My Stitch Fix Reviews, since I started them more than three years ago, have always been some of my most loved, and read. As much as I would like to think this is because of my  enthusiasm for the service, and the fun I am having styling the pieces showing through my reviews (and I sincerely hope they do :-)) , I know its mainly because people LOVE Stitch Fix. The simply want to learn as much as they can about the service, and what it offers.

Probably the first, and most frequent question I get about Stitch Fix is how I manage to get great pieces after great pieces that fit my style each month. I think I have a good system in place that ensures I get the best pieces possible for me, at least the majority of the time. I always share my tips in my reviews, however I thought it was time I did a stand alone post on this so I can write to my hearts content, and give you more examples, and tips. 🙂 To make it even more fun, I am sharing my five top favorite outfits (so far) from 2017 , as well as an incredible $300 Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway!! Are you excited yet? I hope so!! Let’s begin ladies. <3



Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service where you fill out a style profile, and are matched with a stylist. After analyzing your answers, your stylist also utilizes a computer program blending in technology to help choose five pieces that match your needs. After you get your box, you have three days to try everything on, and see how they work with your existing clothing items. You keep what you like, and send back the others in a prepaid envelope. The styling fee is $20 and is fully credited towards your purchases. If you end up keeping your whole box, even better. You get 25% discount.

I LOVE that Stitch Fix has expanded their sizes, and offerings, and now they have petite, curvy, maternity sizes, as well as Men’s Stitch Fix service. ( See my husbands Stitch Fix Men Review here)

One other thing I appreciate about Stitch Fix is the fact that they have their exclusive home brands, or pieces made “exclusive to” Stitch Fix by other cool brands. I love getting items I won’t be able to find anywhere else. Stitch Fix in my opinion is also a pro at prints, and combining colors both of which I adore.



1) Make Your Style Profile Super Detailed, Be As Honest With Yourself As Possible, and Update Often

At Stitch Fix Website, you fill out a VERY detailed style profile. They ask everything from your height, weight, to top and bottom sizes. You include details on the types of styles you like such as glamorous, preppy or boho as well as a bunch of info on how you want things to fit.

Be as honest with yourself here as possible. I remember when I first filled my style profile, I answered the Q’s with more of what I dream my style to be rather than what was actually needed for my current lifestyle. I am a mom of three kids. I love glam style, and incorporate that into my life here and there. The truth is most glam pieces are not functional for my everyday life. A perfect example of this could be a super short romper, or a short body-con dress. Although there is a place & time for these like poolside,or beach vacations, I don’t wear these styles on a daily basis.

So what do I ask for, you may wonder? I ask for pieces that are suitable for a mom of three kids under the age of 12, but who also loves cool, trendy items that can easily be mixed and matched. I think you can definitely be a mom, and stay chic especially with comfy pieces high on style. In addition, I ask for colors, a variety of textures, and prints. I think these bring life to your closet, and also to your existing outfits.

Along the same lines, I may be comfortable to pay much more for great jeans, or pants I’ll multi-task with a million tops compared to a tank top with a bold print I would wear once. This is of course not to say I don’t purchase those big prints and loud colors as you ladies know I do :-), it is more to make a point that I take everything into consideration when asking for items that match my lifestyle.

My suggestion is to fill out the style profile even if you are not ready to order just now; it’ll give you an idea on your style and you’ll get a sense on what Stitch Fix is about. Fill it with LOTS and lots of detail and stick to what you wear or what you may want to try. Be specific about your body type. For instance if you always wear a size small on top but medium in bottoms, make a note of it; or if you don’t like to bare your arms make sure they know with clear instructions.

2) Have an Active Pinterest Stitch Fix Board that You Pin to On a Regular Basis

Theboxqueen’s Tip: Here is my personal Stitch Fix Pinterest Board. I pin what I like from Stitch Fix here as well as how I styled previous pieces so the stylists can get a better idea of what I like, my body type etc. I think these all help them find the best pieces for me. Feel free to join me there to see what I am liking from new SF items, and my new SF outfits.

The key to a useful Pinterest Board is to keep it updated, and active. You can also write notes under your favorite outfits so your stylist knows what exactly you like about that particular look. For instance if you pinned an outfit with a skirt and a printed top with colorful shoes, and if you only love the shoes your stylist should know. In the same sense if you like the whole outfit, and would love to see a similar full look in your box, your stylist should know that too.

If you like the pieces you see here on TheBoxQueen, feel free to pin them with the button on the upper left side of the pictures, and make your own notes if there are particular aspects of it that caught your eye.



Top: Stitch Fix (Similar Tunic) | Jeans: Old ( Love this Similar Style) | Bag: Stitch Fix ( Love this Option) | Shoes: Vince Camuto  (Kept from this Trunk Club Review) Jewelry: Wantable (All Wantable Reviews here)

3) Request The Same Stylist So They Can Get to Know You

For me this tip has been a game changer. In the beginning of my long time love affair with Stitch Fix, I did not know that I could ask for a specific stylist. My first three boxes had three different stylists, and were not that impressive. I kept getting these dark colors that did not inspire me in the already cloudy NW weather, and I was getting classic pant styles that I almost never wear.

Then I met my first long term stylist, and suddenly everything changed. I think this also had to do with the computer system picking up what I keep, and like but honestly I believe most of the success could be attributed to my stylists being in tune with what I love, and look for. After my initial long term stylist, I had to change stylists a couple times due to them leaving Stitch Fix, however all my stylists have been long term, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore the notes mine write to me in each box.



Top: Elizabeth & Clarke – Until Feb 3rd Get 25% OFF of Elizabeth & Clarke Subscriptions CODE:  CBOXQUEEN25 | Cardigan: Stitch Fix – (Another Cardigan Style I Love) | Jeans: Topshop Moto Jeans | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Wantable ( All my Reviews) Ring: Stella & Dot | Shoes: Vince Camuto Block Heel Pump– Sold Out (Similar Style)

4) Utilize the Leave Your Stylist A Note Feature

Anytime after you check out, and before its your turn to be styled, you get to leave direct notes to your stylist from your Stitch Fix account. I must admit there has been a couple times I forgot utilizing this feature, and every time I regretted it as this is a very current line of communication with your stylist where you can say, I have a special day to attend pls send me a fancy dress, or I am going on vacation, and I need tank tops.

I also write things like I am in love with this certain trend could you send me a couple pieces (hello cold shoulder trend I am looking at you or lace-ups) or I need a cute clutch do you have any new ones? Ladies write to your stylist! Every month!



Top: Stitch Fix (Similar Style) | Jacket: Stitch Fix (Love this Similar Option) | Shoes: Peep Toe Laser Cut Booties | Necklace: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (Get your Free Month HereAll My Reviews) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Wantable (All My Reviews Here)

5) Leave Your Stylist Descriptive FeedBack Every Time You Check Out 

 When it’s time for checking out, Stitch Fix ask you for feedback on your fix. Write why you loved your keeper item(s), and the specific reasons why a piece didn’t work for you.

I always make sure to include details such as ” The waist was a tad too tight” or ” The color wasn’t flattering on me” or ” The skirt was two inches too short for my taste”. The more specific the better.

Make sure to also include why you love the pieces you do. I think focusing on what works is as important, if not more, than pointing out what doesn’t. Some examples from my own check out pages would be phrases such as “this shirt hits my waist at the best place” or “these pants are so flattering for the booty, and  “the color of this dress pairs nicely with my skin tone”. The stylists need to know what they are doing right too.

6) Stitch Fix has great customer service, use them!

Do you need a new stylist, or need to make an exchange, maybe you need a price match or you had an issue with a certain piece you purchased? Email Stitch Fix. Their customer service is famously amazing, and responsive. Share your concerns and questions with them and more than likely you would come to a satisfactory solution together or you would get answers.



Cardigan: Stitch Fix (similar style) | Tee: V Neck Blush Madewell | Jeans: Skinny Crop Pair Lace-Up Flats: BC Footwear via Stitch Fix | Layered Necklace: Rocksbox (Get your Free Month Here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

7) Have Realistic Expectations About The Service & Be Adventurous  

Now I know despite all the right things you can do that I outlined above, there is a possibility there will be some pieces in your box that you will feel lukewarm towards. There may even be some that you’ll dislike. To get the most pleasure out of this styling service, you need to be open to the idea of trying new things, and you need to be a bit adventurous with your style. I think you also need to have somewhat realistic expectations.

After trying on the different pieces you would maybe not pick yourself initially, it is highly possible that you’ll still not love that particular style. Sometimes though magic will happen, and you’ll redefine what you love or discover a piece you thought you would never wear. ( like it happened for me with the flat lace-ups. I am more of a girly girl, the type that can run in heels haha.These Stitch Fix flats proved to be just what I needed though. Needless to say I kept them)

To put things into even more perspective, at least from my point of view, if I find one or two pieces I can’t live without in each box I am happy. Everything else I view as something my stylist wanted me to try, and those could be a hit and miss. (But when they work for me, like those lace-ups I feel joy :-))



Dress: Stitch Fix ( Same Brand Wrap Dress) | Shoes: Old ( Similar Style ) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Jewelry: Rocksbox (Get your FREE MONTH here with CODE: theboxqueenxoxo)

I hope you found these tips helpful. Please let me know if you have any tips you picked up during your Stitch Fix journey, and I’ll make sure to add them to the post. 

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself? You can start your style profile here. Do I recommend the service? I think my four plus year run with them makes it obvious ladies. 🙂




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  • Happi Shopr

    I haven’t tried Stitch Fix because I am currently working on getting out of debt and losing weight. I have read so many great things about SF and do want to use their service when I get where I need to be personally.
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    I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for a little over a year now!

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    I haven’t tried stitch fix. Main reason would be spending money on myself isn’t top priority right now. As a mom of 4 I don’t get out clothes shopping much so this sounds great!

  • Suzanne

    I’ve tried and love!

  • Although we don’t have the service here in Australia (as much as I’d love it!!!) it’s great to read about how you make the service work for you, as you get so many nice pieces in your boxes! 🙂

    Hope you are having a really good week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

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    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

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  • Leisa Bolser

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