Are you shopping for your beach or resort vacations? I still am not even done half way shopping for mine. The weather is moody once again in the notoriously rainy NW, and all I can think of is non stop sun for days in a row.

As I pack for the whole family, packing up too light is usually not an option for me anymore unfortunately. As we travel internationally almost every year, I did become somewhat of an efficient organizer though when it comes to putting together lists of things to take. I want to show you a 10 Piece MUST HAVES Checklist to What To Wear on a Beach Vacation. I believe these will cover all your bases, while letting you pack in just a carry on if you wish to. ( and still can 🙂 )


During our overseas travels, we have a home base (usually my parents house) and we then take a couple trips to various Mediterrenean or Aagean beaches. Admittedly, (and I think reading this blog you may say obviously haha) I want to have EVERYTHING with me. I mean if I could, I would take all my shoes, and accessories.

It’s especially crucial to have as few baggages as possible in these beach trips however; rental cars are considerably smaller in European countries. I may not fit in a carry on anymore but I do try my best to minimize the number of luggages we take on these resort vacations.  Here is what I take with me to the beach. ( see fave examples on the above collage as well)



This is a no brainer, and a certain Must Have of Beach Vacations. I take at least three different swimsuits with me; most of the times it’s more like five. This makes changing to a dry suit easier, and gives me a bit of variety to play around with each day.

I bought this two piece (in chili red)  recently, as well as this one piece beauty. I am also contemplating getting this bikini set.


Good, and of course stylish, Cover Ups are on the top of my list right after swimsuits. They are my essentials for transitioning from the beach to lunch to back to our room. I always pack as many if not more cover ups as my swimsuits. Here is one I recently purchased, and I also have my eye on this pretty. (and its matching shorts)


I take SO much with me to the beach. (and the pool) I take all the usual suspects like sunscreen, chapstick, extra swimsuit, hair brush etc but I also take a couple books, a magazine or two, and stuff for my younger kids. (My oldest carries her own beach bag now, so cute!) I usually choose a bigger size bag, and love to have some color, or pattern in my bags. I take two bags with me; one solid color bag to wear with patterned swimsuits, and another patterned one to pair with solid swimsuits. I know I know, I am funny like that! 🙂

Here is the one bag I bought this year.  I have another patterned one already at home from last year. I may also borrow a beach bag from my mom, she has the cutest ones. Below find some of my prettiest finds.



I think Sunglasses are a huge need almost year around; (yes I do wear mine even when it’s dark & cloudy) but during summer they are a Must Have item. You see me wear sunglasses in my outfit inspiration/ fashion posts all the time. I listed some of my latest favorites in various price points below.



When going on a beach vacation, I mostly take dresses with me for dinner or night time dates  with my husband. They are effortlessly chic, and make me feel like I can just add accessories and go. I don’t want to fuss over what to wear too much on trips, I rather enjoy my time.

I recently bought this gorgeous mustard dress, and have been collecting dresses for summer since the beginning of spring. ( See some of my most recent Dress Posts here – Floral Maxi, Off The Shoulder , Rainbow Color Pick from Trunk Club, Lace Cold Shoulder Stitch Fix Dress)


Denim shorts are such classics. I wear them a lot, and even glam them up with a fancier top, wedges, and fun accessories. I bought this one recently, and can’t wait to style it. Many options at different price points below.


I am a heels girls through and through. In summer though I wear more flats than I wear in any of the other months of the year combined. I like to have a more chill look on vacation, especially during the day. I recently kept this pair of gorgeousness from Trunk Club (see in this review) and can’t wait to wear them all summer long. More beautiful flats below.


Summer gives me more opportunity than ever to play around with fun, colorful jewelry pieces. All the off the shoulder styles of this year makes it easy to wear long drop earrings, (I’ve got this one) and layered necklaces, and bracelets.


Most summer nights at the beach, I choose wedges over flats. Some of the restaurants we love are right on the beach, literally next to the sea, and wedges are easier to walk in. They also go nicely with the effortless vibe of vacation. You can see me wear wedges in many of my posts. Here are a sample: Off The Shoulder Top & Wedges, Pom Pom Top & Wedges, One Shoe – Three Outfits. Some great options below.


The 10th & last Must Have piece of our beach vacation list is Sun Hats. I love sitting on a beach chair, under an umbrella, with my sun hat on, reading books. They are also great for visiting beach towns, and wearing while shopping. This one under $25  is universally flattering, and provides great protection.



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What are you shopping for, for your summer vacations? I would LOVE to hear it all lovelies. 

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Have a wonderful Tuesday lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,


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  • That tie front dress is really cute! Love all the beach bags, too 🙂

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      I have the tie front dress, love it. 🙂 Have a fab Friday dear! XOXO, Elif

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    Excellent must-haves! We have a beach vacation in a few weeks, so I have all of these things on my mind. 🙂 I’m currently shopping for denim shorts- would you believe I don’t have any in my closet!

    • Theboxqueen

      Cheryl happy you liked the Must Haves List. <3 I can't believe you don't have denim shorts :-)) Try one this summer, I have a feeling you may like them. <3 Isn't shopping for beach vacations super fun? Hope you have the best time at yours, and happy weekend dear!! XOXO, Elif

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