The first two weeks of February was so very overwhelmingly busy and full of activities, family days, and school events that I did not even notice it was time to receive one of my favorite personal styling box in the mail. When I saw the familiar Stitch Fix logo box on my porch, I was so pleasantly surprised, and excited to take a few minutes for myself.

My stylist put together another wonderful box for me. She really studies my Pinterest Stitch Fix Board (where I share my favorite Stitch Fix pieces, my outfits, and reviews) and tries to understand my style sense which I deeply appreciate. I also have a huge surprise for you ladies. This month I came together with a few fabulous bloggers to bring you a $350 Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway. Yes you’ve heard it right! Make sure to enter before you leave. <3

UPDATE: March 2017 Stitch Fix Review is Live!


If you are new to TheBoxQueen, I invite you to start from here to read about how Stitch Fix works, and how to get the best Stitch Fix possible for you!! Also below find some of my Stitch Fix highlights.

You can find my Pinterest Stitch Fix board here. I update it regularly with new Stitch Fix pieces available, and my own SF outfits.


How Stitch Fix Works and How to Get Your Best Fix

At Stitch Fix Website, you fill out a VERY detailed style profile. They ask everything from your height, weight, to top and bottom sizes. You include details on the types of styles you like such as glamorous, preppy or boho as well as a bunch of info on how you want things to fit.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: Be as honest with yourself here as possible. I remember when I first filled my style profile, I answered the Q’s with more of what I dream my style to be rather than what was actually needed for my current lifestyle. I am a mom of three young kids. I love glam style, and incorporate that into my life here and there. The truth is most glam pieces are not functional for my everyday life. I now ask for more casual styles.

My suggestion is to fill out the style profile even if you are not ready to order just now; it’ll give you an idea on your style and you’ll get a sense on what Stitch Fix is about.

  • You pay a $20 styling fee upfront. This is applied to your keepers, so if you keep at least one piece you don’t lose it.  Also when you keep your whole box ( like I did a couple times so far) you get 25% off the entire purchase. I always keep at least one piece as I would hate to lose my styling fee.
  • Make a Pinterest board that is a good representation of your style. Pin types of Stitch Fix pieces you like as well as your own photos so the stylists can see who they are styling and your fashion choices.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: Here is my personal Stitch Fix Pinterest Board. I pin what I like from Stitch Fix here as well as how I styled previous pieces so the stylists can get a better idea of what I like, my body type etc. I think these all help them find the best pieces for me. Feel free to join me there to see what I am liking from new SF items, and my new SF outfits.

  • Leave detailed notes to your stylist when you check out. When it’s time for checking out, they ask you for feedback on your fix. Write why you loved your keeper item(s), and the specific reasons why a piece didn’t work for you.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: I always make sure to include details such as ” The waist was a tad too tight” or ” The color wasn’t flattering on me” or ” The skirt was two inches too short for my taste”. The more specific the better.

  • Make requests but know that there are no guarantees. One fun thing about Stitch Fix is the surprise factor, and how it pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • If you don’t want to wait too long for fixes, sign up for automatic shipments. You can determine the frequency. I usually go for once a month nowadays but I may make it more frequent again once the new season rolls in.
  • You have three days to decide, and mix and match with your own clothes. When you are done, you send back everything you don’t want to keep; in a prepaid envelope included with your box. Love how quick and easy this system works.
  • I love that SF now offers exchanges. Do you love your items but need a smaller or bigger size? Just let them know to make an exchange. 
  • Stitch Fix now offers petite, and maternity styles and recently started Men’s Styling. YAY!!!!!

I get a lot of e-mails with the question ” What do you ask for in your personal style profile?“.

I ask for pieces that are suitable for a mom of three kids under the age of 12, but who also loves cool, trendy items that can easily be mixed and matched. I think you can definitely be a mom, and stay chic especially with comfy pieces high on style. In addition, I ask for colors, a variety of textures, and prints. I think these bring life to your closet, and also to your existing outfits.

STITCH FIX PRICE MATCH UPDATE: I’ve heard that Stitch Fix matched prices if you can find the exact same piece in a lower price point elsewhere but over the many years I’ve been receiving the service, I’ve never experienced this myself. Until last month that is in this January Review. I fell in love with these BCBGeneration heels the moment I saw them. As its a well known, and widely available brand, I did a research and found them for less. I am happy to report that Stitch Fix Customer Service was SUPER helpful and they matched the online price for the heels. I LOVE Stitch Fix even more. (like that was possible 🙂 )

Ready to dive in and take a close look at all my February pieces from Stitch Fix? Here we go lovelies. Make sure to check out under the photos for style tips, outfit details, and info on what I kept & sent back.

MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket
MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket


MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket ($84)

Style Tip: I included two beautiful pieces from Feb. Stitch Fix box in this outfit. Both the burnt orange sleeveless top, and the versatile, and cute jacket came in this months Stitch Fix. I immediatey thought they would pair nicely together when I checked out the style cards.

I added this pair of favorite skinny jeans, and these laser booties to continue the casual chic vibe these pieces gave out. I did not want to bulk up this clean outfit with a big bag so I combined it with one of my  shoulder bags. If you are looking for a small size crossbody/shoulder bag this is it ladies. It carries essentials like my phone, credit cards, house & car keys and it literally matches with everything.

MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket
MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket



This is a gorgeous jacket. I was in love with its soft fabric, and surprisingly timeless shape. I actually have an almost identical jacket in light grey, and have recently also kept this very popular, fast selling suede piece from my latest Trunk Club. 

41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse
41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse


Accessory Style Tip: For simple, and modern outfits, I love to use long necklaces with interesting details. This Kendra Scott piece is a keeper from a previous Rocksbox, and I can’t get enough of it to the point that I bought two more of the same with different colored stones. You can try Rocksbox commitment free for a WHOLE MONTH with my special link here.


MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket
MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket


Top: Stitch Fix (Similar Style) | Jacket: Stitch Fix (Love this Similar Option) | Shoes: Peep Toe Laser Cut Booties | Necklace: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (Get your Free Month HereAll My Reviews) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Wantable (All My Reviews Here)

41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse
41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse


41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse ($58.00)


This cutout tops design definitely has attention to detail. I like the fabric, color, and the back  is unexpectedly pretty. If you are looking for a similar top, pin away ladies as I think this one is a keeper even though I didn’t due to an abundance of similar sleeveless tops in my  closet.


MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket + 41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse
MARKET & SPRUCE Ardsley Knit Jacket + 41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse




41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse
41HAWTHORN Kepu Cutout Back Blouse


SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt
SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt


SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt ($58.00)

Style Tip: How cheerful is this pleated, floral skirt? (also love this similar option) It has the most vibrants colors; just looking at it makes me happy. The skirt had to be the centerpiece of my outfit so I paired it with a simple navy tank.

I wanted to bring in more color with my accessories and chose these bright pink Loren Hope earrings, as well as a yellow bracelet to play up on the similar tones in the skirt. To anchor all the different tones I chose a neutral pair of sandals as well as a fringe clutch that was a previous keeper from this Stitch Fix Review. 

SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt
SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt



It was obvious the moment I laid my eyes on this skirt that it was a very strong contender. As soon as I put it on and saw the fit, I decided to keep it. The waist is defined, the colors work gorgeously together, and the pleated style is refreshing in this design. In person this piece is stunning. Can’t recommend it enough. LOVE!


SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt
SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt


Top: Navy Tank | Skirt: Stitch Fix ( Love this Style) | Shoes: Old (Great Similar On Trend Sandals) | Earrings: Loren Hope | Bag: Stitch Fix 

SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt
SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt





SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt
SKIES ARE BLUE Gwyneth Pleated Flare Skirt


EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover
EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover


EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover ($68.00) 

Style Tip: I’ve received similar pullovers from Stitch Fix before, and even kept this one previously.  (Love this current style) This is another great example of the casually stylish sweaters they offer and I paired it with my Free People destroyed jeans (this years version), my crossbody bag (kept from this Trunk Club) and the mule wedges that came in this Stitch Fix box.


I have the pullover I kept from the review I linked to above, and its pretty similar to this one. I do not wear pullovers often enough to justify having two identical ones in my closet. I do recommend this style however as it is so easy to combine with everything.


MIA Augustina Stitched Mule Wedge
MIA Augustina Stitched Mule Wedge


MIA Augustina Stitched Mule Wedge ($69)


Although I enjoyed wearing this pair of mule wedges in this look to share with you, I have to admit the mule trend is not really for me. I completely understand everyone who loves them. They are comfy, and so easy to wear and go. Personally I prefer cute flat sandals, or heels. I do think if you like the mule trend this is a great pair at a good price.


EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover
EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover


Top: Stitch Fix ( Love this Open Stitch Style) | Jeans: Old/Free People (This Seasons Version) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff via Trunk Club | Shoes: Stitch Fix | Jewelry: Gold Earrings + Wantable Golden Ring

EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover
EVOLUTION BY CYRUS Juliett Open Stitch Pullover





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  • Leslie Rooney

    I loved your first outfit with the bright and bold rust red-orange top with the suede jacket! Orange is my favorite color and I loved the contrasting colors. In my next Fix I requested colors and patterns and specified the need for cardigans and skirts. Hope I get lucky as you did and receive a box of beautiful colors! I love reading all of your reviews! They really brighten my day.

    • Theboxqueen

      That burnt orange top was definitely beautiful, and would look so nice with summer pieces too. I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the reviews. Your comment put a smile on my face. Thanks so much! Hope you get an amazing box next. I would love to hear about it. Have a wonderful Wed! XOXO, Elif

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    I’m thinking lots of floral tops for Spring. And pastel cardigans from SF because my office is always cold.

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      Both pastels and florals sound perfect for spring. I am collecting a lot of floral pieces for my spring wardrobe as well. 🙂 Happy Wed! XOXO, Elif

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    I just got my February fix and it had some beautiful tops for Spring and I’m looking forward to more in April in my next box! I love the jacket they sent you and as usual, you look awesome in everything!

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      Thanks so much Alia, so sweet of you to say! That jacket was so pretty, I would have kept it in a heartbeat if I didn’t literally just bought a new jacket. Happy to hear you got pretty spring tops. Did you keep any? XOXO, Elif

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    That first outfit – skinny jeans, sleeveless top, and gray jacket – is my favorite of this fix.

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