On TheBoxQueen, one of the most popular categories have been my reviews of various personal styling services these past 3+ years, and lately I’ve been receiving more & more questions on how my current favorites compare with each other & the different features they have. Today I am sharing all the details about my favorite three of the moment Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, and Wantable Style Edit & why I love them. I am giving you all the features I enjoy so when you are choosing the styling service for you, you can make an informed decision based on what each service has to offer.

You’ll find a little collage of some of the pieces I received from the corresponding companies styled in outfits before each section. At the end of this post, there is a big surprise; another $350 Gift Card Giveaway. Make sure to enter before you leave lovelies. <3 Ready to choose the personal styling service of your dreams? Let’s dive in!


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How to Order: At Stitch Fix Website, you fill out a VERY detailed style profile. They ask everything from your height, weight, to top and bottom sizes. You include details on the types of styles you like such as glamorous, preppy or boho as well as a bunch of info on how you want things to fit.

  • Theboxqueen’s Tip: Be as honest with yourself here as possible. I remember when I first filled my style profile, I answered the Q’s with more of what I dream my style to be rather than what was actually needed for my current lifestyle. I am a mom of three young kids. I love glam style, and incorporate that into my life here and there. The truth is most glam pieces are not functional for my everyday life. I now ask for more casual styles. My suggestion is to fill out the style profile even if you are not ready to order just now; it’ll give you an idea on your style and you’ll get a sense on what Stitch Fix is about.

What Do You Pay? You pay a $20 styling fee upfront. This is applied to your keepers, so if you keep at least one piece you don’t lose it.  Also when you keep your whole box ( like I did a couple times so far) you get 25% off the entire purchase. I always keep at least one piece as I would hate to lose my styling fee.

How Do They Pick Your Pieces? Stitch Fix stylists use a computerized system that help them match you with pieces you may like based on your style profile, past purchases etc. This high tech program helps them with their choices however its only a tool they may choose to use, and the final picks & decisions are made by the stylist herself based on your note to the stylist, your Pinterest Board picks, and your previous feedback. Stitch Fix seems to be the most high tech of the three options I am sharing.

  • Make a Pinterest board that is a good representation of your style. Pin types of Stitch Fix pieces you like as well as your own photos so the stylists can see who they are styling and your fashion choices.
  • Theboxqueen’s Tip: Here is my personal Stitch Fix Pinterest Board. I pin what I like from Stitch Fix here as well as how I styled previous pieces so the stylists can get a better idea of what I like, my body type etc. I think these all help them find the best pieces for me. Feel free to join me there to see what I am liking from new SF items, and my new SF outfits.
  • Leave detailed notes to your stylist when you check out. When it’s time for checking out, they ask you for feedback on your fix. Write why you loved your keeper item(s), and the specific reasons why a piece didn’t work for you.
  • Theboxqueen’s Tip: I always make sure to include details such as ” The waist was a tad too tight” or ” The color wasn’t flattering on me” or ” The skirt was two inches too short for my taste”. The more specific the better.
  • Make requests but know that there are no guarantees. One fun thing about Stitch Fix is the surprise factor, and how it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Does Your Stylist Change? If you don’t make a request for a certain stylist, they do change for every box. Years ago, when I first started with Stitch Fix service my stylist changed each month. When I found one that really got my taste, I started to request her and that really helped in getting an awesome mix of clothes. Since then my stylists change a couple times, but each stylist has stayed with me long term. If you like a stylist, make sure to ask for her on your feedback. <3

Do I Have to Subscribe to the Service Every Month? Absolutely not! I love that you can determine the frequency. I usually go for once or twice a month for instance but I know some friends and fellow bloggers who do seasonal boxes, or Stitch Fix every other month. This all depends on what your needs are. Relax, and order your Stitch Fix knowing that you are in control. 🙂

How Long Do I Have to Try Everything On? You have three days to decide, and mix and match with your own clothes. When you are done, you send back everything you don’t want to keep; in a prepaid envelope included with your box. Love how quick and easy this system works.

  • TheBoxqueen’s Tip: By all means try the pieces on individually, but my advice is to also mix & match them as much as you can with what you already own. Sometimes an item looks amazing on its own, but does not go with your overall wardrobe. This does not always stop me from purchasing that piece, but helps with my decision making.

How Many Pieces Come In Each Box & What Type of Items Are Included? You get 5 pieces every single time in your Stitch Fix Box. They carry apparel, shoes, bags, and jewelry. It’s a pretty well rounded selection. Stitch Fix also has their in home brand, and they have many cool brands design exclusive pieces for them you won’t see anywhere else. I love that they seem to carry a unique selection of patterns, and colors I don’t see everywhere else.

What’s The Price Range of Stitch Fix Pieces? I know that Stitch Fix carries higher priced items too however my style profile is set to moderate priced items on average. You get to set your price choice.

Does Stitch Fix Offer Exchanges? Yes they do! Do you love your items but need a smaller or bigger size? Just let them know to make an exchange. I love that the service has this feature now.

What Sizes Does Stitch Fix Offer? Stitch Fix now offers petite, and maternity styles, and plus sizes. They also recently started Men’s Styling. YAY!!!!!

What’s The Keep All Discount? You get 25% off if you keep all 5 pieces.

Does Stitch Fix Have A Referral Program? Yes Stitch Fix offers a referral program with a special link you can send your friends, and family. For every person who signs up through your link, when their box ships, Stitch Fix gifts you $25. I believe there is an annual $600 cap on this.

Does Stitch Fix Price Match? If you can find the same exact piece Stitch Fix sent you, they do price match. For instance they price matched these gorgeous heels for me recently.

How is Stitch Fix’s Customer Service? In my experience, and from what I heard from other,  Stitch Fix’s customer service is excellent. They are quick to respond to questions, take care of any challenges that may have arisen, and they are even known for surprising their customers with meaningful gestures. Thumbs up!


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Stitch Fix is one of the first personal styling services I’ve tried, and its also one I’ve stayed super loyal to all these years. I obviously love the service for all the above details I talked about. I have to mention that I really enjoy their unique prints, the beautiful pieces in striking colors, and how my stylist seems to get to know me really well. I also appreciate their prompt customer service which makes me feel taken care of. If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself you can start here. (and of course I would thank you so much for it  <3)




How to Order: You get introduced to a personal stylist online. If you get referred from TheBoxQueen, your stylist would be my wonderful stylist Paulina. 🙂 After you specify your preference ( they have women’s and men’s trunks) you’ll fill out some style questions. (similar to Stitch Fix if you read my reviews) These include the types of styles you like, your various apparel sizing, bra measurements, and shoe size.. When you are done with the styling questions, you enter your full name, phone, and zip code to set up an account which takes just a few seconds.
After you submit the info via “get started”, your stylist sends you a welcome email, and asks you how you prefer to be contacted. You can choose to talk on the phone (which is great for personalization) or if you are too busy to stay on the phone for a long time you can choose to receive an email from her.
I chose the email option as I am always running around, and Paulina sent me a detailed questionnaire. I wrote back to her giving detailed info as well as my social media links such as my Pinterest board. Providing visuals helps a lot. I find the ordering process of Trunk Club to be the most effective in understanding what you are looking for.

How Do They Pick Your Pieces? Like I mentioned above, Trunk Club is a super personal service, and you have direct access to your stylist. They choose your pieces directly based on your style choices, and you have SO much control over what is sent to you which brings me to one of Trunk Club’s best features:  The Preview!! 🙂

Your stylist chooses some styles she thinks you would like. She sends you the link. Listen to this ( I found this really refreshing!) you get to take off anything you know you won’t want to try on. Your stylist then adds some other styles depending on your choices. This is a FAB FAB feature!! Recently Trunk Club added the option of linking your Pinterest to their account as well.

What Do You Pay? There is NO ongoing styling fee (which is a unique feature) Trunk Club charges a $25 “try on fee” for new customers. You can use it towards your purchases. $25 home try-on fee will be waived for all trunks purchased with a Nordstrom card.

Does Your Stylist Change? As long as your stylist works at Trunk Club, she stays with you. I LOVE this. They really get to know you.

Do I Have to Subscribe to the Service Every Month? No. There is no subscription. You simply let your stylist know when you are ready for a new trunk.

How Long Do I Have to Try Everything On? You get to keep your Trunk Club box for 5 days. When you are ready to send everything back, you have the choice to schedule UPS pick up via Trunk Club, or you can drop your box off at any UPS location.

How Many Pieces Come In Each Box & What Type of Items Are Included? Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company (which can’t be better as I am their number one fan) so there is a huge selection of items from the best brands at a wide range of price points. I LOVE that Trunk Club has an upscale, quality feel, and that they send everything from apparel, shoes, and jewelry to sunglasses and other accessories.

How Many Pieces Come In Each Box & What Type of Items Are Included? Trunk Club on average sends around 10 to 15 pieces. My stylist said 15 is the maximum amount they can include. I really like the more choices I get in Trunk Club. Another user friendly feature.

What’s The Price Range of Trunk Club Pieces? You can let your stylist know your price range. I’ve received pieces anywhere from $19 to $200’s for a suede jacket. Although the pieces are higher end, there are many items that have been reasonably priced. Trunk Club is an excellent source for purchasing your investment items & quality basics.

Does Trunk Club Offer Exchanges? I’ve never asked for an exchange personally however I believe they are possible, and there have been instances when I asked for another size on a piece which was included in my next trunk.

What Sizes Does Trunk Club Offer? Trunk Club offer sized from petites to plus and maternity.

What’s The Keep All Discount? There is not a keep all discount but if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you can use your Nordstrom card for any Trunk Club purchase, and it’ll count toward your next Nordstrom Note. Notes are redeemable in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook. As an added bonus, the $25 home try-on fee will be waived for all trunks purchased with a Nordstrom card.

Does Trunk Club Have A Referral Program? Yes. Trunk Club has a generous referral program, and you get your own referral code to share with your family & friends.

Does Trunk Club Price Match? In my experience, every time a piece they sent me went on sale at Nordstrom I got the sale price. One example would be a pair of cobalt blue sandals I received, and bought regardless of their current price. When I was charged for them I realized they went down to 50 dollars from almost 100.

How is Trunk Club’s Customer Service? Not only do I receive great customer service from my stylist, but in the one instance when I needed help from their customer service department I got great help. I accidentally sent my Trunk Club back without the return slip attached. Of course it would circle back to me from UPS, but Trunk Club would not be able to receive it on time. They helped me with extending the send back date, and assured me UPS would return my trunk to me to be re-routed to Trunk Club. LOVE!


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I love Trunk Club as it has many unique features that makes the service convenient, and enjoyable. From having a dedicated stylist you can call on the phone, and message, the preview feature that gives you some control over what you receive to the high quality pieces from Nordstrom, and having the opportunity to get a large number of pieces, Trunk Club is a delight. It’s been exactly a year since I started getting Trunks & I can’t believe that I haven’t started this service much sooner.





How to Order: You order by filling out a very detailed style profile on the Wantable Website. You pick from pictures that show your style the best, and include your preferences on different pieces. I’ve always found the Wantable style surveys to be fun.

How Do They Pick Your Pieces? Your stylist choses pieces depending on your style profile, your requests you can include when you are checking out, and Wantable Style Edit also has a cool stream option that allows you to request pieces that you see shared which is pretty cool.

Does Your Stylist Change? In my experience yes, but I believe you can request a certain stylist which I have not done with my Wantable Style Edit.

Do I Have to Subscribe to the Service Every Month? No you can skip any month you want. Essentially you have the option to try a single box of the service this way.

How Long Do I Have to Try Everything On? You have five days to try everything on, and after you are done, shipping back is free with Wantable too.

How Many Pieces Come In Each Box & What Type of Items Are Included?  Wantable Style Edit sends five to seven pieces in each box. In my experience, luckily they’ve always sent me the higher number of items. I love this as I like to have a bigger pool of styles to choose from. They send cool brands such as Hudson, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Kensie, BB Dakota, Jack, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, Onzie, Wear it to Heart, Rhone, Alternative Apparel, and Splendid. They are transitioning their jewelry service, incorporating them into the Style Edits right now and they’ll start sending high quality jewelry pieces with the Style Edit boxes. 

What’s The Price Range of Wantable Style Edit Pieces? Item prices are based on your preferences but usually range from $50-$100 each. Usually the jeans & jackets I’ve received have been on the higher end of that spectrum as expected, and sweaters & tops have been closer to the $50 mark or lower.

Does Wantable Style Edit Offer Exchanges? I don’t believe they offer exchanges however you can request the item for your next box.

What Sizes Does Wantable Style Edit Offer?  Wantable carries regular sizes as well as plus sizes. They are gradually adding sizes for petite customers.

What’s The Keep All Discount? When you keep 5 or more items you get a 20% discount.

Does Wantable Style Edit Have A Referral Program? Yes Wantable offers $25 credit when you refer your friends & family to the service.

Does Wantable Style Edit Price Match? Per a reply from Wantable to a customer on the brands Facebook page, they price match if within 14 days of your ship date, you find an identical product at another reputable retailer.

How is Wantable Style Edit’s Customer Service? Wantable is another great customer service example in my personal experience. They reply quickly to questions, and they’ve always made me feel like they love to help. Wantable takes care of concerns as quickly as possible. The company feels very customer oriented which is important for me.


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For me Wantable Style Edit sets itself apart with the modern, cool brands they send, their customer service, and the ability to skip or receive boxes easily. It also helps that some of my Wantable Style Edit pieces are my most worn in my closet.

Now it’s your turn ladies! Have you used any of these personal styling services? Which features do you like from each? I would love to hear about your experiences!





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Now it’s your turn ladies! Have you used any of these personal styling services? Which features do you like from each? I would love to hear about your experiences! 

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  • SusanD

    I love Stitch Fix. I have to say they have nailed it pretty much every time. Wish I could keep everything they send but ultimately I have to choose one or two pieces each time. I prefer tops and would ask for cardigans specifically because my office is always cold.

    • Theboxqueen

      I feel the same way about Stitch Fix as you Susan. I want to keep the whole box so many times and have to practice self restraint 🙂 Happy Thursday! XOXO, Elif

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    Great Post! These are also my favorite subscription boxes. I would request a spring haul with bright colors, light fabrics and fun dresses.

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      Trenise all those requests would sound gorgeous. Love fun dresses and bright colors. <3 Have a fab day. XOXO, Elif

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      These online personal styling services are so fun to add on trend items to your closet and I love the convenience of trying everything at home. Have a wonderful Thursday. XOXO, Elif

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    I’ve yet to use a style service but I have been wanting to ever since I set up my Stitch Fix profile. I had heard the names of the other services but was unaware of the extent of their serviced. Thank you for the great detailed information.

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