It was 10 am in the morning. The door bell rang and the delivery guy disappeared before I could rise above the morning laziness and open the door. Five shiny packages with beautiful new things were waiting for me on my doormat. While struggling to keep all the boxes balanced with a huge silly smile across my face my three kids ran down the stairs. They took a quick funny look at me and my five-year old son blurted out: ” More boxes again?!?, mommy you are the box queen.

Well I guess I am. Since I was born in Istanbul and raised in a very stylish city I have immersed myself in all things chic and nothing changed since I landed on the scenic Northwest for graduate school and as the story goes built a life here. I love boxes big and small, store-bought and mailed and of course shopping bags for that matter. I love what I can create with all the exciting finds inside.

Sometimes during our hectic lives it can be easy to forget ourselves, I know I did when I lived in a mom fog for a couple of years after my youngest children were born. There are times fashion and style seem so miniscule compared to everything that matters yet they are quite powerful in making a women feel ready to conquer the world. At least this is how taking care of myself makes me feel and I would love to show you all my shortcuts. My son got me thinking; aren’t we all queens of our own little castles and wouldn’t it be wonderful to share our passion, style ideas and tips, give honest opinions with reviews and call this space our happy place?

I try everyday to be the fashionable woman I want to be while juggling all my other roles as a wife, mom, friend, fitness nut, traveler and chauffeur to my kids activities:) I hope you will join me, grab a cup of tea and stay a while.