trees. Most of the time, I take one of my favorite tumblers ( of course I have a variety in different colors to use depending on my outfits haha) to the coffee shop and have them fill it with coffee, or tea. Besides being a sustainable choice, the tumbler also keeps my beverage hot much longer. It’s a win win choice. <3

Do you use tumblers daily?

Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle
Simple Steps To A More Renewable Lifestyle

5) Take the Tetra Pak Happiness Quiz 

I took the Tetra Pak Happiness Quiz. It is a fun way to notice some of our habits, and get educated in how they impact the environment. I encourage you to take it here as well. <3 In celebration of International Happiness Day on March 20, I encourage everyone to make simple renewable lifestyle changes to live happier while protecting our earth.



Dress: Striped maxi (sign up for the GT newsletter)| Shoes: Fringe Booties | Necklace: Long Tassel Pendant | Sunglasses: Brown sunnies

Ladies I want to hear from you now! What kind of sustainable choices do you make? Which simple steps do you take to make a good impact on the environment? Would love to know!

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Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,


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  • nuray

    I love that simple steps can have a big impact on the universe. These are great tips that we can all easily incorporate in our lives.

    • Theboxqueen

      I think so too; they are easy enough to stick to but definitely make an impact. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. XOXO, Elif

  • Great tips! I wish I lived in an area where I could walk to things. I used to live downtown, and it was awesome to be within walking distance of stores and restaurants.

    • Theboxqueen

      I hear you; I don’t live downtown either but I noticed even in our own neighborhood ( there is a village square) I used to drive to Starbucks which is not far. I still have to when it is raining, it’s the NW after all haha, but sunny days I am definitely making an effort to walk.
      Remember how living downtown was during my graduate school yrs, many moons ago. Everything was so close by, and convenient. Happy Tuesday. XOXO, Elif

  • This sounds like a fun challenge and the tips sound perfectly reasonable. Thanks for sharing this post, Elif.
    Plus, I’m in love with your shoes :))

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Lu, I am in love with the fringe booties too. <3 <3 The tips really were reasonable, easy to stick to, and made me feel great. Have a wonderful Wed. dear. XOXO, Elif

  • That maxi dress is lovely on you! Sounds like a great challenge too, you made some good changes out of it! 🙂

    When we had a couple years of drought they asked us to reduce all our showers to 4 minutes – I didn’t think it could be done but they sent us all a little timer to use and now I’m pretty quick with my showers. Even though we are thankfully no longer in a drought, I stick to 4 minutes or less!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Theboxqueen

      Thanks Mica, and for sharing too!! I can’t imagine having to take shorter showers because of a drought. It rains so much here but down in California I know it is a big concern. You got a great habit out of it. <3 I noticed that for me taking shorter showers were not that difficult to implement and became a regular thing too. Have a great one dear. XOXO, Elif

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are such great suggestions. The walking and biking is not only better for the environment but great for our health. Thank you for sharing this great article

  • Sibel Gultekin

    I took the Happiness Quiz and got “Bountiful Bliss”, haha. These are great tips, and they do make a change.