Hello Lovelies! Whew it’s become busy around here again. I knew I could not hang on to my laid back summer days much longer haha. Yesterday my kids school started, and the marathon that is the fall season with it. It is still warm here in the NW but I know cooler days are right around the corner, and fall fashion is never boring.

When I was browsing Nordstrom yesterday night after I put the kids to bed, ( do you do this too lovelies? Some me time after everyone goes to sleep 🙂 ) I saw their New Trends list  which included many styles I am loving right now. I thought this list would be a great way to start my Fall Trends series. I chose my favorite piece from each trend.

Talking about shopping, for those of you who are on Poshmark, and who hasn’t seen my previous mentions, I finally opened up a closet and I am listing my gently worn pieces there. If you see something on the blog you like, it just may end up on my closet. 🙂 Come find me if you are there. <3


This is the list that inspired this post and I was so excited to comb through the many options from each trend to find my favorites. Let’s begin lovelies.

  • PUFFER: I obviously think Puffer is not a new trend because probably like many of you, I’ve been wearing it for years. I must admit though this season there are even more super cute options in this style. I am LOVING this quilted bomber jacket as well as this cool vest. 
  • SLIM PANTS: No wonder Slim Pants are in this year I see them everywhere and I am not just talking about my regular skinnies. This plaid style is pretty. Its print is subtle but still more interesting than a regular solid color.
  • TAILORED JACKET: I am excited about many of the tailored jacket options of the season especially because they are no longer just for the office environment.  (although they would be perfect for that too) How gorgeous is this J.Crew bow tie style? I am also heart eyed for their pink jacket. 
  • VOLUMINOUS BLOUSE: Fall season is all about statement blouses. They look bold and fabulous. A  more subtle option is this piece with tie sleeves. If you crave more drama I would go for this red Topshop option or this bow sleeve in the bright yellow.
  • WHITE SHOES: Ok this trend is not the most practical. In fact I do own an almost white pair of cream boots from years ago and need to give the disclaimer that they are not the easiest to keep neat looking haha. When I saw these pair of white boots I still sighed. They are stunning.
  • STATEMENT EARRINGS: Now this is one trend I am always on board with. Eye catching jewelry never gets old. Knowing how my ears would disagree with me I gravitate towards clip on earrings lately if they are big and dangly. This gold pair is very elegant as its playful.
  • VELVET: I think one of my top favorites of all the items here is this velvet dress. The fabric gives it a regal look and the ruffles keep it girly and fun. A great contrast.
  • DRAPED DRESS: Now this can get really complicated, in design I mean. There are draped dress options like this one or you can go with this darling and simpler wrap style. 
  • GRAPHIC SWEATER: There are many adorable options for this trend however I love this heart print sweater to pieces. I think I am adding a couple graphic sweaters to my closet this season for sure.
  • STRUCTURED BAG: Over the years there have been times I’ve been really into the slouchy bag look, and other times when I bought nothing but structured bags. I think right now I am at a happy medium however I wouldn’t be able to say no to this gorgeous style. 

Over the next months I’ll show you ladies how I interpret fall and winter trends. 🙂

Which trends are you excited for? What are you buying lately?

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Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,


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  • nuray

    Great trends post Elif. I love many of your suggestions.

    • Theboxqueen

      Happy to hear you enjoyed it. I love this years trends 🙂 XOXO, Elif