I thought it was about time I did another official Rocksbox  Review. Since I discovered this fab, convenient, and gorgeous jewelry service back in 2015, I’ve been receiving at least one box a month and sometimes even two or three. ( Rocksbox sends you a brand new box immediately after you put your return in the mail) Each month I share the beautiful contents of my boxes worn in my style posts because in real life I use Rocksbox ALL THE TIME!

Rocksbox service has only gotten better over the years. They carry some of my favorite designer brands, and update their collection continuously. You get to wishlist every piece you feel like you have to try, and your Rocksbox fairy aka stylist grants your wishes and sends you one or more of them in your box. Actually all three of my pieces in this March review were my wishlist items which pleasantly surprised me. This service is very useful to me. I used to buy so many more jewelry items. Now, I swap them, get to wear everything on trend, and buy only those I can’t part with, at the discounted Rocksbox price. (if I choose)

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  •  ROCKSBOX is a premium jewelry subscription that carries well-known, and upscale brands including some of my favorites like Gorjana, Kendra Scott, & Loren Hope.
  • You fill out a style profile. Based on your answers your stylists sends you 3 pieces in each box.
  • You try a FREE MONTH here .There is no commitment to continue after the FREE month.
  • The unique twist? If you want to continue after the initial FREE month, for a $21 monthly fee, you get to enjoy these pieces AS LONG AS you wish on loan. You get to try many styles with no commitment. It’s like having an unlimited jewelry box always filled with new items.
  • When you feel like you need new pieces to spice up your outfits, you send back your existing box to receive a new box. I think it’s lovely that you can do this as much as you want for the same monthly fee. I know some ladies get a box every week, whereas others keep their pieces for a month.
  • You also have the option of purchasing the pieces you receive with a discount off of retail price, if you feel like you can’t part with an especially special piece.
  • The prepaid shipping label, and an envelope are included so sending back your box is super convenient. For the moment they ship to US only.
  • They sanitize, and clean each piece throughly before they send them out. My pieces looked brand new. This info was super important for me, and I was happy to learn.
  • You get to wish list pieces from the extensive inventory, and your stylist makes an effort to send you pieces from your wish list. I got two wish listed items in my November box.

IMPORTANT UPDATE- SHINE INSIDER REWARD PROGRAM now gives you $21 every month to apply towards any in-box purchase, plus you get an extra $10 off when you buy your whole set! You can use it that month to purchase your favorite piece. You can also earn Forever Spend by referring friends, which can be used immediately, or can be saved to use for a future piece you want to purchase. Pretty cool!!


Sophie Harper Starry Night Necklace ( Rocksbox Price: $58)

I wish listed this delicate, layered necklace for its understated elegance, and casual chic style. It turned out to be even more beautiful in person. I love wearing it with shirts, and V necks. Its not too long, and perfectly drapes around the neck. <3


Nakamol Aztec Beaded Bracelet in Turquoise and Gold (Rocksbox Price: $46)

My second wish listed piece that came in my box was this Aztec Beaded Bracelet by Nakamol. When I was browsing the Rocksbox collection, I thought this bracelet would add texture, and color to my outfits, and I was not mistaken. I love wrapping this beauty around my wrist to instantly add interest to spring outfits.


Kendra Scott Max Earrings in Turquoise Magnesite (Rocksbox Price $60)

I love Kendra Scott jewelry. I have this necklace in three colors, and this pair of earrings in two from her collection. I almost always wish list new Kendra Scott pieces in the Rocksbox inventory, and could not take my eyes off of this pretty turquoise. I’ve been pairing it with everything over the past week.

Ladies if you haven’t already taken advantage of the FREE MONTH offer, you can get it here. This offer is commitment free, and if you don’t like the service after the first month, you simply cancel.

Now it’s your turn lovelies! Have you signed up for Rocksbox yet? How has your experience been? What are some of the best pieces you received from Rocksbox? Have you kept anything? I would LOVE to hear it all!

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Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,


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  • I really like the beaded bracelet 🙂

    • Theboxqueen

      It’s the best spring piece I agree 🙂 XOXO, Elif