Hello Beautiful Ladies! The NW is so sunny and gorgeous today that I am starting to believe spring is really coming 🙂 I asked my Trunk Club stylist to send me all spring pieces and she delivered an unbelievably beautiful mix of colors and prints. I think you will love my Trunk Club Review March 2019.

My stylist also included two investment bags from Chloe this time around. I have always loved both of the iconic Chloe styles and have long been thinking of treating myself to the Marcie Satchel. I am not keeping the classic grey that I got in my March Trunk Club box however I am crazy for the abstract white color. I think it is SUCH a classic and a bag that I would literally use forever.

If you are new to TheBoxQueen, and found us searching for Trunk Club Reviews a big warm welcome and virtual hug to you ladies. I invite you to start your reading from my Trunk Club Reviews section or you can find ALL my personal style box reviews here. I hope you’ll enjoy the detailed information, various personal style services featured in series for the past five years, several hundreds of outfits, and all my tips you’ll find there.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how Trunk Club works followed by clickable visuals of every single piece I received in my March Trunk Club box so you can see the current pricing and color options. I also styled my very favorite items from this box in outfits. As always I am sharing how to recreate each look along with my style tips. I can hardly wait to show you everything!


  • You get introduced to a personal stylist online. If you get referred from TheBoxQueen, your stylist would be my wonderful stylist Tiffany. 🙂
  • After you specify your preference ( they have women’s and men’s trunks) you’ll fill out some style questions. (similar to Stitch Fix if you read my reviews) These include the types of styles you like, your various apparel sizing, bra measurements, and shoe size.
  • When you are done with the styling questions, you enter your full name, phone, and zip code to set up an account which takes just a few seconds.
  • After you submit the info via “get started”, your stylist sends you a welcome email, and asks you how you prefer to be contacted. You can choose to talk on the phone (which is great for personalization) or if you are too busy to stay on the phone for a long time you can choose to receive an email from her.
  • I chose the email option as I am always running around. In my first Trunk Club and my stylist sent me a detailed questionnaire. I wrote back to her giving detailed info as well as my social media links such as my Pinterest board. Providing visuals helps a lot.
  • You get sent a trunk  that includes clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags. I like that there is a great variety of fashion items. I adore that Trunk Club is a Nordstrom Company (my fave! ) and as a results the brands are Nordstrom brands.  In addition all pieces you are sent are from the current season which I also appreciate.
  • As an added bonus you can take the pieces kept from Trunk Club to Nordstrom for alterations. You just need to bring your Trunk Club receipt, and check whether the Nordstrom you are heading to participates in this service via Trunk Club Website.


  • If you love a piece but need it in a different size/color, you have the option of exchanging it via your account where you see all the contents of your trunk. I absolutely adore this feature/ and the phone app of Trunk Club. Everything is attractively ready for you to view and interact with.


  • Yes this is one of my VERY favorite features of Trunk Club — The Preview!! 🙂 Your stylist chooses some styles she thinks you would like. She sends you the link. Listen to this ( I found this really refreshing!) you get to take off anything you know you won’t want to try on. Your stylist then adds some other styles depending on your choices, feedback or messages to her. Coolest!


  • Shipping is free both ways. You choose to keep what you like, and send back everything else. There’s NO minimum purchase required.
  • You get to keep your Trunk Club box for 5 DAYS! When you are ready to send everything back, you have the choice to schedule UPS pick up via Trunk Club. You  can also drop your box off at any UPS location.


  • There is a $25 “try on fee” for new customers. This is credited towards your Trunk Club purchases.
  •  SUPER COOL FOR ALL OF US NORDSTROM CARDHOLDERS: Use your Nordstrom card for any Trunk Club purchase, and it’ll count toward your next Nordstrom Note. Notes are redeemable in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook. As an added bonus, the $25 home try-on fee will be waived for all trunks purchased with a Nordstrom card.



The bold patterns and the eye catching colors of this box truly mesmerized me haha. Below you’ll find my favorite eight pieces from my March Trunk Club styled together in three outfits. I’ll also show you how I wore the lilac jumpsuit I am keeping from this box in a separate how to style guide coming up very soon. LOVE LOVE my March Trunk Club. <3

SIGN UP TO TRUNK CLUB: Want to try Trunk Club? Sign up here and get referred to my stylist. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the service.


Charles Henry Smocked Handkerchief Hem Dress + Chloe Medium Marcie Satchel + Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Ankle Strap Sandal

Style Tip: This spring ready, stunning dress caught my eye immediately right out of my March Trunk Club. I don’t usually purchase a lot of greens, however this deep, jewel tone of of the color is so flattering that I could not resist it. The flower pattern is absolutely beautiful and the blues and whites in the design work perfectly together.

I combined the dress with the Chloe Marcie Satchel and chose the neutral ankle strap sandals to create a longer leg line along the statement making pattern. The Jeffrey Campbell sandals are one of the pieces I am keeping from this trunk. They have very modern adjustable hook and loop straps that would fit most ankles comfortably, and the chunky heels are easy to walk in.

For accessories I chose the bracelet from Rocksbox in addition to the earrings I kept from a previous Rocksbox. Rocksbox is my favorite jewelry service that sends gorgeous designer pieces, and I’ve been using the service for the past few years. It is like an ever evolving jewelry collection and the brands they carry are high quality and on trend. I love the fact that I can keep the items I love with a discount. >3 Try the service commitment FREE and experience for yourself lovelies.



Dress: Handkerchief Hem Dress  | Bag: Chloe Marcie Satchel | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Sandals | Jewelry: Rocksbox – Try A FREE MONTH of Rocksbox Here.  (Rocksbox Reviews)


I am in love with the Chloe Marcie Satchel. There is a reason why this bag is such an iconic piece. Yes it is for sure an investment item however it is the kind of bag you would always keep and would be timeless. <3





All in Favor Hailey Crepe Dress + Vince Camuto Corlina Ankle Strap Sandal + Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag 

Style Tip: At first look I thought the Hailey Crepe Dress was sorta plain however I adored it after actually putting it on. I decided that I should encourage myself to try clothing that I may not be immediately drawn to as sometimes some styles like this dress surprise me.

I added the Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag to the dress which instantly elevated my look with it’s sophisticated style. This is another Chloe Bag that has been around for a long time and that is such a classic. The quality is incredible as well as the design that will never go out of style.

These clear sandals and my new drop earrings in addition to the layered pearl bracelet completed my outfit. This would be such an effortless spring look.



Dress: Crepe Dress | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bag: Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag | Earrings: Baublebar  | Bracelet: Old / Similar Style







BP. Stripe Button Front Midi Dress + Rebecca Minkoff Strap Sandal 

Style Tip: This striped dress made me feel like I was in a candy store. I like the 50’s feel of the design and the pockets only add to the dress’s charm.

I paired the dress with the lilac knotted Rebecca Minkoff sandals . This pair has an almost vintage feel to it that nicely combined with the style of the button front dress. The fuschia clutch is a previous Stitch Fix keeper that added a pop of color to the already colorful look.




Dress: BP Stripe Button Front | Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff | Bag: Stitch Fix (All my Stitch Fix Reviews) | Earrings: Rocksbox Try ROCKSBOX FREE for a MONTH here, no commitment |  Bracelet: Old / Similar Style 


Once again my Kendra Scott earrings are from Rocksbox. Try the service commitment FREE and experience for yourself lovelies.




Overall Impressions: My March Trunk Club box was a big success. My stylist sent me just what I asked for; a fun box of items that are just right for spring in addition to two investment bags that are forever going to be in style. (and that I wanted to try and see whether I would love.) I am keeping a couple pieces from this box and you’ll see the lilac jumpsuit I am keeping featured here on TheBoxQueen very soon. <3

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Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,


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