This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Silk Therapeutics. All opinions are 100% mine.

You ladies know by now how much I love trying out the latest beauty products and newest technologies in skincare. I’ve also mentioned in recent previous posts that as summer comes closer, I am making some changes & additions to my skincare routine.

I believe that it’s a good idea to reassess your skins needs periodically and have a variety of products in your beauty arsenal for various needs. In my experience, circulating different products every once in a while help facilitate more change in my skin.

IMG_3990 When I had the chance to try out and review Silk Therapeutics’ three anti-aging & firming products including the new products  Silk + C30 Film &  C Advance , I would not pass it up in a million years. If you’ve heard of SilkTherapeutics for the first time on TheBoxQueen today, let me give you some cool background info.

  • The brand was founded by two Biotech Scientists. Their goal was to create products that were super safe ( even safe to use during pregnancy), pure, and without harsh chemicals/additives.
  • Silk Therapeutics uses a patented silk technology & the main ingredient in the products is pure Silk protein. (The company never uses genetically modified or hydrolyzed silk)
  • The products are the only ones on the market to harness the power of pure natural silk in liquid form, resulting in one of the world’s healthiest and most powerful skincare lines.
  • Silk molecules are unique in that they are innately compatible with human skin, so they sink in deeply to support collagen production. Silk enhances skin & protects it.
  • The products are top rated by the Environmental Working Group.

IMG_4106 To supplement my daily skincare routine ( which I’ll detail in the very near future in a separate post) I received three products; Eye Revive Silk + C30 Film   and  C Advance. All three have anti aging properties that I feel like I should start to focus on for firming and fine lines.

IMG_4083 First up is the new C Advance Anti-Aging Intensive Serum. This serum has been a wonderful supplement to my skincare routine. Collagen production is increased through a high dose of stabilized vitamin C (10%) so fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.

IMG_4076 I’ve been using C Advance for over a week now both on my face & décolletage under my moisturizer & as a night serum and can feel the firming action every time I use the product. On the website they say it is the silk working with our own collagen.

IMG_4051 IMG_4120 The second new product from Silk Therapeutics is the Silk + C30 Film. This is a 10 minute highly concentrated treatment. It provides 20% Vitamin C to instantly address visible signs of aging. This include uneven skin tone, fine lines & wrinkles. I’ve been using the dissolving film which contains just two ingredients – silk and vitamin C.

I use it at night but you can also use it layered under your moisturizer on the area of your choice. I personally use the film around my eye area on a need basis to help with brightness, puffiness and fine wrinkles. So far I am happy with the results and the almost instant gratification. My eyes look, and feel refreshed, and much more tighter. This is a lovely product to use before special days & events as well.

IMG_4139 Eye Revive is a great regular eye cream you can use in combination with the Silk Films. It has a textured feel to it, and comes in a little tub. You don’t need to use much, just a small dab patted around your eye area is enough.

Have you heard of or tried Silk Therapeutics? You can find more info on the company & products here. Would love to hear your thoughts ladies!  Silk Therapeutics

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  • Linda Manns

    I have never heard of this product before. It sounds great. I really need a good anti aging product. Thank you for sharing

    • Theboxqueen

      Anti aging products make me feel so much better 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Linda! XOXO, Elif

  • This brand is new to me, but their products sound fantastic!

    • Theboxqueen

      I was so happy to discover them myself. Happy Monday dear! XOXO, Elif

  • nuray

    Thanks so much for sharing these products. First time I am hearing about the company and I loved everything I read on their website. It’s impressive that they use a patented silk technology.

    • Theboxqueen

      I was so impressed by the technology behind the products. So happy to know it was a helpful post. Happy Monday! XOXO, Elif

  • Starla

    I have never heard of this brand but they all seem like awesome products! I would love to try the C Advance Anti-Aging Intensive Serum!

    • Theboxqueen

      I was very impressed learning about them, and the Intensive Serum is perfect for under day & night moisturizers. Thanks for saying hi Starla! XOXO, Elif

  • Rebecca Rubin

    I like the positive feedback! My dad works for the company 🙂